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A Certain Magical Index (TV Series)
About: He is known as the strongest of all the epers in Academy City with the ability to control vectors. He is rude and hateful of people due to his past. In battle he is known to give his oppenents a chance to flee if they don't he destroys them with what seems like sadistic pleasure on his face. He would not start a fight though unless someone forced him in to it.

About: He is an extremely smug and full of him self type of character. He is a master alchemist as he can create anything he desires with a thought. Most of actions seem unjust but he actually has his own reasoning. Despite his nature he seems very king on finishing anything he sets his goal on.

About: She is a quiet girl who appears like any other in fact. Sh usually seems void of joy this is due to her tragic pass. She will sometimes get embarrassed and like a child per say when she wants something. She usually feels worth less since her ability doesn't do much good. She does become more warm as the story progresses.

About: She is part of the magic group in this show. Though this is not very apparent at first. She acts like that of a child getting easily happy or mad. She is primarily known for her photographic memory she has in which she learned certain things and is used because of it. She is also most commonly seen wearing what she calls a "Walking Church" which are magical robes. She loves to eat anything new to her.

About: He is just a normal student of Academy City well almost normal. Like all students in Academy City for the most part he has a special power which in this case is in his right hand. With this power he can negate all magic or esper power which also includes any luck he might have. Since he naturally attracts trouble he appears as a delinquent when in reality he will help anyone even at the risk of his own life.

About: She is a master Magician but is seen using her Blade and other physical techniques. When first seen she is stern and cold as ice. She doesn't aim to make friends due to events that occurred. While she may appear void of emotion she slowly shows a nicer side of her since she met Touma and she learned new things.

About: She is rank 5 esper and proud of it. She lives in Academy City and has the power to control electricity. While appearing proper she is quick to blow and proud. Even though she is kind and hard working towards a goal which is how she became level 5. While appearing in control of herself she can become confused in how she feels about new things this confusion could make her angry. She has a secret love for kiawi things.

About: When she first appears she is very skilled with her weapon. As we learn of her we can only find out a few things. For she is Russian and very much a mystery as she contains a lack of trust in people. She also hates to be touched.

About: She's an esper at level 4 with the power of teleportation. She is very blunt about everything even if it shameless. She is very protective of her love interest with Mikoto and usually reserves her kindness for Mikoto. As far as skills she is smart in how she proceeds in her actions whatever they may be. In some situations she may think last before butting heads.

About: He is a magician who uses fire based magic with grand skill as seen in the first battle. While he first appears to us a enemy in the story he later becomes an Allie as we learn his affiliation with index. He usually keeps to him self and is usually rude in nature.

About: She might appear to be the age of a child but in reality is one of the oldest characters in the series. She is the teacher of Touma and thus knows him well. Even though she may be an adult she responds to most situations as a child would. She also wears child like cloths for the most part.

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