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Black Bullet (TV Series)
About: Enju was born around the time that the Gastrea first appeared and when they began to takeover the world. She inherited the blood from one of the Gastrea parasites. When she was first introduced to Rentaro, she assaulted him in an act of defiance and defense, lacking complete trust in humans at the time. Once Rentaro brought her to her new home, Enju's emotionless appearance quickly changed for the better. She eventually dined along with Rentaro, her distrust in humans slowly began to fade away. As they began to familiarize with each other, she became and Initiator and began to work with Rentaro at the Tendo Civil Security Corporation.

About: Kagetane was a member of the former Japanese self-defense force. At that time he killed everyone who was related to the government hospital and then ran away. After some time he resurfaced and changed his name, and looks; constantly wearing a mask, and then became a member of the Civil Security during the chaos of the war against the Gastrea. Although that membership didn't last long because of certain discrepancies, Kagetane had his license, along with Kohina's, revoked.

About: Shōgen is a Promoter that insults both Kisara Tendo and Rentaro Satomi at a meeting that he was summoned to by Seitenshi; for being juveniles and becoming part of Civil Security at such a young age. Shōgen stomps his massive foot on the floor and tells them to turn around and walk away. Rentaro does the complete opposite and gets up in his face and asks him for his company's name. In return, Shōgen forcefully smashes his head with Rentaro's, sending him several feet back as the people in the room laugh.

About: Shouma and Rentaro were learning the martial arts form of Tendo together and Shouma was Rentaro's senior. During this time in Rentaro's life, Shouma disappeared without a single trace of evidence. Now suddenly, Shouma is back in Rentaro's life and he then explains that he has learned a forbidden skill that had him banished from the dojo. The forbidden skill allows the attacker to hit the target with such force that it simply implodes. This skill is much to violent for the dojo that he was training at and thus he was banished from it.

About: Rentaro is second year student at Magata High School and is also a promoter and amember at Tendo Civil Security Company. His working partner and Initiator is named Enju Aihara (a cursed child). Together the both of them fight against the onslaught of parasitic Gastrea.

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