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Tokyo Mew Mew (TV Series)
About: Minto has one fear, and that is of being hurt. Her fear is so great that it forced her, for a short time, to leave the Mew Project. She lives in a huge mansion with her brother and her parents. Her parents used to be around a lot when she was younger, but now they almost never see each other. Minto's D.N.A was fused with a Blue Lorikeet.

About: Deep Blue was the first alien to come to Earth. He took the form of a human boy to remain hidden. He then went to sleep in Masaya's body, this caused him to have no memories and also devoid of any personality. They do however share their hatred for how humans destroy the environment.

About: Zakuro is the lone wolf of the group. Her D.N.A was fused with a Gray Wolf. Although she prefers to be alone, it was Quiche's mischievous actions that caused Mew Ichigo to save Zakuro. This intervention caused the two to become friends.

About: Bu-Ling had her D.N.A fused with a Golden Lion Tamarin. Her mother passed away when she was very young, and since then Bu-Ling has been taking care of her many siblings. She will often change the subject if someone brings her up. Her father is a master of many fighting styles and is consequently never home to give Bu-Ling any parental support.

About: Retasu had her D.N.A fused with a Fin-less Porpoise. She is a very shy and timid girl who gets bullied by three other girls into carrying their bags for her to school. She, after joining the Mew Project, becomes a little more stronger; and ends up leaving the bullies.

About: Ichigo is your typical boy crazy teenage girl. On a date with the boy of her dreams, Aoyama she is targeted and unknowingly, has her DNA fused with a cat's. Later on, Aoyama is attacked by a giant rat, and Ichigo is told to transform. She manages to fight off the rat and save her date, but that isn't the end of it. She's told she has to continue fighting these aliens with four other girls that have also had their DNA fused, but have not yet been found.

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