Posted 3/27/2012

This is just crazy, I've never seen so many good anime series ending all at once. Normally there are only a handful, but this season was truly awesome! Even Bleach is sorta ending! Crazy... So, which anime series did you guys hate to see end?

Posted 8/21/2013
Since a lot of the major series like Naruto, Bleach..... all those main stream Anime are reaching the end of their rope what do you think will come along and replace them in their fame?

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 8/21/2013
Bleach I believe is just on a hiatus until the manga gets far enough ahead again. Other than that the big ones are One  Piece and Fairy Tail which is also going to be returning for another season.

I think Fairy Tail will be the biggest follower as it also has a very strong following for both male and females which is something Naruto does a very good job at considering it's a shonen series. There is also HunterXHunter which manages to pull in a larger audience. Plus all of the BL fans that love the Gon/Killua duo.
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