Posted 11/27/2012
-Naruto (both seasons)
-Familiar of Zero
-Is that a Zombie?
-Elfen Leid
-Sailor Moon
-Dragonball (all of them)
-Kiss x Sis
-Elemental Gelade

Posted 2/24/2013
Hmm...I really, really don't like Sailor Moon and Dragonball. It's just the art, meh~. Not really my style. 

Posted 3/06/2013
Peach Girl & Spiral, so far.

Posted 3/21/2013
I don't like extremely Moe anime, surplus fan service because it takes away from the plot if there is one, and Hentai is the worst of all of them in my book! I'm okay with ecchi if there is a plot but if there is no substance or it borders on hentai I HATE IT.
-Dragon Ball


Posted 3/21/2013
Probably would have to be Bastard!! Has been years since I've seen it but I remember it being one of the first anime series I gave up on. It was just so so bad. 

Posted 4/01/2013
School days it was just eh.

Posted 4/01/2013

This is an interesting question! Never thought about it before haha

*One Piece
^ Those two just drive me nuts lol

*Death Note
*To Aru Majutsu no Index
*Gundam Wing
*Penguin Drum
^ I can't say I completely hate them but I couldn't get through these anime and just gave up on em lol

Posted 4/07/2013
it got to be school days i hate it >:(  there no love in that love anime :P

Posted 4/07/2013
it got to be school days i hate it >:(  there no love in that love anime :P
 Well I would not say I hate or like it. But I will say this it was interesting in how it presented how choices can effect one's life and how fragile human nature is under certain situations. I feel this Anime explored how the dark side of the human mind works with the showing of madness, jealousy, and sex( pardon my langue it was needed) effecting one's choices and how the outcomes might be.
Perhaps I explored this to deeply but hey I found a lesson in it.

Oh and one last thing on the subject that was a "Nice Boat"!
 ( I think everyone gets it.)

I agree with Nene I hated Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and well you get the idea those Anime.
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