Posted 8/04/2013

Scrambled Eggs

This event will be hosted on our IRC client! The host will pick a random anime title or character name and scramble the letters. For each correctly unscrambled item the user will be rewarded 1 ticket. The first user to guess correctly wins. The winner will be determined by the first correct answer on the host's screen!

Contest Rules
All mini-games will last a minimum of 30 minutes and be conducted by either NeNe or WestNyorai. If there are any issues, concerns, or comments regarding mini-games, please send a Message to complex so that she can alert us. If you were the winner of a mini-game but were not rewarded, please Message TheAwsome. All decisions made by NeNe or WestNyorai in regards to mini-games (their outcomes, rules, or prizes) are final.

Posted 8/04/2013
Event is now live! Join the IRC channel to have fun!
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