Posted 6/16/2013
The next one is one of hotdiggedydemon's earlier YouTube videos from 2009 that become a bit of an animated story. Hotdiggedydemon is best known lately for his Pony.MOV videos which parody My Little Pony. The Pony.MOV videos is only for older viewers.

 How do you feel about this one?

I personally think the story was executed very well, I really liked it. I found the end a bit sad though, I don't know if it was meant for humor?? I'm really not sure what the artist was trying to communicate.

I found Charlie the Unicorn funny, and Jaltoid's videos are funny too. I didn't get Nan Caxx or Salad Fingers, but I liked it. I have yet to see the other videos.

Posted 6/17/2013
Jerry with a lot of the videos have a lot of dark humor. I found it odd how strangely attached I become to some of the characters. Kind of a sad story.

Posted 6/17/2013
  • Qué?- This reminded me after watching Clannad After Story
  • Jerry- Hmm I felt this one talked a lot about life and how dark it can be. Be careful in life...
  • Nan Caxx- I already know to stay away from drugs now I know to stay away from Nyan Cat thanks.
  • Salad Fingers- What is the point of it I don't understand. Where is the logic!
  • Charlie the Unicorn- At least they didn't take both he would be dead.
  • Distractions- I know what you mean I hate it when UFO's destroy my neighbors and mind-control my pet. I liked it was random.
  • Zanta Claus- This was awsome I loved it.
  • Skyrim- Oh boy I remember this I couldn't stop laughing.
  • MINING- Oh my god this is a parody made off from the Anime " Working"!
  • Pocketmon- I remember this one.
  • TarBoy- This was truly epic I loved it!
  • Rubert the Koopa- That is awesome I like the creativity.
  • Thor's hammer- Interesting
  • Derpcraft- I never got to play Minecraft...
  • The Pink Elephant- I like this
  • Bobby's New Hobby- Oh no this was great/
  • Bambee- I was going to say something deep like "This is reality" but then well you know.
  • Comme un Poisson- I like it. It's not bad.
  • Algebra Aversion- How I feel about math sometimes.
  • Arrow to the Knee- During the middle ages "Arrow to the Knee' meant they got married you know how you go on one knee when you propose.
Thank you for all the fun it was great.

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 7/13/2013
i like this post, keep up the good work 

Posted 7/13/2013
i like this post, keep up the good work 
 Thanks! I still need to work on getting the YouTube embeds to load better. I should probably work on that in the very near future.

Posted 1/25/2015
Permanently remove poll and all votes forever.
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