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"ProcrastinatorOtaku was once just Procrastinator. Usually Procrastinator would be at home and do nothing, having nothing to do and not being comfortable with people. One day, Procrastinator was introduced to Inuyasha, and therefore set out to watch other shows like it. Eventually Procrastinator was so immersed in anime and all it's glory, Procrastinator became ProcrastinatorOtaku." Anime and manga have been with me for four years now. My first anime was Inuyasha, as said, and I am a huge fan of Anime (which is why I'm here ^^). I also love to write and draw, and in the future I hope to become an author and possibly a mangaka.

Interests: Anime, Art, Gaming, Manga, Music, Sleeping, Writing
I swear I pick-up on one hobby and the rest just plummet. >3>
How I remembered my information to this site after, like, a YEAR astounds me.
Why can't I talk to people in real life and on the internet?? V__V;
I'm back!!
I doth not understand points...
Ugh...Don't make me go to school tomorrow...Just don't...
Created blog entry [Random] Ratio of "To Watch" versus "Have Watched"
ProcrastinatorOtaku It could just be me being a procrastinator, but I have found that my "To Watch" list far surpasses my "Have Watched" list.   Ratio of "Have Watched" to "To Watch" - 33:186   It seems like there is a problem with those numbers. However, looking back to my younger years of watching anime, I always wanted to watch more than I had. With the amount of anime I watch increasing, the amount of anime I want to just increases with it. This epiphany means that I need to lower the later number and transfer the deductions to the former number. (In English = "I need to watch more to lower the number on my 'To Watch' list"). So, now that you know a little more about me... Question for the Reader Does the number of anime you want to watch exceed the number one anime you have watched? If so, by how much?
Created blog entry [Random] ...I Have No Words...
ProcrastinatorOtaku That's a lie. I have words. PLENTY OF WORDS. But I shall refrain from wording words that should not be worded for the sake of the grace of wordom. ... But at least I still have pictures. And everyone loves those. Just look how happy Tomoko is: So, anywho. This thing: Did this thing: Which basically means: Right in the middle of typing this thing:   Look at what you're reading.                                               V Though it wasn't THIS post, it was a whole 'nother post that actually had to do with this: That's right! POLITICS! ... ... ... *Reads notecards* Oops, wrong notes. *Throws out notecards* But yes, it had to do with anime, and manga, and stuff otaku elites like! Not that there is not an otaku that dislikes politics, but that little quip is called a "joke". You people are smarter than me, so you probably new that already. You would not believe how long it took me to research the word for that. But, that is not the point of this post. The point here is that I am frustrated with technology, and I am sorry that upon my (unimportant) arrival, I could not make up for my (unnoticed and totally fine) absence by posting a blog and leaving again for another ten months. 'Cause that is what I, as a procrastinator and a lazy person, do. So, now that my frustrations are out of the way... Question for the Readers What was your most frustrating technological problem?
Created blog entry [OPINIONS] Another (anime) {Slight Spoilers}
ProcrastinatorOtaku I read the manga, now I have watched the anime! What do I have to say about it? Basics This anime contains 12 30-minute episodes. Genres are Horror, School, Mystery, and Thriller. It is a finished series, so no wait-for-the-next-episode irritation! Plot Kouichi Sakakibara moves in with his grandparents to go to school while his dad is in India. However, the class he joins has a secret he cannot seem to figure out until much, much later. Then there's this weird girl called Mei Misaki who it seems only he can see or hear. What is going on? Though I already got the story from the manga, I still enjoyed the plot. There are details and moments you do not see in the manga, and there are some missing that WERE in the manga, but it wouldn't be a manga's anime if it wasn't different, neh? Well, novel's anime, but I never read the novel to be honest. So, despite the differences, the plot was fairly similar and still enjoyable! Art Ain't it pretty? Though the art is beautiful, it also helps with the creepy atmosphere it emits. After all, pretty things are always the creepiest! Take dolls for example: Very well done, in my opinion. Though, I will admit that some of the scenes were a bit confusing. {Spoiler} When Takako is attacking Mei, she gets tangled in some of the clutter that is the shrine's poor condition (of the moment). Note: This is episode 11. However, when she does, I found it confusing on how she got tangled at all. Where are the cables? Where are the cables? Boom. Cables. {Spoiler: End} Characters {Spoilers /Maybe/} They actually put a little more personality into the other people instead of focusing on the main ones! That I liked about this anime. It actually made me like Izumi more than I did in the manga. Yet, even with these new-found personalities that were not really brought forth in the manga, I felt that it, for the most part, really showed the worst in them. It's like they were brought in JUST to be crazy, cowardly, or to die. To Conlude I still liked it, although there was some confusion. The characters were good, but it just felt like that they put most of them in there just to be X-ed off and give the main characters even more turmoil to go through. Though it is horror, and their situation is pressing and dangerous, it just felt like some of them could have reacted better. Question for Those Who Read This Has an anime been too confusing for you? If so, which one and how?
Created blog entry [OPINIONS] Ibitsu (manga) {Slight Spoilers}
ProcrastinatorOtaku Seeing as I mentioned this manga in my [OPINIONS] Another (manga) {Slight Spoilers} post, I thought I might as well write about my thoughts on it. Emphasis...on "it"...ehehe... Basics So, Ibitsu comes in two volumes. The total number of chapters is fourteen (technically fifteen). Two of those chapters are unrelated stories that have to do with separate urban legends, so the actual story of this one: -is thirteen chapters. The reasoning behind this is that one of the sites combined both the sixth chapter and the bonus story into one slot, making it fourteen chapters instead of fifteen. Ergo, I say both just in case if I am incorrect. :) Now that the basics are gone, let us begin! Plot So this guy Kazuki is an average guy, just taking art classes, being bugged by his sister. One day he goes to the dump site in front of his home (apartment complex-thingy) to take out the trash. There sits a strange girl, who asks if he has a little sister. After he answers "yes", strange and disturbing things happen.  Now, in my opinion, I am not sure if this is a real urban legend. If it is, then all the...better? Not sure. It would make it certainly more scary! Though the plot is fairly generic (average person + out at night = doom), this story at least makes it frightening! A lot of people who read it actually consider it the scariest manga they've read. Not sure why I thought it was a good starter horror manga after I read those comments. Also, it was fairly paced. It didn't drag on for years, and it didn't all happen in one night. The story took it's time and developed into a nice little tale that will scar people of all ages for years to come. Art The art seemed fitting to the story. Wonderful shadows and great details. If I had a complaint, it would be that Ibitsu seems to be like a pickle at times.  Meaning that she seems a bit too flexible. Though, she is "the strange girl from the dump", so I can't exactly criticize this extensively. Characters {Slight spoilers} Horror stories do not commonly have a lot of character development. Mostly due to the fact that the characters end up dying anyways. Yet, as short as this is for a manga, there is actually some character development/personality. For example, Kazuki takes an art class. He's interested in art, obviously. He has a smart friend and a rather dumb one (too much to rant about for him). His sister has a friend who loves sports. The list goes on for a bit.  The story also touches on how much of a monster Ibitsu is. After all, she does tend to drive people crazy and go crazy herself (whether a bit or a lot).  (*Cough**Cough*Becausestuffedtoyscanscream*Cough**Cough*) To Conclude Though the plot is generic, I finished it. I could understand the characters and where they were coming from. I enjoyed the art very much (though it was too creepy for me at times). Lastly, it scared me. There was tension and horrific elements of suspense. Not just jump-scares (if manga can have jump scares that is). It was horrifying, enjoyable, and I am glad that I read it.  A bit. The "scared for life" portion could have been left out. Question for those that read this: What was the scariest manga you ever read?
Created blog entry [RANT] Feels, Feels, More Feels...
ProcrastinatorOtaku So the generic "Feel" is like a severe emotion or feeling one gets to a certain something. Feels can connect one to an anime character with similar reactions to an event, or merely they have those "Sympathetic Feels" towards them. However, like junk food, too much is bad for you. Mmhmm. Let's use Kyou, Koi Ko Hajimemasu as an example. A slice of life manga about a girl who goes to high school, meets this douche, ends up cutting his hair in an arguement-because everyone carries scissors (That is not how we carry scissors, Sachiko)-and it goes on to explain how they learn to tolerate each other. The whole progress goes like this: -Not really interested. -Want to punch some of the characters -Relief that everything is okay -STAB IN THE FEELS -Relief and happiness -SADNESS -Happiness -DEPRESSION -Overjoyed And re-wind and start from number two. See the drastic change between some of the stages? That's the "feel slope". Kind of like an accurate measurement of the change between mood shifts. When it is that drastic, it's just too much. Another example (for me at least) is Clannad. I wanted to avoid it as much as possible (didn't work out; it's on my to-watch-list). So, I read on the wiki to see how it ended. THE WIKI MADE ME CRY. I WAS CRYING FOR THIRTY MINUTES. I was stuck in a mini-depression state for the rest of the night. [A slight representation of mini-depression state] So yes, when it is that severe, IT ISN'T HEALTHY. I should just be thankful that horror has affected me to the point where my "emo-corner" is the bed. Too scared of corners... *MAYBE A SPOILER?? I GUESS YOU WOULD NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S GOIN' ON* That's the end of my rant...All the "feels" have left, so I feel better. *CUE COMEDIC DRUM NOISE* Close enough. So, have you experienced a feel overload?
Comment to My Opinions on: Another (manga) [Slight spoilers]
ProcrastinatorOtaku Ebel: Good luck on the rest of it! And why does modern anime have to be so short...:( TheAwesome: Thanks for the recommendation! I read Hideout, and now I can't stop obsessing over it. X'D
Replied to Make a wish
ProcrastinatorOtaku I wish my wishes would come true already.       
Replied to What is your favorite or preferred Manga genre?
ProcrastinatorOtaku My preferred genre would probably be supernatural. I can't really pick favorites...      Anyways, I like reading into the unknown and what people believe to be false, just to see if it can actually be possible. It's also a good way for me to learn about what various people believe in.       
Replied to What makes an anime great?
ProcrastinatorOtaku I think an anime is great when it brings out emotions from you. When it's sad, you can't help but cry. When it's funny, you can't help but laugh. It's great when you can connect all that it has: its characters, story, mood. It's all about the connection that brings out the greatness of it.       
Created blog entry [OPINIONS] Another (manga) {Slight spoilers}
ProcrastinatorOtaku So, I read Another. Great manga, great manga. So great, I should give it an award. Though I must say, I really expected to be hiding under the blankets from this. I mean, it's so popular, so I thought it was really scary or something. But no. The thing that scared me the most was *SPOILER* this: Yeeeah...I had several things to say about it when I first saw it. Sure, there were some shocking things that came up, but not anything to make me put it down and try to sleep (most likely unsuccessfully). Though, I probably would have found it scarier if I hadn't endured this: This image [^] is the cover for the first volume of Ibitsu, a horror manga about this guy who finds a strange girl one night and ends up being stalked and harassed constantly [along with two equally horrifying bonus stories about completely different urban legends]. I would go into more detail, but let's just say that this was probably why I expected so much from Another. But, back to Another, I loved the fact that it wrapped up everything in a neat little bow and did not leave anything unexplained so that the reader [or me] would be pulling out their hair and screaming about how they can't figure out why this was this or that was that. The plot, to me, was very well planned and had and interesting vibe for me.  Yay for vibes! I can't say I particularly loved all the characters, since, eh... *MAYBE A SPOILER??* I found her to be self-centered. Sure, I can understand that people don't want to die, but she kept saying "I don't want to die". It came off as that Izumi here could care less if her classmates died as long as she could still survive. I mean, what the heck? If it was me, I'd be scared for EVERYONE, because none of them deserve that! Next time, Izumi, say "we", would you? Everyone else I was fine with. They each had their weaknesses and none of them were really "God-like" (because we all hate those invincible characters we can't relate to). I could relate to their fears and behavior, and I never hated them for *SPOILER* turning their backs on Koichi (main guy) because he talked to Mei (main girl).  Lastly, the art was very well done (good job Hiro Kiyohara!). It actually helped convey the tension and shock that it was supposed to give out!  Anyways, that's my very long and detailed opinion on Another. What's yours?
Replied to Petrifying Moments in your Life!
ProcrastinatorOtaku Oh, so many stories to tell...One time I was walking down the hall of my house and my mom jumped out of the laundry room. There was a spider in my room when I was little. I was on this boat and looked off the railing during a vacation...So, needless to say, I am not the luckiest coin in the piggy bank.
Comment to lucy
ProcrastinatorOtaku ...Her hair is emo? Huh...Well, emo or not, Lucy will forever be awesome!
Created blog entry [INTRODUCTION] So I'm an otaku...
ProcrastinatorOtaku   ...and that's all I got. Really, I could be random, talk about life, or even anime like I should, but that's all I got. I'm an otaku and I'm PROUD.  Well, not ugly, but you get the concept, right? Of course you do. Because I know you, the person reading this, is smart.  So, without a further ado, I end this unnecessary post and with that we talk more in the future. And look forward to future blogs by moi, since I like to add pictures.
Comment to Youtaite? Utaite?
ProcrastinatorOtaku Good luck with the cover. ^^ I bet it's going to be great.
Replied to Welcome!
ProcrastinatorOtaku Hello, I'm ProcrastinatorOtaku, and I am an awful procrastinator. (You could already tell, huh?) I am a big fan of anime and I wish to watch more and more of it. ^^
Added anime entry for Neuro - Supernatural Detective
Neuro - Supernatural Detective Neuro Nougami is a demon that eats puzzles, otherwise known as mysteries. Bored with the puzzles in Hell, he goes up to the human world for better, less bland mysteries, and to find the Ultimate Mystery. There, he recruits Yako Katsuragi, a highschool student who wants to solve her father's murder or "suicide" as declared by the police, to be a pseudo detective so that his presence is not known. Together they start the Katsuragi Yako Demon Detective Office to solve mysteries, along with ex-Yakuza Shinobu Godai and a braid of hair named Akane. Over the course in time, Yako becomes more and more popular as a detective, eventually becoming the World-Famous Yako Katsuragi.
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