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Summer PVs, Game Trailers & Street Fighter Origins!

Pokemon X & Y

This past week up until today have had the most interesting and exciting news since I've started using twitter, in hopes of keeping up with some press releases. The month started off great with all character PVs for the much anticipated Free!, and a final PV of the anime was delivered last week. Other trailers such as “Sunday Without God”, “Ghost in The Shell: Arise”, and footage from Legend of Korra Book 2 were also introduced. The E3 convention also kicked off in L.A., where Sony & Microsoft spoke about their latest consoles (the PS4 from Sony, and Xbox One from Microsoft) during their press conferences, and also provided attendees with trailers to their latest games, one of which is a popular old favorite! In other news, Street Fighter fans have the chance to read some of the latest graphic novel from UDON for free. Here are the highlights:

First up are the character trailers for Free! After seeing all these videos and visuals, I have to say that I’ve never seen so much fan-service in my life, especially not as intense as this; it really turns you on, I must admit. Click on each character for their promo video.


Gifs source: precioushim

Here’s a bonus: probably the best visual yet. That’s Makoto Tachibana in the foreground. Take a very good look at this image and tell me everything you see. Try not to get a nose bleed.


Probably one the best trailers I’ve seen so far for this summer is the one for Sunday Without God. Based on the award-winning light novel, this anime is about a grave-keeper named Ai who had prepared 47 graves for the eventual deaths of the people of her village. However, because God abandoned the world on Sunday, humans can’t die nor reproduce. One day, a boy arrives in the village and slaughters everybody? Okay, I really don't understand the synopsis of this story, but I’m going to add this one to my watch list to see if it will actually make sense once I see it. The image leads you to the PV.

A 90’s classic is making it’s way back with a new OVA next month to be released on BluRay: Ghost in The Shell: Arise is a four-episode OVA— with the first episode coming to theaters in Japan on June 22 (poor us). The first episode is actually an entire 50 minutes, and we get to see the first 8 minutes of it in this promo. For subtitles, click the ‘cc’ button.

I’m sure some of us are fans of the Avatar series. I myself am a huge fan, and I was so happy to finally see some new footage from Legend of Korra: Spirits! All there is now is to wait for the release date. Click on the image for the footage.

Last week, during E3, there was some pretty exciting news about the new Kingdom Hearts III video game for both PS4 & Xbox One. Many people went bananas over this; it must have been more exciting than hearing about the PS4 or Xbox One itself. Here's a screenshot that leads to the actual trailer, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Pokemon masters can get excited about the new features added to Pokemon X & Y  for 3DS, which are scheduled for re-release on October 12. Features include the ability to pet your pokemon with your stylus pen, and a new group of friends. Read all about your adventures here, and click on the images to view the trailers!


Last, but not least, if you’re a fan of Street Fighter like me, than you’ll love to take a look at the first chapter of UDON’s new Street Fighter Origins: AKUMA. It is beautifully illustrated by artist Joe Ng, and colored by Espen Grundetjern. Read it here.

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    NeNe +1
    Ooo la laaaa~~~ Free looks delectable! And Akuma looks damn brutal in that pic haha
  • icon
    Street Fighter Origins looks awesome. I`m definitely getting the book when it is released!
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    Nyome +1
    I'm really hoping GITS Arise will capture some of the greatness of the original movie. I just couldn't get behind the series. They weren't bad, but compared to the original movie they're completely lacking.
  • icon
    TheAwsome +1
    Well I do love the series I don't want to throw out money on something I will stop using after I beat it. I will still keep up with it though.
  • icon
    [gasp]! Disappointing, I totally thought of you when I read about Pokemon X&Y. Well, it's not like it'll go anywhere for a while anyway. And yes, I am itching for Legend of Korra. Just dying over here.
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    TheAwsome +1
    There has definitely been a lot of activity lately. I myself can't wait for "Sunday Without God" seems cool. I'll also be enjoying the newer Avatar series huge fan. I also like "Kingom Hearts 3" and "Pokemon X an Y" but probably won't get them.*sigh*
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