Male - Est. Age 13 to 16
Charles - English
シャルル - Japanese
Karol - Polish
Charlie - Tagalog
Leonard - Tagalog
Prince Charles is the prince of Emerald City who resides at the Emerald Castle. He is described as a mischievous, wanderlust and playful boy who loves to sneak out of the castle secretly and change his fancy suit to a peasant attire, courtesy of Alex, and goes to town disguise as a commoner. His turn-off in life is being the center of attention and prefers the life at the outside world. Charles' point of view in life is somewhat different from a royal family because he doesn't care about the luxurious things and physical appearances but more of taking responsibilities and that he has so much things to learn outside the palace and finding his own self.
Personality: Confident, Intelligent, Lively, Open, Polite, Relaxed, Unsentimental
Interests: Animals, Out Doors, Swords
Height: Tall
Weight: Average
Neckwear: Collar
Fashions: Royalty, Victorian
Hair: Shoulder Length
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
von Luschan Type IV
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