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  1. Love Me, Seriously!!
  2. Muv-Luv Alternative
  3. The Devil is a Part-Timer!
  4. World's End Harem
  5. Parallel World Pharmacy
  6. Black Summoner
  7. Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose
  8. Redo of Healer
  9. Horimiya
  10. Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-
  1. Spirited Away
  2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  3. Angel Beats!
  4. Attack on Titan
  5. Ouran High School Host Club
  6. Princess Mononoke
  7. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  8. Fairy Tail
  9. Clannad After Story
  10. Howl's Moving Castle
  1. Fairy Tail
  2. Ouran High School Host Club
  3. Hetalia - Axis Powers
  4. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  5. One Piece
  6. Attack on Titan
  7. Spirited Away
  8. Demon King Daimao
  9. Inuyasha: The Final Act
  10. Howl's Moving Castle
  1. My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became
  2. Parallel World Pharmacy
  3. Black Summoner
  4. Overlord IV
  5. Spy X Family
  6. Date A Live IV
  7. The Dawn of the Witch
  8. Skeleton Knight in Another World
  9. The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
  10. The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2
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