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Small Update
Oh boy, 2020 has been a crazy year. Anyway, I just wanted to touch base and say I'm alive and well.
I'm sure the big question is, what is happening to the site? Well... I don't know. I've been primarily focused on life and my career. I've been also getting back into web development over the last few years. And while I haven't worked on this site specifically I have been coding quite a bit. Just not to the same extent I used to. More about 10 to 20 hours a week. Compared to the 40-60 or so I used to (On top of my 40 hour a day job). 
So what projects have I been working on outside of my work? Well... for a short list:
  • Attempted a JavaScript based Game Engine in Node.JS (got pretty far!)
  • Redesigned engine to use Angular. (got a little further!)
  • Built a game guide site using Node.JS, Angular, & MongoDB (80% done but stopped, severely underestimated the amount of data entry needed). The DB is down half the time so not really worth sharing a broken site.
  • Built a resume site.
  • Built an awesome resume site.
  • Started working on an actual site! I just can't share the details yet. It's pre-pre-alpha.
So, outside of that? I moved to a new state. Have been working as a Business/Systems Analyst. Which is a fun job since I get to be involved in the entire process from concept to creation. But yea, I intended for this to be a quick post. So I'm going to end it here. 
Just letting you know that while I haven't been focused on the site, my skills have been improving. And... yes I am working on a prototype for what may end up replacing this site. No promises yet, but it's looking like an interesting concept! But one thing is for sure. It'll need to be a lot more streamlined. I think focusing on one good idea is the way to go.
Open Heart Jutsu
Hi elites,
I see you.  I’m glad we’re still here, like ghosts occupying a curious little town. My heart isn’t well tonight. I’m thinking about love and life and these thoughts steal my joy as they often do. But, I didn’t come to lay out my misery. I came because I  also thought about James and I don’t know how to reach him anymore. I’m not sure he wants anything to do with me anymore. The good thing about me is I’ve got nothing to lose, ever. So I’ll write to him here in hopes he might see it some day. It’ll be like standing on a rooftop, professing at the top of my lungs: James, I’m sorry if I ever hurt you or pushed you away. It was a reflection of how uncomfortable I was with myself. I’ve always appreciated your friendship. I think of you, but sometimes your memory is hard to bear. I hope you’ve gotten everything you wanted and that life has blessed you with surprises you never  imagined you would have. If not, I wish it for you. I wish you the world, the sun and the moon. 
 I finally made it to Florida in 2018 on a work trip. We went to Disney World. That place is ridiculously huge, it might as well be its own city. I met Cinderella, my favorite princess.  When she hugged me, I cried tears of joy in her arms. I told her I was 24 years old and embarrassed.  I got to go to a Walmart outside of Disney one night. I love Florida and I would love to live there some day during winters. Or, another tropical place might suit my fancy. Where I’m living  right now, many of our Canadian seniors run away during winter to Florida. 
I went far enough writing articles. I got a paying job last year at a local magazine (finally!). Granted, I had to pump out business advice at minimum wage, but it was great to get paid to write. 
 That being said, I’m also writing poetry. You could have read some of it on my instagram, which was recently deleted in a fit of rage. I regret that. But I finally got published last January, and I’m continuing to submit poems and short stories to publications. 
My definition of Love remains the same: a state of mind, with different degrees and a feeling that comes in a variety of flavours. I will always love you. 

"Doll" is a cartoon doll. This word comes from Hong Kong and Macau in the 1970s, and it is a new word for the prosperity and development of the animation industry in the world.
Doll products are derived from the characters, characters, and characters of animated films, comic books, and online games from the United States, Japan, and Korea. It has cultural connotation, richer storyline, richer personality and personality. Therefore, dolls are more favored and liked by adults.

Dolls can be sorted by the following types:

  • Action Figure
  • Spheroid joint humanoid
  • DollfieDream (DD doll)
  • SD doll
  • figma
  • S.H.Figuarts
  • Nendoroid
  • Fashion doll (Fashion doll): the most famous brands are:
  • Barbie doll
  • Brazi
  • Monster High
  • Disney Princess
  • Licca
  • Jenny doll
  • Furla
  • MIMI doll
  • Pullip
  • Sandy Doll (Sindy, UK)
  • The Winx Club (Italy)
  • Kerhn Dolls
  • Blaise (US and Japan have their copyrights in common)
  • Stuffed dolls
  • Teddy bear
  • Sock Doll
  • Toy House Doll
  • Polly Pocket
  • Forest Homestea
  • Lundby [1]
  • Mobi
  • Magnum
  • Miss Party Surprise
  • Wendy
  • Pee Wee
  • Paper doll
  • African doll
  • Voodoo doll
  • Hopi Kachina dolls
  • Q than doll (Kewpie)
  • American Girls
  • Ddung doll
  • Nutcracker
  • Tin soldiers
  • tumbler
  • Japanese doll
  • Matryoshka
  • Big head doll, Bobblehead doll
  • Celebrity doll
  • Enterprise doll
  • Datong baby
  • Sato Elephant
  • Prince Instant Noodles
  • Sony (Sony)


NEET Results 2016
Neet Result 2016 ,National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for medical Course is the entrance exam test to get admission in the various medical collages in India for MBBS/ BDS/MS/BD course. Neet 2016 exams are organised by CBSE for 2016 . First Round of the test (Neet 2) was held on 1 may 2016 and second round is schedule to take place in July .
Before 2012 CBSE was organizing the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) for the admission in medical field and their was two paper in that format of exam .

Creators of Clash of Clans,Boom Beach and Hay Day just Released New Game whos called Clash Royale.Which is going to release in selected countries first and then after it will released world wide you can download Clash Royale .


Clash royale apk

We know Clash Royale is only available for iOS in Hong Kong,Canada, Sweden,Australia, Denmark,Norway, Finland ,Iceland and New Zealand.

so in this Article i will teach you How to download the first launch of Clash of Royale on a

super hit game and game "Clash of Clans" online application is finally getting his own spin-off. This was announced and confirmed by the game developers, Supercell. The good news about the game is that it also takes place in the same universe as "CoC".
Titled, the game itself uses a model based on the card game, which is a strategy game like Clash of Clans "Royale shock". Players of "Royale shock" seize power through a form of troops trading cards and charm, which should strategically be able to know when or where to deploy troops and spells.
"Clash Royale", players will be able to build a deck of cards from his own collection of cards and deploy troops and spells in battle one-on-one against other players. If the soldiers are extremely powerful, players have to deploy more power to take the field.
"Clash Royale" was highly publicized by Supercell even having commercial point $ 9 million in the Super Bowl, starring Hollywood A-lister Liam Neeson. The "Royale shock" commercial video has been viewed more than 90 million times on video streaming site YouTube that show to what extent are curious "Clash of Clans" spin-off.
Supercell recently put soft run "Royale shock" in countries in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. It is expected to be available worldwide in the next month.
"Clash Royale" is free to download and, like "Clash of Clans," one can buy from the application. The game has all troops, spells and defenses "CoC" with knights, dragons and babies.
As for the success of the game is not yet known. If Supercell will launch successfully "Clash Royale" worldwide despite having two sets-soft launched unsuccessful in reaching global blowout, then it could make the universe of "Clash of Clans" a force to be account. From now on there is no specific date as to when the game is released worldwide.
What are your expectations in the spin-off of "Clash of Clans"? What do you think of "Royale shock" will be successful too? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section.
pple iOS devices Like Iphone, ipad, Ipod in different countries like USA,UK,India and other countries where Clash Royale is not yet released.

Follow Below Steps :

How To Download and Install Clash Royale On iOS.

The best way to get this game is by having an Canadian Apple ID. You can make one here https://appleid.apple.com/account. Make sure you set the region to Canada.
After that go to your iPhone/iPad settings and login in with this new Apple ID or your existed Apple ID. It will ask you to put your information like address, city, state,Postal code
For address you can put anything you want.
For post code put L1P 7V3
City – Ontario

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Someone you should treasure.
Someone who could keep up with your attitude.
Someone who could make you smile.
Someone who could make you cry with happiness.
Someone you will give your self to.
Someone you LOVE.
Current Husbando???? None. Whew. . .
Kampaii for SINGLES...
anime is the best thing to happen to me 
love love love it...
When your favorite character die: You wanna punch the TV or PC flat out. "Why the hell did you die? Are you curse to die all along? Do you want me to go crazy!!!!"
When your favorite character didn't match out with your dream leading partner: Bouncing on the seat. "Why? You're not destined to be together!! Are you blind or stupid!! Grahhhh!!!"
When your favorite character suddenly disappear... like forever even after the anime or manga ended: Poker face. "Was he/she even cared for in this manga/anime?"
When your favorite character become psychologically defected: Cover the eyes. "I don't even remember how I like you in the first place, but I don't care!!!! He's/She's so cool. Wahhhhh!!"
When your favorite character turns out to be a killer maniac: Throw the pillow. "If she/he's a killer, he/she should just kill the antagonist of his/her life in the first place. Tsk."
When your favorite character suddenly turns into cross dresser and gender bender: Cry. "You bastard/witch, I even imagine you having babies. huhuhu."
When your favorite character suddenly turns into a pathetic character: Shock face. "Should I still continue? I wanna be the one to kill him/her... if this continue... *sigh*"
When your favorite character turns out to be the antagonist: Not able to move. "Are you serious? Why!!! No!! Not him!! Not her!!
When your favorite character was kissed unexpectedly by your ideal leading partner after all the wait: Clench fist. "Kyahhhhh!!! How could that be so romantic? I have no idea."
When your favorite character have his/her happy ending just like how you wanted: Jumping like crazy, punching the air with a creepy laugh. "Ohh yeahh... oh yeahhh... I knew it... I do... I'm so good. aha... aha... who's the great? It't me, I knew it... ahahahahahahaha."
That's exactly how I react. 
Guys... this really keeps my head on aching so please give me something so unique.... The feeling of asking someone and getting answers repeatedly sucks... I'm counting on you guys... Suki desu.
Something so nostalgic... Sebastian Michaelis fanatic...
It could just be me being a procrastinator, but I have found that my "To Watch" list far surpasses my "Have Watched" list.
Ratio of "Have Watched" to "To Watch" - 33:186
It seems like there is a problem with those numbers. However, looking back to my younger years of watching anime, I always wanted to watch more than I had. With the amount of anime I watch increasing, the amount of anime I want to just increases with it.
This epiphany means that I need to lower the later number and transfer the deductions to the former number. (In English = "I need to watch more to lower the number on my 'To Watch' list").
So, now that you know a little more about me...
Question for the Reader
Does the number of anime you want to watch exceed the number one anime you have watched? If so, by how much?
That's a lie. I have words. PLENTY OF WORDS. But I shall refrain from wording words that should not be worded for the sake of the grace of wordom.
But at least I still have pictures.
And everyone loves those.
Just look how happy Tomoko is:
So, anywho.
This thing:
Did this thing:
Which basically means:
Right in the middle of typing this thing:
Look at what you're reading.
Though it wasn't THIS post, it was a whole 'nother post that actually had to do with this:
That's right!
*Reads notecards*
Oops, wrong notes.
*Throws out notecards*
But yes, it had to do with anime, and manga, and stuff otaku elites like! Not that there is not an otaku that dislikes politics, but that little quip is called a "joke". You people are smarter than me, so you probably new that already.
You would not believe how long it took me to research the word for that.
But, that is not the point of this post. The point here is that I am frustrated with technology, and I am sorry that upon my (unimportant) arrival, I could not make up for my (unnoticed and totally fine) absence by posting a blog and leaving again for another ten months.
'Cause that is what I, as a procrastinator and a lazy person, do.
So, now that my frustrations are out of the way...
Question for the Readers
What was your most frustrating technological problem?
I need a LIFE
I can't choose which anime to watch or should I re-watch or manga to read and I nee ideas for my DenCan fanfic  
Hey! This got some attention over at my medium page, so I thought I'd post it here finally. 
Write to you later,
 ♥  ♥  ♥
Hello kitty x Vans! My favourite
After years of being a major pop icon, Hello Kitty finally got her own book! And she’s earned it: Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary book features a history of collaborations with famous brands, entertainers and artists around the world! Collaborators include TokidokiStussy, and DC Comics.This large format book is definitely a collector’s item, but I’d recommend it for fashionistas too. With gorgeous spreads and short biographies of every company/artist, it’s almost like an indie fashion mag.

 My favorite collaborations are SuperNative Union, Vansand MAC. I specifically remember the latter two, because I desperately wanted my own pair of Hello Kitty sneakers, and a cute Hello Kitty makeup bag and lipstick to match.

In my honest opinion—and I am not a die hard Hello Kitty super fan—the book is okay. I’m not sure it includes every single collaboration, because Kimora Lee Simmons’ line of jewellery isn’t in the book. Sorry to spoil it for you, but it’s the one thing I was expecting and was most excited to see. That being said, it’s passable, but if you must buy it, be my guest.

Dear Anime God, can this 12-episode rule not be a thing anymore? Please? I watched two winter titles and they were so, so good… but then ended in the blink of an eye! Just make all seasonal titles 24 episodes. It's perfect for short series. It gives enough time for them to develop and is vitamin C to character development. So many anime end before they should, and I wonder why; budget restraints, maybe? 

One of the titles I watched was World Conquest Zvezda Plot. The story starts out in the distant future with a man, seemingly in his middle-age, walking down a path that leads to a statue of a young woman. It’s a foreshadowing scene that gives us an indication of what we’re about to witness. In brief, this anime revolves around a young high school boy named Asuta Jimon, and involvement with an organization called Zvezda— a team of people with anonymous identities whose sole purpose is to conquer the world. Zvezda’s got a home base (that looks like a condensed water park) with the ability to transform into a regular-looking house for the sake of concealment. They target specific groups of people which make them a threat to their town.

But wait, it’s really not that serious. Did I mention Zvezda’s house is powered by an underground field of green onions? Their power-up transformations are also organically charged by that same field of green onions. Oh, yes, and I forgot: their leader Kate Hoshimiya, is a little girl stuck in her prepubescent body forever.

The series rolls out in a format that makes it seem episodic, but it really isn’t. You have to watch it chronologically to get a clue of the values that Zvezda have, and the relationships between each member. We get to learn about the past of the team members, and how they got involved in world conquest, but there isn’t much knowledge of Kate’s past and why she’s stuck being a little girl for the rest of her life. I think I enjoy the matter; there doesn’t need to be a reason for everything in a case like this quirky anime. I also found myself liking the antagonists, White Light. They’re a bunch of interesting people themselves, and I noticed that one of them was designed aesthetically after Sailor Moon! There’s a sweet twist in their relationship with Zvezda that kept me at the edge of my seat, excited to see it unravel.

I’d say this anime is a weird mix between magical girl, mecha, the typical shonen plot, and a pinch of sci-fi. It’s also got a lot of comedy. Actually, it’s like a comedy with a serious tone to it, if you can imagine. I’ve never really experienced an anime so odd, and so I really like it. The reason why it should have expanded to 24 episodes is because you might get a little too comfortable in your seat watching it. So before realizing, you’re on the 9th episode, about to end the series soon, when you thought it just started! At least that’s what happened to me. Needless to say, the end was rushed. Things unraveled a little too fast, and the foreshadowing of the first episode—the very first minute of the entire show—didn’t even correlate with the ending; we, the viewers, were never brought back to the future.

But this poor ending still doesn’t change how I feel about the anime as a whole. World Conquest Zvezda Plot because will make you laugh, keep you guessing, serve you the unexpected, and give you the “feels”.

So how was your winter anime, guys? Did you enjoy Space Dandy on your American TVs?

I read the manga, now I have watched the anime! What do I have to say about it?
This anime contains 12 30-minute episodes. Genres are Horror, School, Mystery, and Thriller. It is a finished series, so no wait-for-the-next-episode irritation!
Kouichi Sakakibara moves in with his grandparents to go to school while his dad is in India. However, the class he joins has a secret he cannot seem to figure out until much, much later. Then there's this weird girl called Mei Misaki who it seems only he can see or hear. What is going on?
Though I already got the story from the manga, I still enjoyed the plot. There are details and moments you do not see in the manga, and there are some missing that WERE in the manga, but it wouldn't be a manga's anime if it wasn't different, neh? Well, novel's anime, but I never read the novel to be honest. So, despite the differences, the plot was fairly similar and still enjoyable!
Ain't it pretty? Though the art is beautiful, it also helps with the creepy atmosphere it emits. After all, pretty things are always the creepiest!
Take dolls for example:
Very well done, in my opinion. Though, I will admit that some of the scenes were a bit confusing.
When Takako is attacking Mei, she gets tangled in some of the clutter that is the shrine's poor condition (of the moment). Note: This is episode 11. However, when she does, I found it confusing on how she got tangled at all.
Where are the cables?
Where are the cables?
Boom. Cables.
{Spoiler: End}
Characters {Spoilers /Maybe/}
They actually put a little more personality into the other people instead of focusing on the main ones! That I liked about this anime. It actually made me like Izumi more than I did in the manga.
Yet, even with these new-found personalities that were not really brought forth in the manga, I felt that it, for the most part, really showed the worst in them.
It's like they were brought in JUST to be crazy, cowardly, or to die.
To Conlude
I still liked it, although there was some confusion. The characters were good, but it just felt like that they put most of them in there just to be X-ed off and give the main characters even more turmoil to go through. Though it is horror, and their situation is pressing and dangerous, it just felt like some of them could have reacted better.
Question for Those Who Read This
Has an anime been too confusing for you? If so, which one and how?
Seeing as I mentioned this manga in my [OPINIONS] Another (manga) {Slight Spoilers} post, I thought I might as well write about my thoughts on it.
Emphasis...on "it"...ehehe...
So, Ibitsu comes in two volumes. The total number of chapters is fourteen (technically fifteen). Two of those chapters are unrelated stories that have to do with separate urban legends, so the actual story of this one:
-is thirteen chapters. The reasoning behind this is that one of the sites combined both the sixth chapter and the bonus story into one slot, making it fourteen chapters instead of fifteen. Ergo, I say both just in case if I am incorrect. :) Now that the basics are gone, let us begin!
So this guy Kazuki is an average guy, just taking art classes, being bugged by his sister. One day he goes to the dump site in front of his home (apartment complex-thingy) to take out the trash. There sits a strange girl, who asks if he has a little sister. After he answers "yes", strange and disturbing things happen. 
Now, in my opinion, I am not sure if this is a real urban legend. If it is, then all the...better? Not sure. It would make it certainly more scary! Though the plot is fairly generic (average person + out at night = doom), this story at least makes it frightening! A lot of people who read it actually consider it the scariest manga they've read.
Not sure why I thought it was a good starter horror manga after I read those comments.
Also, it was fairly paced. It didn't drag on for years, and it didn't all happen in one night. The story took it's time and developed into a nice little tale that will scar people of all ages for years to come.
The art seemed fitting to the story. Wonderful shadows and great details. If I had a complaint, it would be that Ibitsu seems to be like a pickle at times. 
Meaning that she seems a bit too flexible. Though, she is "the strange girl from the dump", so I can't exactly criticize this extensively.
Characters {Slight spoilers}
Horror stories do not commonly have a lot of character development. Mostly due to the fact that the characters end up dying anyways. Yet, as short as this is for a manga, there is actually some character development/personality. For example, Kazuki takes an art class. He's interested in art, obviously. He has a smart friend and a rather dumb one (too much to rant about for him). His sister has a friend who loves sports. The list goes on for a bit. 
The story also touches on how much of a monster Ibitsu is. After all, she does tend to drive people crazy and go crazy herself (whether a bit or a lot). 
To Conclude
Though the plot is generic, I finished it. I could understand the characters and where they were coming from. I enjoyed the art very much (though it was too creepy for me at times). Lastly, it scared me. There was tension and horrific elements of suspense. Not just jump-scares (if manga can have jump scares that is). It was horrifying, enjoyable, and I am glad that I read it. 
A bit.
The "scared for life" portion could have been left out.
Question for those that read this:
What was the scariest manga you ever read?
this is  a funny , action  anime about a teenage boy named Rin Okumura and his twin brother  Yukio. Rin and Yukio's  father a famous exorcist, Shiro Fujimoto tells them that they are the spawns of a powerful demon named Satan. this anime is about how there lives are after they find out. 
"The Otaku Noob Blog"
"Eyes on Anime"
                           "Working!!" Information
                                              "February Edition Review #7"
"Fun on the Job!"
Souta Takanashi is a high school student that gets asked by Taneshima, who appears to look like a little girl but is older than him, to work at a Family Resteraunt. Due to his love for small and cute things he accepts. He is now working part time with some unique co-workers. Each day for him ends in a unique experience.
For a slice-of-life Anime this stood out among the rest. The reason being because it is tied into where the story takes place a family restaurant with workers that are anything but normal. This new setting is different from the trend we have been seeing where the school serves as the focal point of the story. The story itself is from the perspective of Souta Takanashi a worker at the family restaurant, but we change to other characters every so often giving a different feel.
Due to being a slice-of-life there is no real dilemma to be solved here just us sitting back watching the daily lives of the characters. It approaches this through comedy a major part of this Anime. The type of comedy seen here has to do with misunderstandings and character gags. The only problem with character gags is that they serve as a good hook but can grow old. The Anime makes an attempt at this issue through putting the characters in different situations as they work to depend on character interactions as a source of comedy. It is pretty much the value of the character's personalities that helped out the comedy.
There is also a hidden dose of romance in this Anime well if you can call it that at first. I didn't expect this Anime to turn towards romance and it seems neither did the characters involved. Please note that there are slight spoilers ahead on who is involved in the romance here. The romance that starts is between two unlikely hosts Inami Mahiru and Souta Takanashi who share nothing in common but being scheduled at the same time. It should be important to note that Inami is a known or her condition called androphobia, for those who don't know it mean hatred of men. Whenever she is around one in the work place she will get frightened and punch with surprising strength. Souta has to deal with this once he gets put to work. The romance was a very slow development only gaining real momentum in the second season. So if you could manage to enjoy the first season you'll see the romance then. This romance starts from the bottom in which neither character likes each other but as time passes they gain a certain respect you would for people you spend a while with. I'm not going to say how the romance between the two ended up but it did get somewhere.    
The characters for this Anime are it's spices. Each character in this Anime has a certain set of thoughts affiliated with each character in the end this results in a large web of character interactions on which this Anime thrives. As mentioned before character gags can grow old unless the character remains interesting. The Anime does well at keeping it's characters fresh in your mind. It does this by either developing the characters or putting them temporarily under the spotlight in an episode so that we can become more affiliated with them. This effect works well for the most part.
The personalities of the characters are all different yet they don't follow any stereotypes fully and have quirks that make them feel oddly original. This may just fall down to how I observed it though. The characters are the beef of this Anime so it makes for each one to feel special. I'm glad to say this Anime doesn't fully follow the Moe route in which all the interactions between characters are cute and warm. Rather we get a contemplation of different experiences the characters go through with their reaction being the entertainment.    
-Visual: It's not so much the character designs that jump at me but rather the choice of color. The palette of colors here was very warm and soft giving me a comforting feeling while watching. 
-Animation: Considering this wasn't of main importance in the Anime it was a nice touch that made the Anime feel smooth and helped portray the characters actions. Even in the the fast pace scenes the animation kept up wonderfully.
-Auditory: The choice of music in this Anime was well done since it was highly energetic and had this tune that was different from what I hear in other Anime. To this day I still feel an urge to hear it to brighten up my mood but this may very between people who listen.
Personal Perspective...
I thoroughly enjoyed this Anime myself. It is always upbeat and doesn't require much thinking making is great to just sit back and relax. The comedy was well done but it would either be a hit or miss unless you liked the character which is why I'm glad it always switches things up. Also that opening song is still playing in my head. This is definitely a personal favorite! I suggest you give this Anime the time it will be a great experience because it does well at what it aims for.
( After some calculations including my own overall enjoyment I have come up with this score.)
Score : 7.3/10
And with this review we conclude Romcon. I hope you readers out there(crickets) enjoyed it. Remember to leave a comment below it inspires me! Anyways I would like to thank Ebel my partner in this endeavor to provide you guys with non-stop reviews for 14 days! Remember to stay awsome!
Animation studios: Shaft, Gansis
Episodes: 26
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Magic
Synopsis: "Negi Springfield is a student from a magic school who is continuing his education/training as an English teacher in an all-girls school. While there, he has to keep his magic background a secret, which isn't easy when you get such a bunch of variable personalities to keep an eye out for." (taken from otakuelite.com)
Where to watch:  Youtube:Funimation

***This review contains spoilers, please read at your own risk***
The English voice actor Negi Springfield has the same voice actor,Greg Ayres, who vocied for Karou in Ouran Highschool Host Club and Kyoki in Beck. With that said, I really hate his voice. And I will totally murder this guy if I met him in real life because his voice really sucks for the characters he plays. Plus, I feel like I want to break my monitor every time I hear his voice. Okay my rant is over. Sorry about that guys. I just get a bit worked up on Greg Ayres.
Anyway, the rest of the English voice cast did fine. However, the Japanese sub version is a whole lot better. In fact, I will strongly suggest you watch this series in Japanese sub. Otherwise, you will go crazy and, start talking about how you got your scar and how much you want the philosopher stone to restore your body.
I can't really say what the best parts of the comedy in the anime were. I would say though, that there is very mild sexual themes evident in the anime. Also its hard for me to judge this anime's comedy when I really hate little kids, extremely hate them.  So, I am not keen at all for the middle school female children in the anime along with Negima as a main character.
Moving along, the plot wasn't that bad. It felt very interesting, especially the elements of magic. Furthermore, those elements of magic are the basis for most if not all of the comedic scenes in the anime. There were other elements of the anime such as the harem that they really try to push for. And I would like to say this is one of the few I seen that feel genuinely unique. I am saying that alot lately but this is a really good anime for a magic-based anime.
Like all old manga-based anime though, the manga was still ongoing at the time of the anime production. Therefore the ending to the anime was not really related to the manga entirely.  Plus, there are still many parts of the manga that could have been put into the anime such as the journey to the magical world. I forgot to mention though that the anime try to follow the original plot but then went on its own plot. Similar to the way full metal alchemist did when it caught up to the manga.

Well, it certainly feels unique I'll give Negima! that. However, I can't really say I enjoyed it since I hate kids. I just really hate them. Sorry if you are a kid and you are reading this review, I don't like you ( if you are under 15 years old because I can't swear to you).
With 31 girl characters, its really hard for this anime to make each female character feel unique for Negi's harem plan. Keep in mind that all the girl characters have your typical personality from every possible stereotype in the realm of anime. Although you will most be seeing Asuna and Nodoka try to hook up with Negima. The other female characters will try to win him over, in time.
By the way, it is not Negima's intention at all to have a girlfriend in the anime. In fact, the only thing he is looking for in the school is a magical partner. A magical partner is sort of like a knight or tank that the wizard try to use buffs and give powers to. Other than that, he simply wants to work as a teacher.
If you like harems and you want a male child main character then this is the anime for you. Also expect a lot of magical based comedy that involves middle school girls.
Animation: 3/5
Story: 4/5
Sound: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Comedy: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

I'm sure you guys know by now to check out theawesome for his last review. This is also my last review as part of the rom com. Hope you enjoy it because  this is a great comedy anime.
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