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China Lab Grown Alexandrite factory Lab Grown Gemstones Color change Alexandrite Cushion 8x8mm 2.5-3ct Lab Created Alexandrite Gemstones Product NameWholesale price gemstone 7x7mm Heart shape 1.5ct Lab grown Alexandrite Stones MaterialLab Created Alexandrite ColorColor change(Other color also available) ShapeCushion聽(Other shape also available) Size8x8mm(Other size also available) MOQ1piece Packing1.聽Vacuum packing/Plastic Bag 2.Paper Roll聽 3.Packing box聽 4.Customized packing Delivery TimeStock products takes 1~7 days Customized products takes 10~15 days Payment TermsCredit Card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union etc. Delivery TermsAlibaba Express, FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS etc. Color&Shape&Size Manufacturing&Shipping CT CAPACITY Why Choose Us? Company Profile Wuzhou Befound Trading Co.,Ltd聽was founded in 2012, which is located in Wuzhou City - the one of the biggest synthetic gemstones manufacturing bases in the world. We are manufacturer with 9 years experience, which is committed to providing fast and professional solutions and samples services for the import and export trade of rough and cutting stones. We consistently supply synthetic and lab created gemstones in a variety of colors and shapes, such as cubic zirconia, synthetic corundum/spinel, moissanite, lab grown diamond, lab grown emerald/ruby/sapphire, loose pearls and shell etc. Customized services of gemstone and jewelry are also provided.We have strict quality inspection personnel, professional customer service and creative design team. Over the past years, our standardized operations and strive for progress, are deeply trusted and supported by customers. FAQ Q1.How can I get the quotation I wanted? A: Please contact our customer service with the size/shape/color of the product you interested, that may help us to provide you with precise price. Q2.Can I take some samples for quality check when I place my first order? A: Of course, some samples are provided to you for free, you only need to pay the freight. Q3. What about the lead time of your product? A: Within 3 days if it's in stock, 5-7 days if it's out of stock, customized products would take 7-15 days. Q4.Can I customize the gemstone or jewelry? A: Yes! we can customize the product according to your requirements, please contact us with your design drawing or samples. Q5.What will you deal with if there are any quality problem with your product? A: Please provide our customer service with the pictures or videos of damaged product within one week, after confirming that the damage is not caused by human, we will replace it with new products or refund the money after we receiviced the damaged goods.China Lab Grown Alexandrite factory website:http://www.befoundtrd.com/lab-grown-gemstone/alexandrite-gems/
Stainless Steel Trunking Cable Tray factory Our History Our company 鈥揂nhua mainly produces cable trays, busways and etc. Our company is a provincial star enterprise, a secondary measurement enterprise and a super credit enterprise. In 2002, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. In 2005, the bus duct and switchgear passed the national 3C compulsory certification. In the same year, it obtained the certificate of "national electrical industry, assured quality and qualified products of national standards" from China Light Product Quality Assurance Center. The company has been rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise by provinces and cities for years. Our Product The XQJ series cable trays produced by our company are divided into eight series: steel and stainless steel ladder type, tray type, trough type, combined type, large span type, aluminum alloy, flame retardant FRP and fire-proof bridge. Among them, the fire-proof bridge has been tested by the national fire-proof building material quality supervision and inspection center, and the main technical indicators have exceeded the national standards and reached the highest level in China. Surface treatment is divided into painting, galvanizing, purification, electrostatic powder spraying, zinc nickel alloy, hot dip galvanizing, galvanizing plus spraying, impregnation polyethylene coating, etc. Our bus duct products mainly include: CMC copper bus duct, cmc-l aluminum bus duct, BMC bus duct, tzhu safety sliding contact wire, ZM lighting bus duct and GFM high-voltage common box enclosed bus duct. CMC series bus duct is a compact "sandwich" structure intensive bus duct developed and produced by our company based on the original bus duct and international advanced production technology and process equipment. The shell of this type of bus duct is molded with aluminum magnesium alloy material, so the overall bus duct occupies less space, has higher mechanical strength and better heat dissipation effect, The performance of bus duct can be further improved. Product Application It is applicable for laying cables. Our Certificate CE ISO 3C. Production Equipment Laser cutting machine, Plasma cutting machine, steel bending machine, Welding Machine, Automatic Punching machine. Production Market Our products have been available in 31 provinces and cities of China. Anhua provides quality supporting products for Shougang Group, Baoshan Iron and Steel Plants, metros in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, etc., Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant and other key national projects. In the mean time, the products are also exported to the Japan, the United States, Austria, the Middle East and other countries and regions and Anhua is the long-term partner of Japan JFE, Nippon Steel, Kobe's three major steel groups and Germany Siemens.Stainless Steel Trunking Cable Tray factory website:http://www.acecabletrays.com/

There are many ways to use your coffee powder.disposable Ice cream cups You can use them in your garden, or if you don't have a garden, collect them and give them to the person who does. The nutrients released by coffee grinding will increase the acidity of the soil.paper cup wholesale As a result, you will get more fertile soil, which will obviously produce healthier plants. You can also use coffee powder on indoor plants.


First of all, paper cup customization is a kind of demand,cup tray wholesale which can become the power of advertising. With this publicity mode, customers in demand will inadvertently find you and increase the popularity of the enterprise.sugarcane cup wholesale Increase publicity channels for enterprises.
When we are thirsty, a cup of water became the way we quench thirst, when we reached the place where I don't often appear, when we are thirsty, does not have its own cups, disposable paper cup at this time you can to assist our thirst,pla lid wholesale it is such a demand, paper cups become one of the hottest prospects in the industry products, especially the propaganda way.
Benefits of custom paper cups
1, with the strength of the brand.fast food paper bags Paper cup every industry needs to quench thirst, contribute to the industry's publicity model, become a lot of enterprise brand publicity, at the same time, the purpose of brand marketing is easier to close to the critical point of publicity. 2. Quench thirst.sugarcane tray wholesale When people are thirsty, paper cups have become the necessities for us to alleviate thirst, and they are also the cups we use to receive customers. Moreover, they are the propaganda points that enterprises see when they customize and promote the purpose of enterprises. 3, marketing reference point.sugarcane cutlery wholesale The paper cup will exist as a marketing reference point after it is formed, and the three-dimensional sense of advertising of a marketing will be presented. Therefore, such a marketing method is the propaganda power seen by enterprises, and it is the particularity of marketing of the whole enterprise to achieve the marketing power of brand publicity. 4, the purpose of enterprise customization.sugarcane bowl suppliers The reason why enterprises customize paper cups is mainly to promote the brand, do not need to spend too much money, can do a perfect marketing plan,kraft paper soup cup wholesale the existence of paper cups is the marketing point that enterprises see, is the integration of the purpose and benchmark point that enterprises see, become an indispensable way of publicity.
All in all, it is very necessary to customize an enterprise exclusive paper cup. Hyde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in customized disposable paper products and biodegradable products production and sales integration.custom pla spoon The company has advanced paper cup production line, skilled technical workers and efficient mechanized assembly line.ice cream spoons wholesale The company also provides professional custom design services of disposable paper cups, and designs products with professional technology to satisfy customers.

You've seen brown paper shopping bags. Nowadays, the products packed with kraft paper are more and more favored by consumers.wholesale salad kraft paper bowl Has become the first choice of more and more enterprises. Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials in the world.pla coated paper cup manufacturers in india Brown paper bags made of brown paper have been more and more widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and other places, generally there will be brown paper bags supply, convenient for customers to carry the purchase of goods.
Kraft paper usually has three colors, one is tawny,kraft paper bowl wholesale tawny, two is half bleached kraft pulp for light brown, three is full bleached kraft paper is cream or white, first of all, we have to understand the characteristics of kraft paper, in order to better play the value of the product.6oz paper cup wholesale
1, the environmental performance of brown brown paper bags. Today, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, kraft paper is non-toxic and tasteless, but the difference is that kraft paper is pollution-free, can be recycled. 2, the printing performance of kraft paper bags.custom french fry cups The special color of kraft paper is one of its characteristics. In addition, kraft paper bags do not need full printing, only simple lines can outline the beauty of product design, packaging effect is better than plastic bags.disposable cornstarch cup At the same time, the printing cost of brown paper bag is greatly reduced, and the production cost and production cycle of its packaging are also reduced. 3. Processing performance of kraft gift bags. Compared with shrink film, kraft paper has better buffering, droplet resistance and stiffness. The mechanical parts processed by kraft paper have better buffering performance and are easy to compound processing.
In fact, scrap brown paper bags are also popular.bamboo pulp plate wholesale Nowadays, kraft paper is very popular in the packaging industry mainly because of its environmental protection.bagasse pizza box Kraft paper even if abandoned, decomposition ability is strong, also can be decomposed very quickly, so it is a kind of environmental protection material. Hyde Environmental Protection technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of paper packaging products.bagasse bowl bulk The company adopts advanced technology and equipment and high quality raw materials to develop different specifications of disposable products.bagasse bowl suppliers If you or your company need paper packaging products, we hope Hyde can be your first choice.

Degradable packaging box refers to the natural environment under the action of biochemical reaction, the final formation of carbon dioxide and water lunch box.custom snow cone cups The whole process can be broken down into harmless substances without human intervention. These biodegradable food boxes break down into smaller pieces when exposed to light and heat.disposable cup with handle The process of photosynthesis is a natural source of food and does not stop even after harvest.
Biodegradable food boxes would be the ultimate solution for those living in tight Spaces who find it difficult to find a suitable way to store all their food free of bad taste,personalized snow cone cups humidity, dust and odors.double wall paper coffee cups wholesale These are very convenient to use because it is easy to throw away after use.paper cup fan wholesale These boxes are usually made of materials that are tough, light, flexible and easy to clean.
You can benefit from using these biodegradable food boxes in a number of ways.soup cup manufacturer First, it can save you money on your grocery bills. Each time you use this product, you can save money because it is deducted from your monthly expenses. You can also use biodegradable boxes as organic fertilizer for your garden.disposable tea cups wholesale This means you can simply use biodegradable fertilizers instead of buying more expensive ones to maintain soil quality and prevent plants from being damaged by the presence of heavy chemicals.
In addition, this type of biodegradable food packaging can protect our environment from further damage.paper cup fan design The plastic that wraps food is easy to recycle. Once used, it is already in the recycling process. So not only will you be helping yourself financially, you'll also be helping the planet stay healthier for longer. Imagine you could use it for your own food, and then use it again for your own dinner the next day.paper tea cup with handle Now, what are you waiting for? Try using biodegradable food packaging for your own food.small ice cream cups wholesale You will love the freshness of your food without using any preservatives.

The biggest function of paper cups is to hold beverages, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, cold drinks, etc.sustainable coffee cups wholesale This is its earliest and most basic use.wholesale tea cups manufacturers Beverage paper cups can be divided into cold cups and hot cups.custom snow cone cups Cold cups are used to hold cold beverages, such as carbonated beverages, iced coffee, etc.;paper cup with handle hot cups are used to hold hot beverages, such as coffee, black tea, etc.
Distinguish between cold drink cups and hot drink paper cups.pizza boxes bulk The surface of the cold drink paper cup should be sprayed or dipped in wax.sugarcane bowl wholesale Because cold beverages will make the surface of the paper cup water, causing the paper cup to soften, it can be waterproof after being waxed. This wax is very stable and safe between 0 and 5°C.ice cream cups with lids wholesale However, if it is used to hold hot drinks, as long as the temperature of the drink exceeds 62°C, the wax will melt and the paper cup will absorb water and deform.popcorn cup wholesale The molten paraffin has a high impurity content, especially the polycyclic fen hydrocarbons contained in it, which are potentially carcinogenic substances.disposable food containers Entering the human body with the beverage will endanger human health. The surface of the hot drink paper cup will be pasted with a special polyethylene film recognized by the state, which is not only good in heat resistance, but also non-toxic under high temperature beverages.custom paper coffee cups wholesale Paper cups should be stored in a ventilated, cool, dry and pollution-free space, and the storage period should generally not exceed two years from the production date.

The use of paper cups in advertising Advertisers or manufacturers also use paper cups as an advertising medium. The pattern designed on the cup body can give people different drinking moods, and it is also a "symbol" to promote a certain product.32oz paper cups wholesale Because the product's trademark, name, manufacturer, distributor, etc., can be designed on the surface of the paper cup.paper lid wholesale When people drink beverages, they can recognize and understand products from this information, and paper cups provide a platform for people to understand these new products.

It may not seem like the words are consistent, but you might be surprised. Affordable and recyclable paper products are indeed a smart choice for wedding receptions.PLA lid Whenever there is a wedding on the agenda, it seems that there are too many details involved, everyone's nerves are on edge, and every little thing turns into a big one.cornstarch bag Plates are one thing no one should argue about.
For one thing, wedding plates come in a variety of sizes.plastic lid Anything on the menu can be served on these sturdy plates. If the occasion is in the afternoon or morning, choose a smaller one and the food is just dessert or little finger food.paper bag If the food is a full-size dinner with all the ingredients, choose a larger plate.
Having multiple shapes is another benefit.PLA bag Square or oval plates can be fun. It almost makes the food taste better because it's a different shaped plate than the usual round plate.soup paper bowl However, you can also choose a round one if you prefer.
Many designs are molded into the board. If you prefer the elegant look of your plate, there are swirls and ridges carved into the plate. Some even look like China.paper lid Some of the patterns are printed on the plates with pre-determined wedding-themed images. Also available in a variety of colors. You can choose a color that matches the color chosen by the bride, or go for pure white. Colored plates can be paired, but if you want white, it's always trendy. When considering renting a plate or hiring a caterer, paper products are a huge boost for the wallet.paper bowl This is especially useful if you're dealing with a budget, which is the case with most people these days. They can also be recycled. This is a great advantage in today's world.
Whichever way you choose, remember to only enjoy family and friends, because a wedding should be a joyous occasion and everyone should look back on it with love, not all the stress it involved.french fries cup Even with lots and lots of little things to take care of and loose stuff to tie up, keeping your chin and energy up and smiling on your face will make it easier to get through.popcorn paper cup But, whatever happens, opting to use the paper trays at times like this can only help. This article offers a lot of tableware ideas, and if you're ready to start shopping for disposable plates and other disposable items,pizza box visit our website for great options at great prices.
Customized Wicker Pendant Light Shade Our History HANGZHOU TOPGIFT INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTD has focused on top quality home decoration and wedding decoration products for over 15 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in China. Today, HANGZHOU TOPGIFT INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTD has been one of the top producers of quality home decoration and wedding decoration products such as: wood lantern,stainless steel lantern,metal lantern,glass candle holder,metal candle holder,metal lighting,bamboo lighting,wood lighting,flower stand and jewel box...... Our Factory HANGZHOU TOPGIFT INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTD is located in the China international metro city-HANGZHOU. As a global supplier in the home decoration and wedding decoration.HANGZHOU TOPGIFT I/E CO.,LTD is to create added value for customers around the world. Our Product HANGZHOU TOPGIFT INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTD Products includes the following: 1, Wood/stainless steel/metal lantern 2, Metal/glass candle holder 3, Wood/metal/bamboo lamp 4, Wedding decoration We supply home decoration products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. Product Application Lantern,candle holder,lighting, flower stand and jewel box use are widely used in the following: ---Garden ---Home ---Wedding Our Certificate We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in BSCI, FSC,CE,ROHS guidelines and our stringent quality control system. Production Equipment We are capable of mixing and producing an infinite number of home decoration items, and offer some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available. Production Market We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market: North America 5.00% Southern America 5.00% Southern Europe 20.00% Eastern Europe 20.00% Northern Europe 20.00% Middle Europe 20.00% Middle East 10.00% Our Service Besides our existing molded products, we also can produce products according to the drawings or samples from our customers. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing.Customized Wicker Pendant Light Shade website:http://www.topgift-china.com/
china Surgical Mask Pharmacy manufacturers Our History Soyonintl is a world-class producer of high quality Medical & PPE non-woven products. We're one of the leading companies in China manufacturing disposable Non-Woven products comply to US QSR 820 and ISO system. We focused on the production of Surgical Gowns, Lab Coat, Isolation Gown, Scrubs, Bouffant Cap, Snood Cap, Mob Cap, Shoe cover, Boot cover, Surgical Cap, Industry Protective Apparels like Type 3/4/5 Coverall and so on.Our company occupies 80,000 square meters, over 15,000 square meters of building area; own more than 20 large-advanced production equipments, more than 50 small process equipments. We has been distinguished with approvals and certifications such as FDA, ISO9001:2000, ISO13485:2003 and CE, along with that we also have plenty of experience on QSR820.In accordance with ISO13485, our quality control system for disposable medical series is established, production process is in conformity with EN13795 and EN14325., all products are with CE certification.The monthly capacity is 300 ton non-woven,1,000,000 pieces of gowns and 600,000 pieces of protective coveralls etc. There are over 10 senior management personnel, 20 speicalists, 10 technicians, and more than 500 staff. The products have been sold to EU, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Africa and other countries, sold in domestic market at the same time.Leading Manufacturer of Medical and PPE DisposablesAdvanced automated production and experienceAbout 20 years of professional manufacturing and trading experienceWe work with integrity, and professionalism to satisfy our customers' requirements. Our experienced innovate team will help our customers develop new projects with premier and the most updated Non-Woven trend in the world. Our products are currently being sold to over 54 countries around the globe. Our Factory Soyonintl is a world-class producer of high quality Medical & PPE non-woven products. We're one of the leading companies in China manufacturing disposable Non-Woven products comply to US QSR820 and ISO system. We focused on the production of Surgical Gowns, Lab Coat, Isolation Gown, Scrubs, Bouffant Cap, Snood Cap, Mob Cap, Shoe cover, Boot cover, Surgical Cap, Industry Protective Apparels like Type 3/4/5 Coverall and so on. Our company occupies 80,000 square meters, over 15,000 square meters of building area; own more than 20 large-advanced production equipments, more than 50 small process equipments. We has been distinguished with approvals and certifications such as FDA, ISO9001:2000, ISO13485:2003 and CE, along with that we also have plenty of experience on QSR820. Our Product Face mask, Hospital Apparel, Caps Sleeve cover. Product Application Products are widely used in Infection Prevention, Personal Care, Industry Protection, Food Processing. Main products are disposable surgical gowns, drapes, packs, scrub suits, disposable isolation gowns, patient gowns, face masks, caps, shoe covers, bed sheets, pillow covers etc. Our Certificate CE, FDA(510K), EN ISO, ISO9001:200, ISO13485:2003. Production Equipment Production Market Build business relationship with many countries,such as United States,Germany,Australia,Columbia,etc. Our Service We are manufacturer of disposable non woven protective products with 7 years exporting experience, direct factory price and skilled salesman will make you satisfied.china Surgical Mask Pharmacy manufacturers website:http://www.soyonintls.com/ website2:http://www.soyontop.com/
Aluminum Hydroxide for sale Zibo Yishengjia Aluminum Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of alumina series products. The company has strong technical force, advanced technology, excellent equipment and complete testing equipment. Specializing in the production of special aluminum hydroxide, calcined 邪 - alumina, high-purity alumina, activated alumina. Products are widely used in insulation materials, heat shrinkable materials, polishing materials, color glaze, light-emitting materials, electronic ceramics, transparent ceramics, building materials, refractories, chemical drying adsorption and other industries. Long term wholesale alumina, high temperature alumina products, enjoy a high position among consumers, the company has established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with a number of retailers and agents. Since its establishment, the company has been in line with the enterprise tenet of "market-oriented, quality for survival, product for development, management for efficiency" and the business philosophy of "small wins rely on wisdom, big wins rely on morality" to be human, work and seek development. Based on the strict implementation of ISO9002 quality management standard, the company has established a perfect quality management system to ensure the long-term stability of product quality. The staff team of the company has high R & D ability, exquisite design and development ability, and has excellent manufacturing technology and rich experience in application of products. We are constantly moving forward, improving and embracing the people-oriented spirit. Adhering to the principle of excellent quality and considerate service, welcome new and old customers to consult and negotiate.Aluminum Hydroxide for sale website:http://www.sd-alumina.com/
Switch Test Equipment The definition of terms 鈼?Open (Close) gate time:: minute open(close) tripping coil power as the starting time, the dynamic and static contact just minutes open(close) of the time. 鈼?With the same period: The same phase among the open (close) opening time difference between the maximum and minimum. 鈼?Interphase period: Three among the open (close) opening time difference between the maximum and minimum. 鈼?Average speed: Open (close) gate process, the moving contacts total stroke before and after each take 10%, to take the middle 80% of the moving contact sport stroke versus time. 鈼?Maximum speed: Open (close) gate process, the moving contacts begin to exercise, take the moving contact sport every 10ms as a speedometer unit until stopped moving contact sport, get the value of a number of speed units, the largest unit speed value is the open (close) brake maximum speed. 鈼?Just minutes open(close) Speed: According to the manufacturer the test switch different switch models, the various manufacturers define different just open(close) speed 鈼?10 ms before close or after open: IEC standard, part of the oil switch and some SF6 switch; 鈼?Before and after open and close 5ms: Part of the oil switch; 鈼?LW8-35: LW8-35 type SF6 switch; 鈼?10% to fracture: Xi'an Switch Factory production part of the SF6 switchgear; 鈼?ABB-HPL245B1锛?/strong>ABB's 220kV SF6 switch; 鈼?LW6: LW6 type SF6 switch; 鈼?Average speed: Shenyang Switch Factory production part of the SF6 switchgear; 鈼?LW33-126: LW33-126 type SF6 switch; 鈼?Before close or after open 10mm: Part 35KV vacuum switch; 鈼?Before close or after open 5mm: Part 10KV vacuum switch; As mentioned several definitions are not being used, the user can test the instrument in accordance with the measured travel time curve (stroke directional), Just minutes open(close) Speed, sampling rate segment, the high voltage Switch Tester automatically calculates the user-defined Just minutes open(close) Speed (sampling period of time than the trip). Field Wiring Special Safety Tips: Instrument to the scene, Please first instrument to protect the earth connection with the site, prior to all other wiring and operation after the test, turn off the power to the instrument, and then split the other line, and finally removed the ground. Fracture signal wire Fracture wiring diagram (three fracture) For the three fracture switch, the switch can be grounded at one end, a termination signal test taken fracture, but can not make the switch to ground at both ends, otherwise unable to complete the test. Fracture wiring diagram (six fracture) For the six fracture switch, test, must ensure that the switch is not grounded at both ends phenomenon, otherwise unable to complete the test. Closing and opening control wire A closing and opening control mode switch test is divided into two kinds: internal trigger internal power supply mode and the external trigger external power supply mode. Test of two kinds of methods can only choose a way. Internal trigger internal power control wiring diagram Note: You must disconnect the measured control power switch in the control box (usually the control box is connected to control power and control bus insurance unplug), but do not cut off the power switch mechanism storage, or switch does not automatically store energy. Tip: internal instrument can only provide DC power supply, with the internal trigger use of the internal power of the instrument. If ta switch is AC current operation mechanism, please use the external trigger mode. FAQ Q:Can the products be manufactuered by customer's requirement? A: Yes, the specifications stated above are the standard ones, we can design and manufacture as requirement. Q: How is the packing of products? A:Safe packing for long distance shipping. Q:f l don't know what kind of the product I need, what should I do? A: Just relax. You just need to tell us what you want from the product.Then, we can recommend the most suitable products to you, or we can provide our electronic catalogue for your reference, you choose the right model, you just need to tell us the model.Switch Test Equipment website:http://www.relay-tester.com/switch-test-equipment/
low price Rigid Chocolate Boxes COMPANY PROFILE Our History The factory was established in 2003, which includes designs, printing, sales and service. Our factory has 2400m2 workshop and more than 100 workers. Our main productions are: all kinds of printing service like book, catalogue,gift box and other products in paper. The main customers: government departments, postal company, business companies.. Our Product Gift box, color box, cardboard box, book, catalogue,, alubm, notebook,paper bag鈥?/p> Product Application Package, gift, writing, advertisement鈥?/p> Production Equipment Our Service Design department, production department, aftersale department.low price Rigid Chocolate Boxes website:http://www.packagingandprintingservice.com/
Buy Industrial Design Draft to prototype to sale According requirements to provide appearance design,prototype solution and mould development. What is industrial design? Industrial design is designer work to improve the function, value and aesthetics of products like Communication,Consumer and household goods. Industrial designers don't just consider the physical design of a product; they need to understand the visual, safety and convenience needs of consumers, as well as the technical requirements needed for manufacturers to produce and market their products at scale, and they need to ensure that their design recommendations meet all legal and regulatory requirements. Our advantage In short, we are a one-stop shop for design to production, providing you with high quality, cost effective and timely physical product development services from idea to shelf. In addition to our professional design team, our company has its own production facilities, thus improving production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs.Buy Industrial Design website:http://www.nc-prototypes.com/industrial-design/
Neoprene Knee Braces suppliers Neoprene Knee Sleeves Open Patella The compression sleeves increase your performance as they reduce injuries and provide highly comfort. Its superior compression is proven to promote muscle recovery, injury prevention and ads a perfect support for athletic training, sports and workouts. It also helps in reducing stress, swelling, inflammation and helps recovery. Elastic knit neoprene material contours to your skin while repelling sweat and oil for a dry, lightweight fit. Heavy duty outside for repeated wear and take off, great for weekly workouts, exercise routines, and daily joint support. Specification: **U-BEST Neoprene support Perforated Neoprene which allows the skin to breathe and does not induce allergic skin reactions. Meanwhile, warms up joints and muscles quickly.** 鈻篊ontraindications: any serious knee disorders requiring specific medical treatment. Known allergy. Item No.9301 Product nameOpen knee support Features1. Perforated Neoprene that provides venting for optimum moisture control and breathability. 2. Provides comfortable compression and therapeutic warmth to relieve pain resulting from strains, sprains, arthritis, or tendinitis. 3. The two way tricot brushed nylon facing provides velcro loop application for easy and convenient fastening. 4. Retains body heat to warm muscles and increase blood circulation. 5. Reinforced open patella design **Caution: Not recommended for use if: you have a serious injury to the knee requiring specific medical treatment or you have any allergy to the Neoprene material.** Material composition*70% Perforated Neoprene Sponge, 30% Stretch Nylon Fiber *Velcro Loop SizeOne size fits most ColorBlack, Navy Weight(g)100g/PC Logo optionsHeat transfer printing, Flock printing MOQ200PCS Country of OriginTaiwan Packing detailsPE bag--->100pcs/CTN/2' N.W./G.W.:10kgs/11kgs Payment TermT/T Lead time25-30 days (The date could be earlier if inventory available). Product Specification: SizeLength (Opening)Tall (Height) Free size 45cm21cm Q&A What is the importance of athletic protector? Athletic protectors serve an integral role in maintaining the safety of an athlete participating in a sport. Athletic protectors may sometimes look a little bit odd or unfashionable, but using the right athletic protectors for your sport is essential for preventing serious injuries or reducing the severity of an injury you may receive. After all, the point of a sport is to actually enjoy participating, and getting injured can keep you off the playing field for weeks or more. What鈥檚 your MOQ? It will be depended on the required items. You may refer more details in our website.Neoprene Knee Braces suppliers website:http://www.knittingbracesupports.com/neoprene-braces/neoprene-knee-braces/
Stainless Steel Welded Tube wholesale Product Description In order to make world rich and colorful, the special shaped stainless steel profiles tube be researched, the section can be made to all kind of shape that match the designer鈥檚 idea, the usage range is similar with round, square, rectangle tube Production Rang : TYPESLOTSHAPSIZEDepth of ChannelWall Thickness (mm) Slot round tubeSingle slot銆€ 42.220*20銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 50.815*15銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 63.520*20銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ Double slot 76.225*25銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ Elliptical tubeSingle slot銆€ 80*8424*24銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ No slot銆€ 17.8*30銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 40*80銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ Oval tube銆€ 50*100銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ 銆€ Main grade mechanical property in different standard 201Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>T.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>E.L./% 鈮?/p>HB 鈮?/p>HRB 鈮?/p>HBW 鈮?/p>HV 鈮?/p> ASTM26051540-95217- JIS27552040241100-253 GB20551530-銆€99--銆€ 202Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>T.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>E.L./% 鈮?/p>HB 鈮?/p>HRB 鈮?/p>HBW 鈮?/p>HV 鈮?/p> ASTM26062040--241- JIS27552040-95207218 GB------- 304Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>T.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>E.L./% 鈮?/p>HB 鈮?/p>HRB 鈮?/p>HBW 鈮?/p>HV 鈮?/p> ASTM20551540-92201- JIS2055204018790-200 GB20551540-92201210 316LY.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>T.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>E.L./% 鈮?/p>HB 鈮?/p>HRB 鈮?/p>HBW 鈮?/p>HV 鈮?/p> ASTM17048540-95217- JIS1754804018790 200 GB17048540-95217220 409Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>T.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>E.L./% 鈮?/p>HB 鈮?/p>HRB 鈮?/p>HBW 鈮?/p>HV 鈮?/strong> ASTM------- JIS1753602216280-175 GB------- 409LY.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>T.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>E.L./% 鈮?/p>HB 鈮?/p>HRB 鈮?/p>HBW 鈮?/p>HV 鈮?/p> ASTM17038020-88179- JIS1753602516280-175 GB17038020-88179200 410SY.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>T.S./Mpa 鈮?/p>E.L./% 鈮?/p>HB 鈮?/p>HRB 鈮?/p>HBW 鈮?/p>HV 鈮?/p> ASTM20541522-89183- JIS20541020-88183200 GB20541520-89183200 Production Process and Feature Similar with square and rectangle tube, the first work flow is make round tube the reform to special shape , then do finish processing according to people鈥檚 origin idea and target Application The main application from Special section tube is for building decorative, sometimes for industry or structuringStainless Steel Welded Tube wholesale website:http://www.huaxiao-stainless-steel.com/stainless-steel-welded-tube/
Customized N99 Certified Dust Mask Our History Zhejiang Fuping Healthcare Products Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wenzhou Fuping Bags Co.,Ltd which is a factory specialized in producing nonwoven products, supersonic bags, woven bags and kinds of bags and so on. Now Fuping Healthcare Products Co.,Ltd is a leading global provider of face mask and solutions. Our Factory Our factory has 4 full-atomatic face mask machines and 12 half-auotmatic face mask machines. Head office locates in WENZHOU, having more than 100 employees now. Fuping has formed a large global network of research and development, marketing and service. Product Application CIVIL USE Our Certificate CE CERTIFICATE Production Equipment 4 full-atomatic face mask machines and 12 half-auotmatic face mask machines. Production Market USA, Europe, Spain, Mexico Our Service We always use the high grade melt-blown to make the mask to prevent the virus effectively. Customized N99 Certified Dust Mask website:http://www.fupinghealthcare.com/
Wholesale Alnico 8 Bar Magnet Hunan Broad Permanent Magnet Co.,Ltd (BROMAG)is an expert player in the field of production, design, development and marketing of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. Based on five product lines, BROMAG is able to provide various permanent magnets/products as follows: 鈥?Sintered Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets 鈥?Bonded Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets 鈥?Sintered Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Magnets 鈥?Ferrite/Ceramic Magnets 鈥?AlNiCo Magnets 鈥?Magnetic Assemblies Following principles of early supplier involvement (ESI) and continuous improvement, BROMAG efficiently and continuously supplies customers with high quality products and professional solutions. With over 20 years' knowledge and experience, BROMAG is also able to provide a series of technical services: 鈥?Design and development of permanent magnets and applications 鈥?Magnetic measurement methods and instruments 鈥?Magnetic materials technologies and engineering Driven by enthusiasm and innovation, we keeps improving core technical team and think tank network so as to strengthen technical support capabilities continuously. BE PARTNERS WITH BROMAG, CHOOSE YOUR RIGHT MAGNETS HERE..Wholesale Alnico 8 Bar Magnet website:http://www.broad-magnet.com/
agriculture vegetable mesh bags for onion have a wide range of uses especially in the agricultural- the packaging of fruits, vegetables, wood etc. The bags offer essential ventilation, enhances the products and increase the value of the products. they are made from PE or PP material.
1. The thickness of the composite film is different, or the heat sealing temperature is not well known.
2. Then, according to the reason, control the tension of the material.
3. If it is because of temperature, low-temperature heat-sealable materials can be used for production.

agriculture vegetable mesh bags for onion can be produce in different types: knitted, twisted, flat, as well as in many colors and sizes. China Vegetable Mesh Bag manufacturers

Our History
Hairuiman Industrial and Commercial Co., Ltd is located in ZheJiang Province China in 2003 !
We are among the manufacturers that were certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSMS18000 in the line, under efficient, orderly, rational and scientific management, we promise to supply products of superior quality and service of top grade !
Taking "credibility and high quality" as our managing concept and depending on rich technical forces and advanced equipment, our company keeps pioneering and offering superior service in order to join the club of the world tops in this line! Our products have formed the series as following: Glitter powder, PET sequins, beads, fibre glitter, biodegradable glitter, cosmetic glitter chameleon glitter, fluorescent glitter mate glitter with annual production of 2600 metric tons.
Our glitter is accurately produced into hexagon / square / star / moon / heart / snow / circle / mickey / micron/ flakes / lightning / plum / water drop / arrow and so forth.
We also have been keeping large stock of more than 200 tons for different grades and types to guarantee the fast delivery. They all enjoy great favor and recognition from my customers. We also always take the cooperation into serious consideration in the long run ! Mutual benefit and win-win is always our target during the cooperation !
We kindly offer an exclusive bespoke service to manufacture any color you desire at a minimum order of 50-100 KG. This service ensures that clients have the opportunity to create a special color that is not easily available in the market and will be individual and special to them.
All of our glitter is FDA compliant, it is also formaldehyde under control and solvent resistant as customized if necessary. With this certification, all HRM Glitter is safe to be used by children and permitted to supply to educational establishments such as schools and nurseries.
When it comes to some other items! What we can supply is good service / competitive quotation / quality control / shipment arrangement/ documents for customs clearance / UPS delivery.
During the cooperation, we insist the following principle: Mutual benefit / long-term business relationship / stable and simple operation / innovation for development / quality for survival. Perfect communication will be the bridge through which we can understand what we want to express timely. Because of the professional work team / scientific management / enough operation experience, we can be reliable and trustworthy !
For further information regarding glitter, please feel free to contact us !
Show me your hand, let us be together !
Our Factory
Our glitter is accurately made into different shapes of hexagon/square / star / moon / heart / snow / circle / flakes and so on ! a range of sizes, shapes and colors are available .
We also keep large stock of more than 200 tons at least for different grades and types including cosmetic glitter as customized and biodegradable glitter. They all enjoy great favor and recognition from my customers.
With the rapid development of the CHINA economy, our foreign trade cooperation is becoming more and more prosperous year by year ! Since 2003 we have been exporting large quantity to abroad ! The main market is USA / EUROPE / SOUTH AMERICA ! Till present my customers really are from all over the world !
Glitter is widely used in many fields such as textile / screen printing / arts and crafts / cosmetic / painting and ink / glass/ decoration and so on !
Our Product
PET Glitter powder / Mica powder / Biodegradable glitter powder
Shape: Hexagon / moon / star / smile / 3D/ arrow /mickey / micron/plum / snow / heart / wine cup / maple / dolphin / four pointed star / hollow heart / butterfly / chocolate / jade 3D diamond / 3D rhombus /3D triangle / jade 3D pentagram / jade 3D square
Colors: Gold / silver / ordinary metallic / holographic / rainbow / mate / fluorescent / chameleon / color shifting / mixture glitter series / jade / mate glitter / pearl
-Chameleon pearl pigments
-Glitter & flakes
-Photochromic pigments
-3D cat eye magnetic pigments
-Holographic pigments
-Chrome mirror pigments
-Fluorescence pigments
-Thermochromic pigments
-Glow in the dark pigments
-Pearlescent pigments
-Bronze powder
-Metallic powder
Thickness: 23u / 36u / 50u / 100u
1/700 (0.035mm)
1/500 (0.05mm)
1/350 (0.07mm)
1/256 (0.1mm)-microfine 004
1/170(0.15mm)-mezzofine 006
1/128 (0.2mm)-ultrafine 008
1/96 (0.3mm) -chunky 010
1/64 (0.4mm) 015
1/40 (0.6mm) 025
1/32 (0.8mm) 030
1/24 (1.0mm) 040
1/16 (1.5mm)-060
1/12 (2.0mm) 080
1/10 (2.5mm) 0.1
Product Application
Cosmetic / screen printing / arts and crafts / ink / decoration / wall paper / glitter PU / packing material / Soap / Candle / tumble / Child DIY and so forth
1. Cosmetics Field
It can be applied in lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eye shadows, nail polish, compact powder, loose powder, hairstyling jelly, shampoo, bath gel, and etc.
2. Plastic Field
It is available in assorted plastic procession like injection, blowing masterbatch and etc, for cosmetic container, shampoo container, foodstuff container, medicine container, soft tube, plastic commodity, buttons, toys, sandals, plastic house adornment products and PVC/PU press leather.
3. Coating Field
It can be applied in many coating systems, including solvable system, powder coating, UV solidifying etc, for vehicle paint, green paint, plastic-based paint, wood-based paint, surface coating for synthetic leather/textile/industrial metal-based & non-metal based decorative paint, powder coating, additionally art pigment for body-colored drawing and oil paint.
4. Printing & Printing Ink
It can be used in various printing systems as intaglio printing, offset printing, screen printing, surface printing and etc. Such can make packing cards, name cards, decoration, wallpaper, yew paper, greeting cards, tobacco and wine packaging, etc.
Our Certificate
Management System Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 14000, ISO 20000, OHSAS / OHSMS 18001, IATF16949, HSE.
Production Equipment
Vaccum machine / dying machine / cutting machine / packing machine
Production Market
Mainly export to USA / EUROPE / SOUTH AMREICA
Our Service
Before placing any order, samples confirmation first !
During the cooperation, good communication and credibility will be always the most important !
After shipment, service of high quality will be always the most valuable for our respectable customers !washable glitter glue for body painting
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