Female - Est. Age 13 to 16
Cinderella - English
シンデレラ - Japanese
Cendrillon - French
신데렐라 - Korean
Cinderela - Portuguese
Cenicienta - Spanish/Castilian
سندريلا - Algerian Arabic
Assepoester - Dutch/Flemish
Cenerentola - Italian
Kopciuszek - Polish
Cinderella is a kindhearted, generous, optimistic, gentle and patient young girl. She is an animal lover and for this reason she doesn't like hunting. She dreams big of living in a great luxurious castle but what is stopping her way is her new step-family. After Cinderella's mother died, four years ago, her father married again, a woman with two daughters of her own, and after he left for a business trip leaving under his new wife's care, her new family starts to abuse the girl by transferring her room to the attic, taking away her beautiful clothes and forcing her to wear rags and for most of the part, doing household chores like cleaning the whole house, washing the dishes, ironing the clothes, cooking and serving them food and tea and etc.
Personality: Lively, Open, Outgoing, Venturesome
Interests: Animals, Out Doors, Singing, Travel
Occupations: Cleaning, Culinary
Height: Average
Weight: Slim
Bust: Average
Neckwear: Bow Tie
Fashions: Maid, Victorian
Hair: Waist Length
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
von Luschan Type II
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