Elric, Edward
Male - Age 15 to 16
Edward Elric - English
エドワード・エルリック - Japanese
Edward is a young alchemy mastermind and the older brother of Alphonse. Unlike his brother, he only lost his right arm and left leg while doing the human transmutation to bring back their deceased mother which had gone failed. He seems to be immature and an altruistic boy. Edward is the love interest and childhood friend of Winry and often calls her to repair or replace his arm and leg.
Birth Date: 1899
Personality: Confident, Flexible, Independent, Indulgent, Moralistic, Overly Emotional, Sentimental
Interests: Fighting, Friends, Love, Travel, Weapons
Occupations: Alchemist, Martial Arts
Height: 149cm
Weight: Average
Hair: Mid Back Length, Braids
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
von Luschan Type III
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