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LiluyTomas Lady love beauty, we want to be the perfect one on the world. But when we look in the classy vanity mirror in different seasons, we will find different skin problems, especially in autumn. It’s been a long time since autumn, and it’s a little colder in the morning and evening. Skin care is also divided into seasons. It’s autumn. How should our girls take care of it professionally? If you always feel like your skin is one size smaller and tight, your skin is dry. In the fall, dry skin ushers in the most sensitive day. Compared with other skin types, dry skin needs more care. Skin care points: Excessive use of cleansing soap, toner will make dry skin drier, the heat of the sun, and the effect of air conditioning on this type of skin will also have a great impact. Use an emulsion-based cleansing product to leave the makeup remover or cleanser on the skin for a while and wait for them to work. Before washing your face with water, gently wipe off the cleanser with cotton. Washing your face with cold water will remove the cleansing milk and make your skin feel fresher. It will also stimulate the blood circulation on your face and make your skin look brighter. After washing your face, use cotton moistened with moisturizing toner to gently wipe the face horizontally, and add a protective film to the skin. Use a cream product with a thick texture and strong moisture retention effect. After applying it, wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb it well before applying makeup. Don't underestimate the sun in autumn and winter. To avoid direct contact with ultraviolet rays and dry the skin, apply sunscreen when going out. Make a moisturizing mask at least once a week. In the fall, oily skin will also be dry and peeling. Because more oil does not mean that there is enough moisture, even if the sebum and moisture are imbalanced, the skin may be exfoliated. Skin Care Points: Never over-wash your skin, as moisturizing is the most important in this season. Wet the face with warm water, use a gentle soapy cleanser, massage gently with your fingertips, and then wash with warm water. The use of skin tightening lotion can shrink the pores and hydrate the skin. At the same time, for oily skin, it can also inhibit the secretion of oil and reduce inflammation. In addition to the moisture to soften your skin tone, if you do not apply a protective film on the face, the skin with thick pores will be more prone to dust. For oily skin, it is necessary to choose a milky or creamy body lotion to add moisture. After the moisturizing milk stays on the face for a few minutes, you can gently press on the face with a tissue to absorb excess milk to improve shine. The cleansing mask and the moisturizing mask are used alternately. Deep cleansing masks often have the functions of decontamination and oil control, and then apply pure water mask to replenish moisture. If you don’t know much about your mixed skin condition, after about half an hour after cleansing, cover your face with tissue paper, and then see, the oily spots on the paper are the places where you love oil, other Places should be hydrated. Skin care points: Balance oil secretion. Like dry skin, remove eye makeup with an oily eye makeup remover, then clean your face with cold water. Use a soapy cleansing product in the morning, focusing on the oily part and massage it gently later. Use a cleansing milk to cleanse the skin at night, focus on gently massage the dry part, then wipe with a cotton pad. For different parts, use two different toners. Pat lightly around the T-shaped area, and apply moisturizing toner to the dry cheeks. In the dry season, use a moisturizing lotion on the entire face, especially on the cheeks. You can focus on it, and then use a paper towel to wipe off the excess lotion on the oily part. Autumn is here, and dryness and seasonal changes are the enemy of allergic skin. In addition, some women who are not usually allergic to it are beginning to show sensitive symptoms. Therefore, you must take care of your skin carefully. Pay attention to scented skin care products, products containing alcohol and fruit acid ingredients are irritating to the skin. Never use clean scrubs and exfoliants. Choose skin care and makeup products within the range of moisture and high moisture content. Drying will aggravate sensitive conditions. Use a very gentle eye makeup remover to absorb the cotton cloth. After wiping, use a cotton swab to remove fine residue. Use a gentle, moisturizing cleanser to cleanse the face. Selecting a low-sensitivity moisturizer can not only replenish moisture, but also prevent some sensitive sources from the outside world.
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