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"A Disturbance in the Universe"
Rito has been in love with Haruna Sairenji for the longest time but has been unable to confess her feelings to her. When his life couldn't get worse he finds himself in a middle of an intergalactic domestic dispute when his life completely changed in a flash and an alien girl Lala from the planet Deviluke suddenly appears in his bath nude. Lala has run away from her home world in order to be free from having to marry and take her father's place as ruler of the universe. With Rito's love life already in turmoil he'll have to deal with Lala who has decided upon herself to take Rito's hand in marriage. Only the future holds the answer as to if Rito will ever be able to return to his life as a normal high school boy or be forced into becoming the next King of Deviluke and Emperor of the known universe. Only one thing is certian, Lala's father King Gid Lucion Deviluke will not make it easy on him.
The premises of the story for this Anime are like that of other Harem Anime that came during it's time. We have the case of a shy boy who is unable to do much when a mysterious girl changes his life. Sound familiar? Well a lot of harem Anime have borrowed this idea such as Girls Bravo, Heaven's Lost Property, and Ah! My Goddess to name a few. Though it can be said that Ah! My Goddess pulled it off better. After the introduction episodes we see very little development of the plot. Rather we get giant alien watermelons desiring to be consumed and a fight with King Kong at the center of the Earth. The Anime is a series of random scenarios in which are characters get caught up in that follow in no real order. The Anime's main concentration was never so much on plot development as it was to provide comical ecchi, more on this later. The ending of this Anime is like most other Harem Anime where we are left wondering who will he end up with. 
Now as for the comedy it is limited in it's appeal. I myself enjoy those situations in which the main character gets caught up in misunderstandings which this Anime uses a lot. So from what I said above most of the comedy is based off of character interactions. This wouldn't be a full review unless I mentioned the ecchi factor that this Anime is mostly known for. The ecchi scenes are like that of those of "Love Hina" which came before this but more intense. It seems from analysis that as time goes on ecchi Anime keep breaking certain boundaries that old Anime would never touch. The ecchi scenes themselves are tied into the odd events of the Anime and sometimes end being just as odd. The ecchi is none to original in some aspects but can be funny if you find appeal in what it does offer. 
The characters in this series were not well presented as they were in the Manga. The characters are stereotypical in their personalities and issues. Due to lack of development the characters lack memorability and may be hard to like if you don't like their personalities in the first place. The characters don't receive much development except in the middle half of the show but that's only the main characters. One highlight for the characters has to be there sociability in which every character knows each other and has a certain set of feeling affiliated to them. 
One aspect I liked about the romance is that the girls here have a legitimate reason to fall in love. Rito, the main character, is a generally shy guy but contains a respect for all life with one of his flaws being that he falls a lot into "situations". But I feel that due to his nice and protective behavior the girls in this series had a reason to fall in love here. Still while there was reason for love it never really developed except in select episodes though it can be argued that with all the adventures they had acted as development for the characters relationships.
-Visual: The character designs themselves stick close to the manga's design but the animation does not complement them very well. The coloration of the characters were rather bland due to simple shading and dull colors. The background themselves were just as simple as the characters in them.  
-Animation: Considering when this was made the Animation is rather choppy and this can be seen most evidently in fight or fast-pace scenes.
-Auditory: Both the intro and outro songs fit the Anime due to the happy tunes but are not very memorable. I myself and bias to the music.
Personal Perspective...
I myself love this series as it was my first taste of the harem genre. Besides that I'm more of a fan of the Manga due to it concentrating more on character development thus making me love the characters. The series was funny to me as I enjoy comedy that revolves around  misunderstanding and funny facial expressions. Now most people say this show is nothing but fan-service and I have to slightly agree. Unlike it's Manga counterpart the Anime looked more towards comedy and fan-service but with undeveloped character it was lackluster. Still I love this Anime more then most due to me being bias to the series in general.
After some calculations including my own overall enjoyment I have come up with this score.)
Score : 4.9/10
Some of you must be thinking wait he did this review already well your correct. But unlike my other review that I felt was to bias I gave it a proper look. Just because it's a 4.9 doesn't mean I won't love it! Now to newcomers who don't know me I like this series for reasons other then fan-service as most imply. These reasons are due to the Manga which has fleshed out the characters and maintained comedic elements I love. Now I could rant all day but instead I recommend you to check out Ebel's Blog my partner during this Romcon! 
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