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The Father of  Manga

Osamu Tezuka has been nick named the father of modern manga as we know it today. He was born on November 3 1928 as the oldest son of the Tezuka family. In his early years he was often brought by his mother to Takarazuka Theater. There he found much of his early inspiration. He started to draw comics second grade and his skills built upward.In the 5th grade he found a bug called "Osamushi" which resembled his and as such felt to make it his pen name.  After World War 2 he sought a way to help the so he published "Diary of Ma-chan" and "Shin Takarajima" best known as New Treasure island. 


In 1952 he passes collage with a medical degree and needs to find a profession. He could not decide between being a manga artist or a doctor so in his confusion he consults his mother. The mother tells to choose what he most likes to do and with that Tekuka gains his motivation to become a Manga Artist which at the times were just Comic Artist. Could you imagine if he chose to be a Doctor the world of Manga and Anime today would not be here! Well anyways he continued on to make productions such as "Astro Boy", "Princess Knight", "Midnight Man", "Black Jack" and who can forget "Kimba the White Lion". He went on to make about a whooping number of 700 manga! The last one he made being named the "Phoenix". The cause of his death being stomach cancer. His famous last words being..."I'm begging you, let me work!".

It was all thanks to him that Manga and Anime are what is today as he created the very style of it. Tezuka was a major inspiration to many other well known Manga Artist. By some people he was known as the Japanese Walt Disney which I believe is pretty Awsome in it's own right. 

The follwing are just images of this man's work:





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    Reminds me a lot of Satoshi Kon. You never realize just how much of an impact one person can have to an industry until after their time.
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