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Saint Row IV ~Review~
The open world, Steelport.

Disappointed is what I feel for saint Row IV, so much potential lost. It fails to live up to the hype of which it generated through ads. The very nature of that hype lie in the storyline. Earth is destroyed, now we (the player) are forced to be inside a simulator to fight back at the aliens. With this storyline, it feels unique, there is just one thing that frustrated me about the storyline.
Multiple times, we are told we are the "president" yet you are called it without making any real decisions in the game that feels important to that title. Not just that, the game itself is set in the a virtual reality; therefore your decisions don't really impact the outside world at all.  Considering the president was a major selling point, we really only feel like any other typical leader.
Although the game does feel funny at times, other times it fail to meet that expectation. There was no seriousness in the story, hence the reason it feels as though we don't make any "real" decisions or for that matter, complete the story.
Giant Robots

The only saving grace the game has is super powers. We are given supper powers as part of being in the simulator.  All of the powers are very super hero like such as fire, frost, kinetic, and stomp.  Many other people point out though,  that the game is parodying other games such as infamous and prototype. Most likely that is true. Then again, all other games build off each other.
The only downside to superpowers is when the developers take away your powers at certain points in the story. Of course you are in "reality", outside the simulator, but why  take away our powers? Aren't we suppose to feel like a super hero all the time? Aren't we the president, the most powerful? Why even bother making the powers useless then? Whats the point of being forced to drive a vehicle in a game to deliver without super powers?  Although, I will be the first to admit that taking away our powers makes it challenging, still why? I don't understand the logic. The more I think about it, the more I feel they (developers) have let me down. There could have been so many possibilities to go about to make the gameplay fun while being difficult. 
Beyond a doubt, the radio in the game was another disappointed, beside the story. All of the stations were boring and not funny. If the game is suppose to feel funny then so too should the radio be. 
Overall Score
Enjoying the view

Animation - 4/5
Gameplay - 4/5
Music - 2/5
Story: -2/5
Overall Score - 2.5 out of 5, Bad.
A reporter was quoted saying the developers originally made the game to be an expansion pack of Saint Row the third, which Saint Row IV should have been. The game is nothing but a funny fanservice/parody game about the game industry, not a direct way. Plus, the price per hour is bad (1 dollar per hour of enjoyment). In other words, don't expect to get your money's worth. Please only get this as rental or a cheap deal.
Saint row the Third: More serious storyline with still essence of funny dialogue.
Grand Theft Auto V: Serious, funny, way more bang for your buck for enjoyment. 
Red Dead Redemption: Good western style open world adventure/rpg game similar to the other games in the recommendation but have that special kick to it.

Took me a long time to get the review done and out there. I was thinking all this week about how to change my writing style to better suit my needs. Somewhere down the line, I thought about using commas more appropriately. To may dismay, it caused me headaches with writers block. Please, tell me if there was anything bad about the review or any recommendations you may have me play.
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    You're right, just focusing on the negatives is bad. Although, I would still say that the game is not challenging due to how over power you become. I digress, thank you for the suggestion, theawsome.
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    This game seems more gameplay based then story based. I see now, why your upset at the loss of your powers it's fun. Okay I do have one recommendation, mention both good and bad aspects of the game/anime you review. It should help make it more well rounded.
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    The guns, the awesome, the guns. Especially love the dubstep gun making everyone dance like an idiot around. Oh! And I can't forget about the gravity gun that captures everyone in a black hole. It messes up my friends a couple times by sucking them up. :D
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    TheAwsome +1
    Hmm nice review. Also you said you only have powers in virtual reality. So I think it's logical for the powers not to carry out in the real world. Also I wonder if this game fell prey to "over exceptions" like some Anime do. Could you tell me some aspects of the game you did enjoy though?
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