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A Bowl of Goodness
This Anime was surprising entertaining in many aspects. This Anime was about food which you don't come across often unless you are looking for it. Also I would have to say it was pretty original in the idea of teenagers fighting for Ben-to. This Anime provided us with an entertaining cast of characters that made me laugh a lot.
This Anime did provide its watchers with fan-service but in a different way. When you see fan-service it usually just there for no purpose but not here this Anime actually makes the scenes with fan-service very entertaining and laughable. Also rather then just entertain the males in the audience it gave some service to the females in the audience. 
The characters were never given much back-round information but that was ok as it did attempt to develop the characters through the troubles they came across. The romantic developments were fine as there were slow and rather realistic in the fact that the characters here earned each others respect through there own acts. Of course no one appeared in love as this Anime isn't a romantic genre. I felt all the characters were shown in a unique way at least for the most part.
The plot of show was simple but entertaining and unique. Most Anime we see today is are similar in there ideas and more biased towards male or female but never both. So I can proudly say this Anime entertains both males and females with its character cast and plot. The story itself never stayed in one place but rather it kept moving along. 
In the end of the Anime it gave us a grand last battle and left felling comfortable with how it ended. I feel there may be a second season with the way it ended. This Anime was good all around and great fun to watch. So if like to laugh and enjoy something different you came to the right Anime.
 Judgement : 7/10 Good Work
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