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When I first started this Anime I was expecting an average mecha Anime but instead got something more amazing. This Anime always kept me on edge at the end of each episode as I wanted more. Not only did it have the expected fights it made an inclusion of deeper meanings that tie into real life. The characters were not so bad either making it an enjoyable 13 episode series.
What the Anime first presents us is that humanity now lives in space under intense military control as humans are in battle with creatures know as "Hideauze". In the Anime we follow the story of Ledo a military fighter who fights the Hideauze with his mecha named Chamber. After getting caught in a spacial distortion he is sent to what we learn is planet earth. Ledo thought earth was un-stable and could not support life but he finds earth to be a flooded planet in which people live on giant interconnected ships in which civilization now lives. There is a variety of stories in this Anime but most of them are minimal and not well fleshed out due to lack of episodes. The main one is about Ledo and his adjustment into a new way of life in which he develops new ethics that will later be put to the test.
The character development seen in this Anime is limited since there is only 13 episodes to work with. The most development seen is in Ledo as he adjusts to a new life. Still even he was never fully developed as we never learn much of his past. "Amy" another main character does not get much development either but helps push along the plot of the story and development of other characters in the series. There was a variety of characters seen in the Anime that got little development in, making them less memorable as a result. Most of the time you get a bit of a back-story but that only leaves you wondering most of the time. If this Anime had more episodes to work with we would have seen more development which was needed since the characters were a main point of interest the Anime.
Other then that the characters themselves were not bland but not amazing. I enjoyed their personality as it was enjoyable to watch them. I heard most people find Amy annoying when I thought about it yes she does get into people's business which can be annoying but she does this because she cares about people. One thing I liked about each character is that they all hold a goal in mind as well as a perspective on their world. Which makes them more human and understandable. This Anime has a lot more drama then one would think as each episode leaves you wanting more. This drama ties into the cast as they exhibit a variety emotions bringing them closer to us and making them that much more human. The only problem I had with some of the characters is that the Anime could have done well without some of them.
The animation and design of the world were both superb. In this Anime we run into several battles as well as moments of general action. These scenes were very enjoyable and got my blood pumping. The movements were smooth from simple punches to advanced laser cannons. Even in simple scenes such as when Camber is moving crates and catching fish I feel everything was moving realistically. The animation coupled well with the art of the world. The art took some realism into account. This can be seen on the ships that looked rusted and aged to underwater worlds which were algae covered, rusted, and faded making for a realistic feel to the world.
Fan-service is also seen in this Anime. It would not have been so bad if it was not random. I feel that the fan-service was randomly put in and had no point to be there. One piece of fan-service is the festival clothing which was very indecent. I understand it is apart of the culture in the Anime but some guy in real life had other things in mind when he drew that. Another form of fan-service would have to be Episode 5 which acted like a beach episode. It would appear everyone on the ship wears a swim suit under their cloths who knew?
This Anime as you guys know is sci-fi and is packed with a variety of elements. Some elements you will see are A.I. units, advanced weapons, portals, nano bots, and much more. Some of the elements were placed in a way that they tie in with the world's culture such as nano bots fusing into marine life.
While watching this Anime I noticed this is not just your average Mecha Anime. Rather then have robots tussle around with each other this Anime taps into deeper aspects of what it is to be human and how we interact with are world. A lot of this is seen in the first half of the Anime where we see Ledo develop and learn human qualities. Some of the things he learns is how to depend on others, find meanings in things, and that all life holds meaning. Another aspect that was explored is how humans interact with life and ourselves. One major conflict seen in the Anime is the war on Hideauze. As you watch the Anime you will learn more about the Hideauze and there aspect on the war which ties into the real world as every war has two sides fighting for a reason. This Anime also taps into how we treat are selves. Ledo as you quickly learn lives in a military based life in which he nothing but a drone later due to his time on earth he gains new morals which he later has challenged with his old stand on things in his life. We also see humans work together towards a common goal.
There are problems of course...
- More episodes
- Not paced well
- Romance elements not developed
- Intro song does not fit in well overall
- More character development
- Remove use-less characters and ecchi
This Anime was great to watch and I do suggest it. It both has sci-fi elements, fights, and holds a good plot. And since the series is rather short it is worth the watch.
Judgment: 7/10 Pretty Awsome
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    TheAwsome +1
    Your right it didn't mention it it just shows an image of what happened. I think it either in the first episode or the one where the signal finally reached or during the final episodes....
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    I finally gotten around to watching it but where did you find out that Avalon was destroyed because it doesn't mention it at all in the anime.
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    TheAwsome +1
    It is better then you think trust me.
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    I guess I will try the anime. Kind of hard for me to watch an anime limited by 13 episodes. But I got time to kill.
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    Oh for those who saw this Anime it appears "Avalon" was destroyed by the Hideauze. Lets hope Ledo never founds out. You can see by looking again at the first episode.
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