Posted 4/10/2013
The emotions used on the site are part of the  FatCow collection under the creative common's license for free use. However, while I love the selection it sometimes gets hard to find some basic emoticons. I'm thinking of finding a newer pack that just covers the basics. Let me know if there's a specific one you think will fit the site. Any changes I make will only add to the current selection. You can find a good selection here but feel free to look anywhere on the web as long as it's a well known site. Just make sure it's free for commercial use as a lot of them are limited. Please do not post any references to deviantART type sites.

PS: I won't be making any changes for a while so feel free to take your time.

Posted 4/10/2013
I would love to see well a under-dramatized smiley face.
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