Posted 7/25/2012

How do you see all your other lists because when ever i go on list I only see completed, not the plan to watch, etc.

Posted 7/25/2012

Thanks for pointing this out! I've become so used to using the search page I completely forgot about the "My Lists" link at the top right.

Anyway, the link will now redirect you to the search page using the "listed" filter. On the search page you'll see a bar on the left of an entry if it's on your list.

Green = Completed
Yellow = Seen Some
Red = Not Interested.

There seems to be a minor glitch with the "Plan To Watch" option. I'll look into it later tonight when I get the chance.


PS: I'll push out an update for an official user list page ASAP.

Posted 7/25/2012

Is this a newly build website?

Posted 7/25/2012

I suppose the best answer would be that the current version is fairly new. The site's actually been in development for several years and started as nothing more than a blank notepad file. Over the years it's grown along with my expertise in web development.

So while I can't say it's brand spanking new! I can say its reached a point where its starting to pick up steam.

Posted 7/26/2012

Oh. That's pretty cool. Good luck. :)

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