Posted 11/25/2012
Welcome to the Original Works forum!

The original works forum is a place for users to share their own original work. This means that you shouldn't post anyone else's work, including copyrighted material. Be careful when using fair use to justify your posting - just because it's a parody doesn't always make it okay. Your works can be absolutely anything! However, it is important to follow the site's policies. In addition to this here are some general guidelines to follow.

1) Be respectful and courteous. Not everyone is a prominent artist, writer, or musician. Even those with great talent started out with the basics. If you feel the urge to be disrespectful it is better to ignore the post and move on.

2) Critiques are often welcomed but be mindful that it is not always welcomed. Be skillful when assessing other's work. It's a good idea to only provide critiques if you are proficient in the art form.

3) Remember, someone may have spent days on a project. If you see a post without any replies it's almost always a good idea to post a reply if you think of something good to say.

4) Don't distribute other's work on other sites. Just because something isn't copyrighted doesn't mean it's not protected by law. You should always ask for permission before sharing other's work.

5) If an original owner has requested a piece to be taken down it can be removed immediately without your knowledge. We'd prefer not to get sued.
(Note: Once the message system is completed you will receive notification of these removals.)

6) Don't feed the trolls. Trolls are mythical creatures that depending on the type of troll will feed off anything from rocks to human remains. No one likes a troll, so try not to leave any scraps around for them to eat.

Most importantly have fun! And good luck! Who knows, maybe you'll be discovered!
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