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Now I already knew that this Anime was based off a dating sim which would usually make we wary but it was also made by "Key" which is a production studio I trust. So when I started this Anime I knew there would be no naughty things and that I would probably cry. 
In the start of this Anime we notice two things one is the beautiful environment that brings you that relaxed feeling and the interesting character design. The character design may come off as not so attractive but the characters them selves overcome this. The first two characters we met were Yukito and Misuzu. While Yukito came off as quiet and a bit of a loner Misuzu came off as lively and clumsy. She seemed to act like a child and always says"Gao!" in response to her love for dinosaurs.
As we move along past the introduction the Anime's plot and characters seem to grow more complex. The Anime characters themselves were wonderful and there was no way to dislike them. Moving through the episodes we feel more tied to the characters as if they were a person since we learn more of each one's past and hardships. The characters in this Anime seem to change since Yukito came in to town and each of them got past certain troubles in each of their lives thanks to him. He himself learned new things from being around them.
The Anime seems to move from reality to one of fantasy. The character's troubles seem to be based on something magic in nature whether it be personality split from touching a magic feather or that someone's sister was an illusion for her to keep joy in life. The mystery of the Anime seems to build as we begin to tell that all these character's problems seem to come from something similar in magic. The suspense follows along as Misuzu falls into sickness.
The Anime eventually moves into a flashback which explains everything that has happened and why. Now that was all good and educational but after we move back to reality I get confused. First off Yukito transforms into a crow I mean there was no explanation and soon we notice it was the crow that followed Misuzu around in the start of the Anime. The Anime continues to move forward as we see some family drama as Misuzu seems to be close to death from her curse.
In the end she does die which did make me cry as I gained emotional attachment to the character. Now this Anime would have been wonderful if it didn't pull that plot twist of Yukito transforming. Also I felt the ending was rushed in but this it to be expected for a 12 episode series. I loved the how the Anime built it's mystery and characters but after we returned from the flashback scene well I felt that this was not the same Anime as we ran into family troubles and other plot twists.
I would of loved this Anime much more if it ended better than it did.
Judgement: 6/10 Decent!
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