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Chu-2 Byou demo Koi ga Shitai! ~Review~
Yuta, one of the main characters feel happy.

Released: October 4, 2012 to December 20, 2012 JPN
Published: Sentai Filmworks
Animation: Kyoto Animation
Genre(s):  Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Synopsis: Yuuta Togashi suffered from Eighth-Grader Syndrome (Chuunibyou) while in middle school. After being "cured" from this delusion, he attends a high school far away from anyone who may know him; lest they bring up the past. All he wants is to put that dark history behind him and have a nice normal school life....or he was supposed to. High school was smooth sailing and full of enjoyment—until an unavoidable, sad event occurs. Now poor Yuuta is locked in a contract with Rikka Takanashi and is forced to watch as his desperately ordinary life crumbles. Or is he? - Taken from (Edited slightly)
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It was refreshing to watch a comedy anime after watching nothing but serious anime. This anime made me feel really happy. That is a good thing considering not many anime make me feel generally this happy besides the Ghibli Studio films. 
Instead of relying solely on romance, the anime decides to rely on Rika's eight grade syndrome for the plot. By the way, eight grade syndrome means to believe in grandeur fantasies but may also mean to believe in delusions that you might be special in some weird way. I think most people have experienced something similar to that. For example, when I was little I use to act out certain scenes from DBZ. However, I don't think I necessary went beyond that to the point where I actually believe in my delusions like the main character Rika does. 
Also, it was quite obvious what the tragedy in the first place that caused Rika's eight grade syndrome. Nevertheless, I still felt sad when the characters talked about it. I didn't cry mind you yet at the same time I felt sadness because of the scene. I know it is just an anime. I just couldn't help to feel this way.
Another unique aspect of the story is the romance.There were hints of romance here and there in the beginning  but it doesn't pick up until the later half. I'm just really happy that this anime didn't turn into a harem romance. I like it just for that simple fact. The romance is simple between Yuta and Rika. And I really really love the confession scene. It was so cute to watch them talk to each other in the rain. 
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I did hear the music every once in a while; nevertheless, I didn't really pay any attention to it. I find myself thinking more about the dialogue spoken between each characters than the music. For once this might be a good thing that the music is background rather than unique.
Whoever played the voiced actor for Yuta really reminded me of Watanuki from xxxholic. As it turns out, it really was the same voice actor, Fukuyama Jun. Other than that, all of the voice actors did perfectly fine in their roles. 
Being productive while cleaning the swimming pool.

Remember this is a comedy romance and each character had to play their part correctly according to the script. Thus, they did it perfectly for each character's dialogue. The scenes where I was suppose to feel sad, I felt sad and the scenes where I was suppose to feel happy, I felt happy. I can't really wish for anything more from an anime but to feel joy and happy that I watched it.
There is just one thing I know I shouldn't have like about it.The comedy of hitting characters is something I don't normally like because I never like the idea of hurting anyone for the sake of comedy. True it was very funny and cute still I felt ashamed for liking the comedy. I think I said this before about how the The legends of the legendary heroes, the main female character often hits the male character for comedy. In that instance I hated that type of comedy with a passion. I know I'm suppose to hate it in this anime for the same reasons but I can't. I really love the cuteness of the characters too much to hate it.
Rika at her finest
Kyoto Animation, anime studio, really hit it out of park on this one. All the characters felt cute and made moe like gestures that I couldn't help but love each and everyone of them. The textures and eyes were awesome. I don't think I can add anything more than that, it was that perfect for me.

Storyline: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Animation: 5/5 
Final Score: 5 out of 5
At first though, I really thought I should give this a 4/5 of five. After reviewing the anime a few times, there was really nothing bad that stood out at me telling me it wasn't a 5. It told the story perfectly for a 12 episode anime. I will strongly suggest to anyone who is a fan of romance comedy to watch this. I can't wait for the second season to come out. 
Where to watch: As of now there is no where to watch it for English speakers. Although, Sentai Filmworks does own the license to distribute it and possibly might be dubbing it right now as I speak. 
Anime recommendations:
Toradora: Pretty good comedy romance, plot revolves around trying to get their main crushes approval from the two main characters.
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko: Has a similar feeling to this anime. Plus it is just as cute if not more so.
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu: The anime does not contain that much romance; nevertheless it is still funny yet deep at the same time.

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