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Finishing up my challenge today for streaming
I will talk more about streaming in more detail shortly by Friday. I didn't realize that I was done today instead of yesterday. Anyway, I will be playing/streaming Disagea D2 when it comes out on Tuesday next week at about 7 pm EST. 
On a side note, I probably won't swear during my stream but I may talk about mature themes such as sex appeal, drinking, or other things like that. I am after all in my early 20s. 
There will eventually be a review on sometime Friday now that I have more time to do other things. After my challenge of 100 day streaming, I will focus on just streaming 4 days a week maybe just 3 days due to college and other areas of interest. 
Thank you for listening.

Follow me on @Albelcasting, on twitter, to know what I am doing. 
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    I may check it out. I did co-hosting on a stream for a little bit back during SC2 beta. Had maybe about 50 viewers. Just be careful because the streams can easily end up being a few hours if you're not careful.
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