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I'm just your average person with a huge anime/business/technology obsession. I currently have a BS in Finance and have a long history in computers and web development. I am the lead developer, webmaster, and owner of Otaku Elite. Please be patient with the development of this site. We are looking for more ways to increase user friendliness while keeping strict guidelines within our database. This is to benefit everyone in our community. Please enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!

Interests: Anime, Business, Computers, Graphic Design, J-Pop, Philosophy, Programming, Psychology, Technology, Web Development
Just finished creating the new microblog feature for the site!
Replied to what was your favorite anime in 2015?
Nyome Would have to go w/ Parasyte the maximum. <3
Created blog entry Random Thoughts
Nyome With the site in a state of suspense I've been thinking of a few ideas to simplify the experience and branch out to a new site that will act as an "add-on." The general concept is a service that will allow users to take advantage of the OtakuElite anime and character databases and search features while simplifying the interface.    Generally you'll search anime and give a "heart" if you love it and then be able to select a comment. Such as, "Love!" "Hate!" "WTF did I just watch?!"    The truth is I will never be able to devote as much as I used to into the site since I now have a full eventful life with my fiance as our hopes to one day start a family. I've always been giving greater focus to my career outside the site as I try to use all of the knowledge I've obtained in the last 10 years towards a fulfilling career.    But who knows, maybe OtakuElite will become a major part of my life again. For now I want to try to savage what I can while allowing the site to run in it's current state. If the new site is successful I may think of expanding the existing site if we're able to establish a sufficient user base.   For the old group. Just want you to know you're still in my thoughts and hope everything is going well. ^.^ Will never forget the times we had and the fun streaming and the games we played with NeNe. The last event was amazing. Love making the event graphics and database systems.    As for myself? Recently got engaged to the love of my life. We've been living together for almost a year and he's seriously the best thing to ever happen to me. Have a cute little cat I adopted and drives my fiance crazy at times when she begs him for attention. lol Was promoted at work a while back.    If anyone stumbles upon this and has .Net and SQL experience and is interested and taking on the site just message me and we'll talk. I'm not interested in making money on the site. So if I feel you have a good earnest genuine heart and are willing to put the work in I have no problem in letting you have a try at running the site and even one day transferring ownership over.   Anyway for now I'm off. Night!
Replied to Burned out on anime
Nyome It's more of just having so much to do anymore than no life. lol My life is nothing but appointments and social gathers anymore. Doesn't help having to spend an extra hour getting ready every morning now.. but soooo worth it. ^-^ Note: Changed my username on here. Figured it was well over due. lol
Replied to Burned out on anime
Replied to Burned out on anime
Nyome I'm pretty burned out. I cut back to 4 series this year. I just picked up Solar Moon. I'm starting to slowly get back into the vibe but there's just so much else I want to do lately it's difficult to find time. This stupid thing called a life.. UGH.       
Replied to Random Thought Thread
Nyome Ebel Thus far in this year, I learned greatly about myself and my enivronment. I'm not happy with living with my family, there's no love in a broken home. Also, it's been hard for me to change myself, my personality, my skill level, and feel happy. Whats possible for me is to have happiness but requires hard-work and being 100% committed to everything I do and everything I say. I been trying to change myself too quickly which end up making me confuse about my own darn feelings and what I want to be happy about in life. But, my dream of becoming a story teller has never changed; the objectives/goals to achieve that dream has changed. I need to leave my home, my old friends, my old ways, and old days to achieve the level of a story-teller. I need to move to Washington State, otherwise my dream and story will die with me in this endless cycle of hate and depression. The worst thing I have done to myself this year is to deny the dream I thought I gave up on: A family. A family that I can trust and share the harshness of reality and richness of reality. To that end, I believe a True Friend is like a family member: share the harshness of reality, share the richness of reality, share the burdens together of being alive in a screwed up society, and trust each other enough to not have to lie about our feelings to each other. It doesn't sound that complicated to begin with but I have apparently been asking too much of certain friends to meet these guidelines, but then whats the point in having friends then? Whats the point in having to lie about feelings or for that matter not being able to trust them? Friendship can be amazing as well as painful. I've had plenty of close friends in the past who over time grew apart from me. In part due to my own fault as I spent years isolating myself from society in fears of being who I am. Fears of rejection and heart ache. To be a truly great person you must learn to not only lean on your friends when needed but be able to stand strong and on your own two feet to be there for them when they're down. Sadly, the reality is you may need much more and will never be able to return the offer to have a shoulder to cry on. They may have a significant other or another love one they depend on. As is my case with almost all of my friends.  Life is lonely at times. Others may not understand what you are going through or the reasons behind it. Depression sucks. I deal with it myself. Even now as I fight to cure myself I face some form every day. Until you get to the point where you can put your problems to the side and find something more important in life you will always fall victim to the darkness of self doubt, fear, and loneliness. Remember friends are amazing. They can be there for you, but you have to be careful not to over burden them. They have needs as well and being there for you is a great way for them to fill many of their needs. People feel great about helping others. So if you're with friends try to show them how much you appreciate it. Try to talk about things that make you happy. It's hard. I know. But while your life may be full of sadness it's important to take time to forget about it from time to time. Be with your friends and have a fun time. Let them see the kind of person you really are deep down. Down beyond the depression. Trust me, once they come to love that shimmering light they will want to do whatever they can do help bring that shimmer into an explosive bust of happiness. Anyway, I don't want to rant. You should know you can always contact me if you need someone to listen. I understand depression since I deal with it every day. You can get through this. Don't lie, don't run. Fight. *hugs* I hope that helped.
Replied to What are you doing right now (job)?
Nyome complex Help me quick! I am writing a cover letter to apply for a writing job. If my blog is currently on hiatus, do I say "I used to manage/run my own blog/a blog..." Or do I say "I currently manage/run my own/a blog..."? And which is better: manage or run? My own or a?  I would use "experienced blogger at blahblah.com" and just avoid currently or used to. You can own a blog if you control it on a site. Also keep it low key. Your other writing should come before listing your blog since blogs are fairly common so it could be over looked. All depends on the job you're applying for. ^-^
Replied to Make a wish
Nyome complex I WISH FOR CUTE EMOTICONS!  Find me an emoticon set that's cute and royalty free for commercial use and I'll look into adding it.       These are the small types of updates I can do for the site when I get time. Should think of changing my avatar. hmmm....
Replied to What are you watching?
Nyome Been keeping it simple. Fairy Tail, HunterXHunter, and One Piece. I watch one or two other series but don't keep up with them weekly.
Replied to What are you watching?
Nyome My schedule has gotten the best of me... anime is down to HunterXHunter and One Piece now.       Going to need to binge watch a series some time. Planning on doing movies since they are nice one sitters for weekend nights.
Replied to What Manga are you currently reading right now?
Nyome Started usagi drop. Saw the anime a while back and fell in love with it. Just want to see how it ends!
Replied to Editing Question
Nyome There is no system in place yet for anime. :( For now it's admin only. Ox has been actively editing all anime entries though. I'll talk about site updates etc later next week once I'm able to freely talk about everything on the site.       
Replied to Random Thought Thread
Nyome I'm alive. Just extremely busy.        Next week I'll finally be able to talk about what's going on. 2014 has been a crazy year.
Replied to Can we reach 1000?
Nyome No gifts besides my thanks.      Quality over quantity. I may try to push out a decent size update if you get to 1000. 
Replied to Blog Update: Tell me what you want.
Nyome Notifications are planned. As for tags, I'll be doing something with them this weekend. Believe it'll just be tags and a possible YT embed feature. I'm planning to upgrade to TinyMCE 4.0 for blogs in which there are a few YT embed plugins that are fairy easy and powerful. If it goes well it'll replace the auto-embed feature on forums (old posts will work just like before if I do that).
Replied to ROMCON EVENT (Over)
Nyome I'm impressed you two managed to two one once a day. Even if a little late at times. But that's because I haven't added a queue yet. Overall you're both doing awesome with an e. I'm going to have to find time to read through some more of the reviews. Weekend is going to be busy trying to squeeze in an update.  FYI: The home page will remain throughout the Holiday weekend.       
Replied to Blog Update: Tell me what you want.
Nyome On the left you setup a "tag link" so if you have a tag called... "Naruto" you can add a link to it on the sidebar. When a user clicks it they will only see your posts with the tag "Naruto" in it. Sorta a way to help organize your blog a bit. Still just an idea at the moment though.
Replied to Blog Update: Tell me what you want.
Nyome I'm debating on pages. Thinking of using tags instead. Where you can add tag links to the side and click to view only posts with certain tags. It'll kinda be like paging. And yes anonymous comments.      
Created topic Blog Update: Tell me what you want.
Nyome I already spoke to a few of you guys in private. While I'm the happiest I've been in my life I'm also dealing with a lot of personal hardships which won't go away anytime soon. And, I need to start focusing on the site more. To do this I'll be doing smaller but more fun updates. So for 2014 the goal will be to only to add features you guys want and fixing up some areas that need to be improved. Such as the broken group pages. For blogs so far this is what I've heard are the biggest requests: 1) Embed YT vids. 2) Queues. 3) Move the post box. (Thinking either floating like tumblr or drop down like FB) 4) More layout options. (Rethinking blog layouts atm) Post anything else you want below. I'll have a very small update out by Sunday going into Monday. I'm trying to get more into the site again little by little since I do love you guys and working on the site. And feel free to answer the poll to help me get an idea of what you want from a blog.
Replied to ♡♡ Anime characters dialogue ♡♡
Nyome Then I'll give you just one piece of advice... dying hurts like hell. Gundam Wing [Heero] Even though we are going to shatter thousands of lives, wearing white is gonna make the blood look so pretty. Ladd Russo [Baccano!]
Replied to Reasonable Suggestions to Help make the Site even Better.
Nyome Uh, sure? lol idk how the heck we'll do that though. And I'm dieting so no pie for me. :(
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