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I'm just your average person with a huge anime/business/technology obsession. I currently have a BS in Finance and have a long history in computers and web development. I am the lead developer, webmaster, and owner of Otaku Elite. Please be patient with the development of this site. We are looking for more ways to increase user friendliness while keeping strict guidelines within our database. This is to benefit everyone in our community. Please enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!

Interests: Anime, Business, Computers, Graphic Design, J-Pop, Philosophy, Programming, Psychology, Technology, Web Development
Just finished creating the new microblog feature for the site!
Added anime entry for Spy X Family
Spy X Family With peace between the neighboring countries Ostania and Westalis jeopardized due to corrupt politicians, the renowned spy and master of disguise "Twilight" has taken on an intelligence mission under the alias of an esteemed psychiatrist Load Forger. To gain access to the elusive politician Donovan Desmond Twilight must take on an espionage mission to infiltrate the prestigious Eden Academy with the help of his newly adopted six-year-old orphaned daughter Anya and an unmarried city hall clerk Yor Briar. Little does Twilight know Anya is secretly an espare with the ability to read minds and Yor is actually the assassin known as "Thorn Princess." With Twilights mission for world peace, Anya’s desire for a family, and Yor's desire to continue her secret life as an assassin the three must learn to become a family while keeping their true identities a secret from one another.
Created blog entry Small Update
Nyome Oh boy, 2020 has been a crazy year. Anyway, I just wanted to touch base and say I'm alive and well.   I'm sure the big question is, what is happening to the site? Well... I don't know. I've been primarily focused on life and my career. I've been also getting back into web development over the last few years. And while I haven't worked on this site specifically I have been coding quite a bit. Just not to the same extent I used to. More about 10 to 20 hours a week. Compared to the 40-60 or so I used to (On top of my 40 hour a day job).    So what projects have I been working on outside of my work? Well... for a short list: Attempted a JavaScript based Game Engine in Node.JS (got pretty far!)Redesigned engine to use Angular. (got a little further!)Built a game guide site using Node.JS, Angular, & MongoDB (80% done but stopped, severely underestimated the amount of data entry needed). The DB is down half the time so not really worth sharing a broken site.Built a resume site.Built an awesome resume site.Started working on an actual site! I just can't share the details yet. It's pre-pre-alpha. So, outside of that? I moved to a new state. Have been working as a Business/Systems Analyst. Which is a fun job since I get to be involved in the entire process from concept to creation. But yea, I intended for this to be a quick post. So I'm going to end it here.    Just letting you know that while I haven't been focused on the site, my skills have been improving. And... yes I am working on a prototype for what may end up replacing this site. No promises yet, but it's looking like an interesting concept! But one thing is for sure. It'll need to be a lot more streamlined. I think focusing on one good idea is the way to go.
Replied to what was your favorite anime in 2015?
Nyome Would have to go w/ Parasyte the maximum. <3
Replied to What are you doing right now (job)?
Nyome complex Help me quick! I am writing a cover letter to apply for a writing job. If my blog is currently on hiatus, do I say "I used to manage/run my own blog/a blog..." Or do I say "I currently manage/run my own/a blog..."? And which is better: manage or run? My own or a?  I would use "experienced blogger at blahblah.com" and just avoid currently or used to. You can own a blog if you control it on a site. Also keep it low key. Your other writing should come before listing your blog since blogs are fairly common so it could be over looked. All depends on the job you're applying for. ^-^
Replied to Make a wish
Nyome complex I WISH FOR CUTE EMOTICONS!  Find me an emoticon set that's cute and royalty free for commercial use and I'll look into adding it.       These are the small types of updates I can do for the site when I get time. Should think of changing my avatar. hmmm....
Replied to What are you watching?
Nyome Been keeping it simple. Fairy Tail, HunterXHunter, and One Piece. I watch one or two other series but don't keep up with them weekly.
Replied to What are you watching?
Nyome My schedule has gotten the best of me... anime is down to HunterXHunter and One Piece now.       Going to need to binge watch a series some time. Planning on doing movies since they are nice one sitters for weekend nights.
Replied to What Manga are you currently reading right now?
Nyome Started usagi drop. Saw the anime a while back and fell in love with it. Just want to see how it ends!
Replied to Editing Question
Nyome There is no system in place yet for anime. :( For now it's admin only. Ox has been actively editing all anime entries though. I'll talk about site updates etc later next week once I'm able to freely talk about everything on the site.       
Replied to Can we reach 1000?
Nyome No gifts besides my thanks.      Quality over quantity. I may try to push out a decent size update if you get to 1000. 
Replied to ROMCON EVENT (Over)
Nyome I'm impressed you two managed to two one once a day. Even if a little late at times. But that's because I haven't added a queue yet. Overall you're both doing awesome with an e. I'm going to have to find time to read through some more of the reviews. Weekend is going to be busy trying to squeeze in an update.  FYI: The home page will remain throughout the Holiday weekend.       
Replied to ♡♡ Anime characters dialogue ♡♡
Nyome Then I'll give you just one piece of advice... dying hurts like hell. Gundam Wing [Heero] Even though we are going to shatter thousands of lives, wearing white is gonna make the blood look so pretty. Ladd Russo [Baccano!]
Replied to Reasonable Suggestions to Help make the Site even Better.
Nyome Uh, sure? lol idk how the heck we'll do that though. And I'm dieting so no pie for me. :(
Replied to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Nyome You should be able to use images larger than 962 pixels but they will need to have an aspect ratio between 962:100 and 962:175. Which gets a little technical. lol
Replied to Reasonable Suggestions to Help make the Site even Better.
Nyome I'm anything but upset. lol I've been debating on what to do about the large number of inactive users for a while. I've just decided to let them be for now. And I've been trying things to get new users more active such as the achievement system, welcome PM, and redirecting users to a welcome thread. When you join you're also asked to post a welcome message. At this point I think working on blogs will be one of the best ways to get users active.      I just need to get the time to do it. :(
Created topic What are you listening to?
Nyome Felt it would be a neat to share what we're listening to throughout the day.    Haven't seen the movie Frozen yet but the music is amazing. Favorite song is Let It Go. Really relates to a lot of the stuff I'm going through at the moment. http://youtu.be/YVVTZgwYwVo  
Replied to The boredom thread.
Nyome iLoveaNime143 Men! I haven't been here for hmm..5 days but nothing's changed. Men,I'm totally bored. :3 maybe I'll just wash my laundry so my free time has some use. BUT,it's too cold to do the laundry!        Or maybe I'll just roll on my bed.         Haixt..don't mind me..Just bored.         I hate the feeling of waking up when you're freezing to death and can't get out of your bed in fear of freezing over. And its not all "men."       There are some girls on the site.
Replied to Reasonable Suggestions to Help make the Site even Better.
Nyome There are plans to delete users who never verified their accounts. But since there are no issues with usernames being taken I'm just leaving them alone for now. Most of those bogus accounts are spam bots anyway which use incoherent names which no one will ever want to use. When I give stats on the number of users it's based on validated users only. Anyway, gotta go see my dad about something. Weeee....       
Replied to Anime in your Life?
Nyome cl_theo Two Asuka (Evangelion) figures with her in her test plugsuit and a Rei one in her original plugsuit. Look them up.  Just say it's art next time. ;)  That's what my dad says. That's not just a painting with her nips sticking out,  it's art. 
Replied to The boredom thread.
Nyome I was bored because I couldn't watch anime. I think it fits in here. lol
Replied to The boredom thread.
Nyome My internet is sucking tonight. Can't even load anime of CR and I'm finally getting a chance to get caught up. Oh well... going to bed early to wake up. Want to do some walking. Hoping to do some coding tomorrow or Monday if family stuff doesn't get in the way again.
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