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Unlike most Anime today this one presents us with something different that doesn't try to be like other Anime. This Anime is placed in a world were humans have their lives controlled by a system know as Fractale, which seems like a generic type of plot but this Anime built well on this plot.
In the first couple of episodes we are presented with a unique cast of characters. Each one is has a different personality and seems more human as we see their behaviors. Most Anime don't give much of an opening to their character I was impressed with the introduction to each of the cast members. I mean when was the last time you saw a character pop out of a computer chip without expecting it. As the Anime moves along we learn about the characters through two dimensions one their past and two the present. We see more about the characters' past as they are moved into different places along their adventure. None of the information on their past seemed forced to move along the plot rather it felt natural and gave us more of a connection to character themselves. And as we watch our cast move through troubles and joy they change and learn more from each other. This was well done as the characters seem to mature as people due to their interactions. One other thing to mention is how the characters react emotionally to situations. Each person reacts to death or fun the way a human would bringing them that much closer to us.
The plot was simple and well built. You can tell from seeing this Anime from start to end that the designers knew how everything was going to go. The plot was respectable in the fact that it was unpredictable. Meaning you can't just guess the ending from the first episode.The plot was full of mystery and explained it all in the end which left you with a comforting feeling most Anime don't leave you with.
The music in the opening of the Anime was different but good. It was a catchy song that you don't get tired of quickly. The music was mature but also energetic.  Also the opening song scene was very different from what you would usually run into.
In the end of the Anime we have gained attachments to the cast and plot. I was sad to see it end. This Anime did well in leaving us with mixed feelings. All in all if you wish for something that tries to be different then others this is the Anime for you.
Judgement: 8/10 Excellent!
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    Awesome review. Maybe I'll add it to my "plan to watch", although I already have a gazillion animes on there, lol.
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    One of my favorites in the last few years. Though, I wasn't huge on the ending. Anyway, shrink down the images and I'll feature this one. :)
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