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1st Day: My teen romantic Comedy SNAFU*
So, Valentine's day is coming up in the next few days and guess who is lonely without chocolate? It's me guys...I really wanted to receive chocolate from someone but that would mean getting out of my basement first, never gonna happen.
Anyway, TheAwsome and I decided to do a collaboration together for Valentine's. I will do a review on the first day then TheAwsome will post a review the next day and then alternate every day until February 14! Some of the reviews may contain good or bad anime, who knows. However, all of the reviews will be love comedy because everyone watches love comedy during Valentine's day, right? or am I just the weird one here? I am the weird one here aren't I?....
****Spoilers are included in this review, please read at your own discretion.****
Characters and Plot
my teen romantic comedy SNAFU pciture
Hikki  on the left, Yui (pink hair) on the right, and finally Yukino (black hair) on the far right.

*****Spoilers are included in the review. Please read at your own discretion.***** 
Hikki is a rare person you would want to meet in real life. He is very clever and can analyze all your faults; mind you, he will be harsh to you about your faults. This sharp harsh honest bluntness of his, has lead him to being alone. He says he likes being alone, however I think we can agree he looks happy when he interacts with people. Plus, he is one of the few people in the anime world that would admit he knows his own limitations and can avoid certain situations he wants to. The one thing I really love about him-is how much he doesn't like people and admits he likes to be alone.
Yukino, just like Hikki, has a harsh blunt personalty but she thinks she is superior all the time. She is also harsher than Hikki when it comes to conversations. Yukino liked being alone as well in the anime until, she met Yui which made her days brighter than they were before. Also, she doesn't hate people but view them like ant workers. And She can be very hard to approach when you want to solve your problems.
Yui on the other hand, is a puppy like character that likes to please people. She is the type of person who doesn't want to cause conflict in any group, her personality makes her seem like a ditz air head. Ironic then, that she likes Hikki. In fact, she would try throughout the anime to get Hikki to like her but he stops her each time because he already knows she likes him.
Moving along, the plot basically boils down to Hikki being alone in school because of a car accident. He thought he would be able to start a new in highschool but resigned himself to always being alone. Thus, he began to hate everyone around him and find everyone's fault to comfort his loneliness. Too bad for him, his homeroom teacher didn't like his attitude and forced him to join the service club. There he meets Yukino and begins his wonderful romantic comedy life, just kidding.
Discussing about plans, you know the usual. 

Its not very romantic, sure is funny though at times with his witty jokes. Also, he has hilarious monologues and banter with other people. I am happy to say too, there are absolutely no panty shots and very few sexual jokes. It made me so happy to watch this anime in peace without having to think about anything else...
Anyway, most the anime has Hikki and the gang solving people's problems and Yui trying to get Hikki to like him. In fact, I was hoping she would hook up with Hikki. Too bad for me, the plot didn't really solve if Hikki was going to end up with everyone. Furthermore, I kind of wanted him to hook up with Totsuka the trap (guy who looks like a girl).
I will say this though, all of the main character's inner problems has been solved. However, Hikki and Yukino still like being alone and Yui still is trying to get Hikki's love but they are at peace towards the end. It didn't help though, that the ending left the anime pretty open about who Hikki might end up with. I would like to think that happened because of the 13 episode limit of the anime. 
On the other hand, the animation was average and same with the music. Although, the music never got in the way of the dialogue being spoken in the anime. Plus, the Japanese cast was fairly good at speaking their lines and voicing their character.
Overall you should watch this great anime because of Hikki's dialogue and the witty jokes made in this anime along with the jokes about the homeroom teacher's age.
Animation: 3/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Sound/Music: 3/5
Overall: 4/5
The following is a list of anime to watch if you like this anime:
  • Hyouka - Both of the main male characters are clever in solving problems but in this anime the main male character is not as harsh as Hikki.
  • Toradora - The main female character is bossy, you like tsundere women don't you?
  • Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai - Main character doesn't have any friends, and a loner but want to have friends; so what better way then to make up a club? They are similar right?

Hey guys remember to keep an eye out for my friend TheAwsome cause he is posting a review tomororw. Then I will post a review and so on and on and on and on until the 14th. Follow me on twitter @albelcasting or subscribe  to me here on otaku elite, I'm so lonely. =(
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