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"Eyes on Anime" "Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts"
"Eyes on Anime"
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"The Fun of Stupidity"
At Fumizuki Academy, students use summoned beings to do battle against their classmates. While Class A is the best, the kids in lowly Class F are the worst on campus - and they're about to find themselves facing the school's top talent!
 The development of this story follows to be as predictable as a bee's daily life and slow as it's honey.This Anime makes the usage of comedy, worn character types, and a range of colors to keep an audience so plot development is low as expected. Most development seen is in the second season as it tries to bring light on the character's back stories and develop the supposed love triangle. I felt that the love-triangle is chasing it's own tail. It's not special really 2 girls like one guy, guy to stupid to see this, and the guy gets beat up by tsundere. By the nature of the show the love-triangle only served for comedic use which it did well if you enjoy seeing the male protagonist get beat up for misconceptions. In the second season when the love-triangle problem is addressed we did get development but in the end we fall back in the same cycle so no real development took place to my annoyance. Overall the Anime plays to what it is strong at comedy and never takes it's seriously for the most part.
The comedy of this series is what wins most of it's appeal. It can be said that it depends to much on character gags and can go stale unless you like the character. Coupled with the animation the comedic moments of this Anime really stick out.
One major theme that is commonly seen is "While we are all not geniuses we all excel at something". I myself enjoyed this corny theme and wanted to bring it to your guys attention as it teaches you some important things for real life. 
 Each character has a unique personality that is explosive. While these types of characters have been used alot in other Anime they are still lovable but can be just as forgettable as a result. It can be said that their behavior becomes as predictable as the story. But I feel they serve as a good parallel to the comedy present in the Anime.
The character development is forced in to put it simply. I say this because in the first season there was no real development yet in the second season we get some deep back stories. The scenes themselves were not cleverly blended into the Anime so it didn't sit right. Maybe the company wanted us to feel bad for the characters and stay around to perhaps buy said Anime but this is just an assumption. While I don't mind the addition of a back story it serves no purpose if the characters can't be taken seriously due to how they are portrayed. So when the effort was made to be serious it sometimes contradicts the care-free nature the Anime always had in the first season.
 -Visuals: The art in this Anime has taken on a world of it's own. The whole world is painted with a rainbow palette and is filled dynamic patterns that don't pain the eyes. It compliments the Anime well in it's comedic regards. 
The character designs fit the overall feel of the Anime which can be seen by the assortment of facial expressions. I feel that the color scheme of our characters are bright and very lushful which gave every character a look that dazzled the eyes. 
-Animations: It flowed well throughout the Anime. In general nothing much needs to be said if your animation is serving it's purpose especially during comedic moments. 
-Auditory: Just like the Anime itself the opening is loud and expressive. It complemented the Anime well. Like the characters the scenes themselves were well developed and colorful. The choice of music was well done but does not leave a lasting imprint beyond the Anime and is forgettable.
Personal Perspective...
This Anime I feel is something to look into if you simple want to laugh. I suggest you take it in doses so the comedy stays fresh to you. I have always been a sucker for the animation of facial reactions in ridiculous ways it's just funny. This Anime in the end served as a great source of humor for me. The story did hype up in the second season but never took away from it's comedic roots. I myself liked the effort put in to include a back story but it never really fit in correctly. So I do suggest this Anime to those looking for some laughs if you enjoy slapstick comedy that is.
After some calculations including my own overall enjoyment I have come up with this score.)
Score : 6.5/10
I feel I may have been a bit harsh with my words but it got a good score in the end. So yes this my is second review for Romcon. This is one of my personally favorite comedy series, I was elated when the second season came around. So I hope my review didn't bore you and I'm working with Ebel on Romcon so check him out. Good bye my fans! *crickets*
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