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Animation studios: Shaft, Gansis
Episodes: 26
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Magic
Synopsis: "Negi Springfield is a student from a magic school who is continuing his education/training as an English teacher in an all-girls school. While there, he has to keep his magic background a secret, which isn't easy when you get such a bunch of variable personalities to keep an eye out for." (taken from
Where to watch:  Youtube:Funimation

***This review contains spoilers, please read at your own risk***
The English voice actor Negi Springfield has the same voice actor,Greg Ayres, who vocied for Karou in Ouran Highschool Host Club and Kyoki in Beck. With that said, I really hate his voice. And I will totally murder this guy if I met him in real life because his voice really sucks for the characters he plays. Plus, I feel like I want to break my monitor every time I hear his voice. Okay my rant is over. Sorry about that guys. I just get a bit worked up on Greg Ayres.
Anyway, the rest of the English voice cast did fine. However, the Japanese sub version is a whole lot better. In fact, I will strongly suggest you watch this series in Japanese sub. Otherwise, you will go crazy and, start talking about how you got your scar and how much you want the philosopher stone to restore your body.
I can't really say what the best parts of the comedy in the anime were. I would say though, that there is very mild sexual themes evident in the anime. Also its hard for me to judge this anime's comedy when I really hate little kids, extremely hate them.  So, I am not keen at all for the middle school female children in the anime along with Negima as a main character.
Moving along, the plot wasn't that bad. It felt very interesting, especially the elements of magic. Furthermore, those elements of magic are the basis for most if not all of the comedic scenes in the anime. There were other elements of the anime such as the harem that they really try to push for. And I would like to say this is one of the few I seen that feel genuinely unique. I am saying that alot lately but this is a really good anime for a magic-based anime.
Like all old manga-based anime though, the manga was still ongoing at the time of the anime production. Therefore the ending to the anime was not really related to the manga entirely.  Plus, there are still many parts of the manga that could have been put into the anime such as the journey to the magical world. I forgot to mention though that the anime try to follow the original plot but then went on its own plot. Similar to the way full metal alchemist did when it caught up to the manga.

Well, it certainly feels unique I'll give Negima! that. However, I can't really say I enjoyed it since I hate kids. I just really hate them. Sorry if you are a kid and you are reading this review, I don't like you ( if you are under 15 years old because I can't swear to you).
With 31 girl characters, its really hard for this anime to make each female character feel unique for Negi's harem plan. Keep in mind that all the girl characters have your typical personality from every possible stereotype in the realm of anime. Although you will most be seeing Asuna and Nodoka try to hook up with Negima. The other female characters will try to win him over, in time.
By the way, it is not Negima's intention at all to have a girlfriend in the anime. In fact, the only thing he is looking for in the school is a magical partner. A magical partner is sort of like a knight or tank that the wizard try to use buffs and give powers to. Other than that, he simply wants to work as a teacher.
If you like harems and you want a male child main character then this is the anime for you. Also expect a lot of magical based comedy that involves middle school girls.
Animation: 3/5
Story: 4/5
Sound: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Comedy: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

I'm sure you guys know by now to check out theawesome for his last review. This is also my last review as part of the rom com. Hope you enjoy it because  this is a great comedy anime.
Princess Lover
Synposis: "Arima Teppei lost his parents in a traffic accident. His grandfather Isshin adopted him by force and ordered him to succeed the head of Arima Group Corporation. At Shuuhou Gakuen, a high school only for wealthly students, Teppei's new life as a celebrity starts." (taken from

Teppi is not your average guy, he wields a sword and knows kendo. To top it off, he is the grandson of the richest person in the world, sounds exciting right?
Wrong! Princess Lover is not exciting, it is far from it! In fact, stay away from this boring anime to watch something else. Something with a little more class and a better plotline!
-sigh- I wish I didn't watched this anime in the first place. To be honest, I felt nothing was interesting about the entire show. Also, didn't find it that bad to watch as well. Mhmm, I guess I would describe this show as pretty average.
I also felt that the show was confused about what it was trying to do. For instance, some of the scenes were funny then romantic and finally serious all in one episode. However, it wasn't serious enough nor funny nor ecchi enough to make me feel hatred or happy about Princess Lover.
In fact, this is one of the few anime that I truly feel neutral about. It could also be that Princess Lover was only about 12 episodes long that make it feel like an average anime and it probably could have build up to something better. Furthermore, I would also wager that the manga was a lot better in saying what it wanted to be. Now that I think about it, the manga had more ecchi and funny scenes in comparison to the anime.
One thing I do understand about this anime is the fact that it is a harem. All of the scenes, story, characters, and plot make this anime feel like a harem. I'm also positive this is another reason why this anime felt so average because the character Teppi didn't choose anyone and was passive aggresive about the women-expect he wasn't passive when it comes to fighting.
There also wasn't anything about the animation or plot that makes it unique. Again, this anime felt pretty average which made it hard for me to review this because I didn't find anything bad or good about Princess Lover.
Overall: 3/5 - Average, if there is ever a season 2, lets hope it is longer because it would certainly be better in whatever it was trying to accomplish. 
With that said, I don't really know what to recommend to people to watch since this anime was very bad in trying to be funny, romantic, and serious.
However, you could try out Ouran Highschool Host club for a funny reverse harem or you could watch MM! for a perverted ecchi experience. 

No pictures in this review due to me reaching my limit in imageshack. I'm trying to find another picture hosting site by the next review. Also expect the next review to be a lot longer and more wordy. Check out theawsome.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Animation Studios: AIC Build
Episodes: 12
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Harem, High School, Club
Synopsis: Kodaka just transferred to a new high school and haven't made any new friends. One day though, he met Yozora talking to herself in a classroom alone. There they discussed with each other about how they both don't have friends. It was then decided that Yozora should start a club and force Kodaka to join...Comedy ensues....

I shouldn't like this anime but I do. I mean all the characters in the anime is pretty well done but may be generic to some. Then again, the characters are what I like about this anime. Plus, there is a character for everyone in this anime. For instance, there is a tsundere, little sister, blond beauty, mad scientist, and a trap (guy who looks like a girl) in the anime.
Like all harem anime though, there is only one guy character, Kodaka. However, there is never any side guy characters besides the trap in the anime. Is this bad then? No, not really. It is pretty standard of most harem anime to have only one male character.
On the bright side, many of the female characters are funny. Often they would say lots of sexual jokes but it sounds so dirty at times that it is funny to me. In fact, this is the type of comedy I really enjoy. You know the talking about dirty things without showing  any panty shots. That is what I expect from a perfect comedy.
The plot on the other hand is very episodic. Sure there are characters added each episode but after a while, it feels as though they don't really do anything. They mostly try to accomplish certain goals each episode by the end of the anime.
Slacker Kodaka-kun.

Its like I said, the female characters are what make this anime funny. Romance is hinted at times in different episodes, although it doesn't last as long as the comedy moments. There are some parts where Kodaka becomes a little bit serious when childhood memories comes up. Too bad it doesn't last very  long.
My favorite episodes of the anime is the second episode. The second episode is the one where they play video games as a club. They play monster hunter and play a love simulator. The other episode that I like is the last episode that was told in Yozora. 
Moving along, the animation is what I enjoyed about this anime as well. It really look cutesy along with the red blushes. Oh! I remember now. The hair is really awesome as well for Kodaka.
Lets be honest here as well. Music in anime is very bland, especially in this one. The japanese voice cast on the other hand sound a little bit mature and a little bit awesome.
All in all watch this for the female comedy displayed by the characters  and the ending is good enough for the second season to come in.
Animation:  5/5
Sound/Music:  4/5
Story:  3/5
Characters:  5/5
Overall 4/5
The only anime I have recommended for this anime is my teen romantic comedy snafu. It really feels similar to that anime but the anime is a little bit more serious.

Hey review is here, may contain some mistakes. can you spot them? Just kidding, read theawsome blog for a new review.
yuushibu Review*
Animation Studios: Asread
Episodes: 12
Genre(s): Romance,Comedy, Harem.
Synopsis:  After the Demon Lord was killed, the world no longer needed heroes. Raul, hero in training, had no choice but to find a different occupation. He tried all his might to find a job similar to hero but decided to settle for a job working retail in the capital city. One day out of the blue, a female job seeker, Fino apply to work at the store. Interesting enough she is the daughter of the Demon Lord. Thus his romantic comedy adventure begins...
Where to watch: Crunchyroll

I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job (what a long anime title) has got to be the most typical modern anime I have ever seen. With that said, expect to see lots of censor nude like scenes, gropes, panty shots, and lots and lots of misunderstandings jokes especially with Fino not knowing what a modern retail job is.
Hmm, you would think the main character would be different in this anime like smarter but nope. He is your average typical harem guy, stupid and naive. Sometimes he can be smart, sometimes.  Other times Raul is still trying to adjust his life to being a retail worker. 
Fino really is your typical air head, quite literally so. She is the demon's lord's daughter and doesn't understand ANY about doing normal retail job. Whenever a customer comes up to the counter, she would talk like the demon lord never securing a purchase for quite a while.
I always say this but the other characters are not important when the anime just focus on the relationship between two characters. In this instance, Raul and Fino's relationship is the focus of this anime along with another conflict, Fino becoming the demon lord. However, it does try to make the anime seem like a harem anime and I personally don't know why some fans think this is a harem anime when the entire point of the plot is Fino and Raul's relationship.
Raul showing his wild side.

The only positive thing about this anime is the animation. For some reason I really enjoy looking at the animation. It reminds me of another anime but I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, it is really eye appealing compared to most other anime.
The music on the other hand feels kind of meh. Nothing really special caught my attention there.  In fact, not many anime really impress with music. If you really want to impress me, you would do some jazz arrangements or possibly some high quality fantasy music.
Other than that, everything felt average and typical. However, it did try to serious towards the end. Problem is most of the anime was fill with panty shots that I couldn't take the serious plot twist seriously. Oh well, maybe next time an anime will impress me. For now, don't watch this unless you like panty shots and a terrible ending.
Animation: 5/5
Sound: 3/5
Story: 1/5
Characters: 2/5
Overall: 2/5
The following is anime I would recommend:
HighSchool DXD: It has boobs and better plotline. You want to watch, yes?
Zero no Tsukaima: A tsundere fantasy romance comedy that makes your heart start beating.

Hello, this is Ebel here. Bloop bob bloop. Something goes here but hey check out TheAwsome.
Skip Beat! Review*
Kyoko in all her glory

***There are some spoilers included in this review***
Skip Beat is one of the few anime I enjoyed with a female MC (Main Character). It is also one of the few romantic comedies that left me wanting to see more. Furthermore, I have grown a connection to this anime relating to the problems that I am currently facing in real life.
The main character, Kyoko, finally broke off her relationship with her childhood friend top idol, Sho. Also, Sho was just using her. Anyway,  no longer will she be the pure Kyoko he always knew instead she will become his worst enemy, at least she hopes so. In order to achieve her goal though, she must become the best actress in the entertainment world.
To become the top actress, Kyoko must change herself. Thus, her adventures in the anime heavy focus on her trying to change. Many obstacles come in her way such as Tsuruga Ren. Additionally, she struggles with not believing in love and  despises the thought of loving someone. However, she is perfectly fine with liking other people as friends. She is a complicated individual who still believes in fairy tail stories, likes all types of cute stuff relating to fairy tails.
As a side note, she is very determined person which I wish I could be. Then again, her determination stems from wanting revenge against sho which is a bad reason to want to change yourself. Of course throughout the anime, she succeeds in changing herself in a good way but there is still that part of her that cannot accept loving someone because of the scar left by Sho. 
In a way, I been harboring similar feelings felt by Kyoko. I want to change myself just like Kyoko but not for revenge. I want to become a better person for the sake of being a better person. Although, I wish the most that I had Kyoko enthusiasm and demeanor to out right show her feelings of distinguish and hatred. Instead for some reason I still like the thought of pleasing other people other than my own. It is a struggle that I am going through along with mental health issues.
Kyoko with her randomness.

Moving along, this is a somewhat serious anime dealing with Kyoko's problems but it still reflects her struggles trying to accept a new love and dealing with Sho. It also, reflects a lot of comedic moments that never deal with panty shots or inappropriate sexual scenes which I am really happy about. As you all can tell, I hate those types of scenes and it will most likely feel out of place in this anime.
If I had to sum up how this anime felt in few words, I would say it felt like a drama romantic comedy anime. In fact, I might have made it seem too much of a serious anime. On the contrary, I laughed so hard, I couldn't breathe. I also couldn't think of anything that I dislike about the anime, except for one thing.
The ending was bad to me personally. It left me with a feeling that there was still a lot of things left over as well as didn't answer the question if Kyoko will end up with Sho or Ren. Plus, I read the manga and the anime really did leave off at a place that was bad. Furthermore, she was getting better at acting and would have met one of her greatest enemy in her struggles, if the anime had continued a little longer.
On the plus side, there wasn't anything else that the anime struggled with. Music in Skip Beat! was awesome and melt perfectly in each and every scene in the anime. Although sadly, there is only the Japanese voice cast right now for the anime. So, don't expect any English dub to come out soon. 
Animation: 4/5
Sound/Music: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
On the top of my head, I simply cannot think of an anime series that have strong comedic female lead but I can think of another anime that has a strong female character and a funny female lead:
Twelve Kingdoms: A serious story anime that has a strong female character. A lot of philosocial elements are also in the anime that might touch upon your feels.
Lovely complex: A funny romantic comedy that has a funny female lead. Story-line deals with both the male lead and female lead having a complex about their heights.
Where can you watch the anime?: Crunchyroll 

Hey, if you are bored check out TheAwsome who is posting some a review tomorrow. I couldn't make this a story like review but at least it didn't have too many spoilers. Anyway, follow me on otakuelite or follow me on twitter @ Albelcasting
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