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Review: Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Book
Hey! This got some attention over at my medium page, so I thought I'd post it here finally. 
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Hello kitty x Vans! My favourite
After years of being a major pop icon, Hello Kitty finally got her own book! And she’s earned it: Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary book features a history of collaborations with famous brands, entertainers and artists around the world! Collaborators include TokidokiStussy, and DC Comics.This large format book is definitely a collector’s item, but I’d recommend it for fashionistas too. With gorgeous spreads and short biographies of every company/artist, it’s almost like an indie fashion mag.

 My favorite collaborations are SuperNative Union, Vansand MAC. I specifically remember the latter two, because I desperately wanted my own pair of Hello Kitty sneakers, and a cute Hello Kitty makeup bag and lipstick to match.

In my honest opinion—and I am not a die hard Hello Kitty super fan—the book is okay. I’m not sure it includes every single collaboration, because Kimora Lee Simmons’ line of jewellery isn’t in the book. Sorry to spoil it for you, but it’s the one thing I was expecting and was most excited to see. That being said, it’s passable, but if you must buy it, be my guest.

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