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Anime is known for many things and horror is one them. Horror in Anime can come in multiple forms. From what I know from some of the Horror Anime I have seen is that it is usually used for, as you can imagine to create, suspense and provide gore. A good example of where horror can be used in a suspenseful way would be from the Anime called "Another". As to not to give much away it made us cautious of every corner the characters go to and if they will meet their demise. Anime that uses horror like that can get your heart pumping. Perhaps in the a random Anime a character died but it was a major character this would you to think "If they can kill her will they kill the other major characters" this a great way to make suspense as you realize all your precious characters could die at any moment.
Of course horror is commonly used to simply to provide us with blood. There are many Otaku including myself who enjoy this aspect of it. The main reason I enjoy it would be for that feeling I get from it. Horror with all its gore can give you that weird yet exciting feeling. But beware for horror is not for ones with light stomachs as some Anime put effort into it. An example I have seen that many of you will get is "Elfen Lied".
In just the first episode you will see more blood and guts then in any other Anime.
Of course seeing nothing but blood and what not can can get excessive. For me I like to see a plot in Anime or a decent attempt at one. The Anime "Elfen Lied" that I mentioned is one of the Anime that hold a very well built story. It did not feel like a story was just thrown in there for the sake of it. Probably one of the best Anime I have seen in Horror that maintained a plot would have to be "Maria Nikki". The Anime made great use of horror elements to provide both suspense and gore. Horror itself can be used to develop unique sets of plot you won't find in any other Anime genre. Most Horror Anime I have seen contained a good plot.
Horror I feel can also teach us a lot. Such as how the human mind works or how people really are in situations. I find it to be really reflexive of how dark human nature can be or even how good willed it could be. So horror is more than just gore but it can teach more about humans as a whole. I find "Miria Nikki" to be an excellent example of this.
Horror Anime also have there own unique elements you won't find commonly in other Anime. One popular example would be an eye-patch. It is seen in some Anime to deepen the mystery of a character as well as increase the mood. Another element I have seen in Horror Anime is insanity. An Anime would usually apply this concept at the end of one to make you think "what will happen now" for the character is unpredictable. One other element is the including of one or both of these types of characters an "Yandere" and a "Quiet" Character.  Yandere are crazy enough in other Anime but in Horror they get there blood lust. Yandere are great to add to Horror Anime since their actions can't be predicted. Also those cute and quiet Anime girls for other Anime will only petrify you in Horror. Why well unlike other genres the quiet one holds a not so pleasant secret most of the time. You are bound to run into one or both of these kind of characters as they mix well with Horror. Also Horror make the explicit use of monsters mostly as human blender machines hehe. There are more common in action horror or survival horror.
The only bad thing I can say for horror is that it is not for all Otaku as it is not their cup of tea. Oh but I do dare you to walk into this unpredictable genre we now as Horror! All of you have a bloody good day!
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    I like the psychological aspect, as you mentioned. But I never thought about those little accents in character design. Best review yet. =]
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