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OTT: TCAF 2013 !
TCAF 2013 at the Toronto Reference Library.
Don't be intimidated by the length of this post!
Last weekend, I went to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. It took place in the Toronto Reference Library, and the admission was free (thank goodness, seriously). I had a lot of fun, and met many artists and publishers. There was honestly so much to look at. I met a few artists whose works I truly admire, and whom I had fun interacting with. Here are my highlights for this year's TCAF:
Jane Mai
 "Dear Josephine, I lost so many chapsticks in my life I'm so upset. XOXO Jane Mai"
The first artist I met was Jane Mai. I am very familiar with her work; in fact I admire her style of artistic expression. She's an illustrator from New York with a unique sense of fashion & a love for eye patches! I bought her book Sunday in the Park with Boys, as well as her Nurse Janey notepad. She was so kind as to sign my book for me. After having read it, I must say that I appreciate her work a bit more now.
Laur Uy
 Ms. Uy's graphic novel and illustrations.
Then I met  Laurianne Uy. She spoke to me about the first volume of her manga Polterguys: a story about a girl who moves into an old house on her college campus, and encounters five cute guys in her new home, that just so happen to be ghosts —sort of like a reverse harem, no? I love the artwork for Polterguys, and I intend on buying it soon!
 She's so cute she adjusted her vest for the picture!
Right beside Laur Uy was Saicoink. I'm also familiar with her work through Tumblr. Saicoink illustrates very distinct & pretty shojo-inspired comics. She was selling her books Open Spaces and Closed Places (all volumes), and The End Days of Our Youth. What I found most interesting was the magazine she contributes to, which was also for sale: Saicoink, along with sixteen other artists, contributes to Arabesque, a magazine that only comes out once every two years. Personally, I'd love to get my hands on this magazine soon, and read her shojo mangas.
Dan Kim
 "I'm not a famous manga artist by the way...I'm just some regular guy," He humbly told me as I asked for his picture.
I had a lot of fun talking with Dan Kim. We spoke about  Attack on Titan; he is a fan! And he showed me his awesome sketch of Mikasa & Potato Girl (Sasha Blause). I am currently reading his free online manga Cupcake-Tan. He also has other works you can read online for free. Mr. Kim was showcasing posters from his comics, as well as his uniquely-structured manga Paper Eleven. Dan Kim also won the Bronze International Manga Award for his work NNN!
Ross Campbell
 He's so silly.
Next to Mr.Kim was Ross Campbell. He's a very funny and outgoing comic artist who illustrates GLORY, and Wet Moon. I purchased the first (re-mastered) issue of GLORY. It's about this freedom fighter named Glory, from another planet of species that are much more advanced than humankind and that have been around much longer. She is very interested in Earth and humans, and she comes down to Earth to fight a war. Mr. Campbell was kind enough to sign my issue for me too.
Eric Vedder
 Eric Vedder's Illustrations
My last stop was Eric Vedder's table. It was honestly an honor meeting him. He is a Canadian illustrator who draws for Capcom. Actually, he has a very impressive list of projects he was involved in. I couldn't leave the library without buying his illustrations! He signed my posters for me. It was my favorite purchase, and I'm so happy to have met him. =]
By the way, I apologize that these pictures aren't HD; I'll get a DSLR sometime in the distant future. I also promise to improve my photography skills. =]

Taiyo Matsumoto was this year's special guest. I had gone in hopes of meeting him, but I missed his talk and I couldn't find him afterwards. Although I'm disappointed I didn't get to see him, I am glad to have met others. At least his work will be exhibited at The Japan Foundation until June. =]

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