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Birthday Shoutout: Inoue Kazuhiko
Kakashi Hatake's Sharingan
Today is Inoue Kazuhiko's 59th birthday! Mister Kazuhiko plays the voice of Kakashi Hatake. He has been in the business voicing many anime characters since 1973. He has a very long list of characters he played, and some popular animes he's been in include Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Doraemon, Ranma 1/2, and Yu-Gi-Oh!
So, happy birthday Inoue Kazuhiko! Thanks for playing one of Naruto's best characters
 Wow, a buffet of food, that Sake, Mister Kazuhiko?
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    TheAwsome +1
    Hello Complex sorry for the lack of comments I don't know much about Naruto I usually stick to shorter Anime but I shall say great style!
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