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When I first saw this Anime I was hooked. This Anime had battles, blood, plot, and a decent cast of characters. But like all Anime there are flaws to be seen. The story of this is about the monsters "Shikabane" and are fight to suppress them.
The animation seen is this Anime was well done to say the least. This aspect really helped out the Anime in the multitude of battles that concurred. The animation also sticks into just the simple movements of the characters as they are very smooth to flying sub-machine gun bullets which are fast. All in all the animation complements both battles and just causal scenes in the Anime.
The art in this Anime isn't mind blowing but it creates the mood. The Anime as I'm sure the title indicates is horror so atmosphere is important. Most scenes in this Anime include depressed settings that help stimulate the mood well. This can be seen in the cities and other environments. One other thing to mention are the shadows and lighting which further the intensity. 
The monsters here are Shikabane and they have there own elements. Like I said in my horror review monsters are an important aspect of horror. The monsters here aren't the mindless fools they seem as they contain there own stories and even act human at times which is chilling. The monsters not only tap into our are fear but are heart strings as some of them hold sad histories. These elements help create a unique monster that makes us not only run in fear but feel pity at times.
The characters here are interesting. At the start of the Anime they appear generic but still appealing as the Anime build the characters get deeper as we learn more about them and their pasts. Other than the past we learn about them in the present as we see them interact and grow. Are cast of characters are all different as we learn about each one and how they connect with the main characters.
The character designs are more human like then you normally see. This may have helped us build better connection to them due to this appeal.
Battles are a common sight in this Anime as are characters continue to clash against  Shikabane. Other than animation effects the battles are not always a waste of time to the plot. Rather they speed up the plot and bring about character development. The battles themselves are always exciting and you can expect to enjoy them.
The story of this Anime isn't like "Rosario to Vampire" where every episode is the same as the other only with certain changes. In this Anime the story is always moving forward. We see advancements in the plot through character development because as we learn more about them the more you know about he story. One thing that bugged me was how sloppy it got in the end. Either as result of being rushed or simply from not following the Manga this Anime left an empty feeling as we expected more.
One last thing to mention is the comedy. While it may have been small it did provide comic relief from a lot of the intense scenes in this Anime. 
What could have improved this Anime...
- Following the Manga and not trailing off.
- Better organization in the end.
- More episodes
I think this Anime was worth the watch as it did not disappoint to much. Even if you don't like horror still give this Anime the run by. So if you like bullets, demons, action, character not in that order this is worth it.
Judgement: 7/10 Pretty Awsome.
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    I think its a good overall anime and is worth a watch if you like Action and Drama.
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    The monsters were great considering some of them were the characters.
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    Seems quite interesting. From your review, it seems the monsters are the best part of the anime. I am not a huge fan of horror, although I am slowly opening myself up to it.
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