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This Anime is not plot based which annoyed me at first but this Anime is appealing in other ways so I got over it. So the story of this Anime follows Mahiro a boy being chased by an alien to then be saved by a cute girl named Nyarko who is also an Alien sent to protect him. In order to do this she plans to live with him which in turn throws his life into chaos. There are sub-plots in the Anime but none are important since they don't get development in the Anime.
What this Anime depends on is it's characters. Each character is easy to like and has an explosive personality. Only bad thing is that we have seen these type of characters before but it does not make them any less lovable. An example being Nyaruko who is very outgoing and not afraid to be a pervert also she has a bit of a yandere in her. Another great thing about the characters is there level of interaction. Each one is unique as one character won't act the same around another character. This makes them seem more realistic as people.
Since this Anime is dependent on their characters their designs are wonderful. Each one , specifically the girls, are given much detail and design making them very nice to look at. This works well with each one's personality. Their wardrobes are also nice to look at from Nyaruko checkered clothes and Cthuko flame outfit. 
The animation also builds the appeal of the characters. Now when I say the animation is good it is this is because there is no plot to be worked on so everything else improved. The simple movements of the characters are very well done. This also includes the fight scenes in the Anime as there are a few to be seen.
Another strong point in this Anime is it's parody moments. This Anime is full of them and while you may not get most of them you will get a good amount of them. This Anime does not depend on the parodies because if it did it would have failed as since most people won't certain jokes. This Anime did a good job at them by sliding them in and using up-to-date ones. An example being Pokemon as you would see in the first episode. 
Like most Anime today there is fan-service. So for those who find appeal in yuri this Anime has some for you. The fan-service wasn't bad though it was appealing yet funny at the same time which is great.
Things to improve...
- Better backgrounds
- A decent plot at least
So if your looking for an Anime that makes sense and holds a deeper meaning then this is not for you. But if your looking to sit back and have so good laughs then this Anime is perfect. I myself did enjoy this Anime it was very funny and appealing even though I wish it had a plot. But all in all this Anime did well with what it was good at.
Judgement: 6/10 Decent
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