Posted 8/03/2013

Trivia Contest!

We'll be hosting a trivia contest in our IRC client starting at 4:30 PM EDT! The rules are simple. The first person to answer the trivia question correctly will be awarded the prize. If more than one person answers at the same time, the winner will be chosen based on the first person shown on the host’s computer.

Remember to be respectful and follow the terms of service.

Contest Rules
All mini-games will last a minimum of 30 minutes and be conducted by either NeNe or WestNyorai. If there are any issues, concerns, or comments regarding mini-games, please send a Message to complex so that she can alert us. If you were the winner of a mini-game but were not rewarded, please Message TheAwsome. All decisions made by NeNe or WestNyorai in regards to mini-games (their outcomes, rules, or prizes) are final.

Posted 8/03/2013
Trivia is on break. We'll be back later! Until then feel free to join the chat room and relax with us.
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