Posted 3/22/2013
When you post up characters in this website it says fanart not allowed what is considered fan art then?
Than You

Posted 3/22/2013
Fan art is anything that isn't created by the original creators due to copyright issues. Screenshots are the best since they are covered under fair use and won't fall into any legal issues down the road. Plus it's easiest to find them online. I typically use Google image search if I'm not taking the screenshots myself. 

The site will also automatically resize images for you and allow you to crop them. So I normally look for images larger than 500x500 pixels using image search options.

Hope this helps!

Posted 3/22/2013
Yes thank you

Posted 3/22/2013
Also should I delete this post or keep it up if others run into the same problem?

Posted 3/23/2013
One more question if I get the Fan art off of goggle is it legal for usage!?

Posted 3/23/2013
Because an image is on google doesn't mean it's free to use. However fair use grants you freedom to use limited screenshots since the site is informational.

Posted 3/23/2013
Thank you for responding so quickly and the information!
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