Posted 3/29/2013

Konbanwa minna-san! 

We know that when you first join a new site getting around can be a bit of a challenge so here are some tips to help you guys out!

~If you'd like to submit a new addition to our Anime Database all you have to do is select the "Submit Anime" option under MORE located at the top of the page directly under the search bar OR (if you are already in the Anime section) simply click on the "Submit Entry" option located at the top right of the anime list (you should find it right above the stars for the anime's rating). 

~Want to submit a new character entry? You're in luck! Remember the "Submit Anime" option under MORE I mentioned earlier? The "Submit Character" option is just below that! OR (if you are already in the Character section) simply click on the "Submit Entry" option located at the top right of the character list.

~Did you know? In the Anime section, if you hover over the space just beneath the search bar that says "Search or browse alphabetically" a list of letters will come up. By selecting a letter you can narrow the anime list to only series that begin with that letter! OR you can just type a single letter into the search bar and narrow the list that way (I personally like the hidden alphabet beneath the search bar).

~Need to narrow your search down even more? Use the search filters located on the left side-panel in the Anime section. You can search by the year the anime was released, the genre of the anime (whether it was a drama, romance, etc), and even by the rating the anime received!

~By clicking the Shows option from the header at the top of the page you can watch the episodes we have available. Click on the Show Details tab to learn more about the featured anime, the Details tab to learn about a particular episode, or the Episodes tab to see a full list of the episode titles available. 

Hope this helps all of you newcomers out there. In the event that you still need assistance feel free to check out our Help Guide or post in the Help and Support section of the Forums but be sure to read This Post first!


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