Posted 6/09/2014
Hi guys I have a question! Its super duper important! Or is it?

Here goes: certain anime have seasons which includes maybe a second or third season. However, on do we declare a separate entry for that season if it has a particular name? For instance, Mushishi has a second season called Mushishi Zuko. Offically, Mushishi Zuko is consider the continuation of mushishi in its episodic form but it has a different tittle; therefore it deserves its own entry. Now, consider this: Silver Spoon only had one season but declared there would be a second season.

The next season is techically called Silver Spoon 2 or in this case Silver Spoon 2014. My question though, lies in the fact should we declare another separate entry for the second season of Silver Spoon 2 [aka Silver spoon 2014]?

Also, Break blade orginally had only 6 short movies that lasted about 51 minutes. However, the anime company made a tv series that aired 12 episodes with about the same animation but contained more scenes than the 6 short movies; does that mean break blade [2014] deserve its own entry?

Posted 6/17/2014
The way I noticed how things are arranged in this database is that everything has it own entry, given that the title is somewhat different. For example, if we were to take Attack on Titan, technically it ran for two seasons straight, and the third one is coming. The third one, if it were to change, like if a subtitle was added to the title (Attack on Titan: Titans revealed) then that would get its own entry. However, if there was a AOT short OAV that came out, it would have to have its own entry, because it isn't part of the series.

So, I think Silver Spoon 2 should have its own entry. And all Break Blade movies should have their own entries as well.

Posted 6/18/2014
Good, I just wanted to confirm my assumption in text. Thank you Complex.

Posted 6/24/2014
Hmm. Hmm. Yeah. Complex is right. Every anime season should have it's own entry. Like for example..When I searched Hakuoki, Hakuoki Reimeiroku appeared. I was about to put 'complete' on it as my status on my list but when I read the summary,it's different. So I had to put the original Hakuoki to the database. 
It should be the same with anime's like Fairy Tail, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, etc.. Since it's every season is different in plot.
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