Posted 12/13/2012
I thought it would be fun to share some of your favorite parody videos and at the same time take advantage of the auto-embed feature. 

Rules (Read Before Posting)
  • Do not post AMVs.
  • Do not post copyrighted material. (including music)
  • Do not post videos in which the creator used copyrighted material.
  • Only post from the original creator if given permission.
    • It is assumed they have given permission if you can embed their videos.
    • If the original creator used copyrighted material without permission you should not post the link.
  • Keep posts PG-13
  • Be mindful of Fair Use
How to auto-embed (YouTube Only)
  • Go to any YouTube video and click the share link. (
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the forums.
  • Auto-embedding will only work if the URL is posted as link.
  • Only the first valid link will be auto-embedded.
  • Links in quotes do not auto-embed.

With that said let's get started!

Posted 3/22/2013
That was hilarious and why is there no one else here? 

Posted 3/22/2013
That was hilarious and why is there no one else here? 
The site's still fairly small as far as traffic goes. We normally have users that check back every few days to read the forums or just to update their anime lists. However the site continues to grow every day little by little. If you want to help encourage users you can try to post on the forums every so often and eventually more users will roll in. There's also a Minecraft server if you're interested in trying it out. Users are normally on between 8-10PM EST.

Posted 3/22/2013
I do love Minecraft but my computer is a Think Pad so it won't play.

Posted 3/23/2013

Watch this to see Batman eat a hotdog that's right a hotdog!

Sorry don't know how to make video visible.

Posted 3/23/2013
It has to be the links. Click share and copy the link into the post.

Posted 3/23/2013
And seen that. XD They have a live action video as well.

Posted 3/23/2013
So if I want to show the video I have to change the wording or does it have to be that way on youtube?

Posted 3/23/2013

Just make sure the url is formated right. You can edit your post to correct it.

Posted 3/23/2013

  So I was on youtube and....
(Thank you WestNyorai)

Posted 3/23/2013
Here some pokemon!

Posted 3/23/2013

Posted 3/23/2013
Here's another one of my favorites:

Can never go wrong with Rockman. 

Posted 3/23/2013
That was really cool the rockman and pokemon one what did you think of mine noting there ones I found cool at random.

Posted 4/26/2013
That's more of a clip than a parody.
 Try to avoid clips with any actual anime footage.

Posted 9/04/2013
Really aimed at yaoi fans, but it's still amusing. lol

Posted 9/15/2013
Naruto fake real life movie

and Superman vs Goku
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