Posted 8/07/2013
Hi Elites!

This is the FAQ thread. All FAQs will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding the site and its features, post your question here, and it will be answered. I will also add it to the list below.
  • I uploaded a new avatar but my old one is still showing. Why, and how do I fix it?
    • You will need to clear your browser's cache for your browser to see the new avatar. The easiest way to do this is to press refresh 2 or 3 times. You can do it manually by following the steps for your browser shown on this site. Keep in mind other users may not see it right away either. Give it time and soon everyone on the site will see the new avatar.
  • Why are there videos from Crunchyroll on this site?
    • OtakuElite is an affiliate of Crunchyroll. That means we have been given permission to post embedded videos on the site. If you want to help the site you can sign up for a trial or full membership using the link on the page. While it cost you the same to sign up, a portion of the money spent will be given to the site which will be used to fund future projects.
  • Why don't all anime titles have videos?
    • Crunchyroll licenses anime for streaming but they don't have rights to offer embedding for every series. Those that we are given permission to embed are shown on the site. As more series become available we'll be sure to post them to the site!
  • I saw a mistake in the description/name of a title, how do I edit?
    • Only certain users can make corrections at this time, but this is planned to change in the future. For now you should post your requests on the forums so that we can make the required changes. It's always great to hear about discrepancies so that we can fix them right away! 
  • Who are the admins, how can I contact them?
    • At this time there are two active admins on the site, WestNyorai and NeNe. For the fastest response you should post your questions to the forum so that admins and other users can help you out. For more personal issues you should contact WestNyorai. If you are locked out of your account you can use the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the site.
  • I want to support you!
    • Please do! You could follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. If you believe you have a unique skill you'd like to contribute to our development, please visit this thread. However, just being an active user is enough.
  • Can regular users submit anime or characters?
    • Yes.
  • How do I submit an anime or character in the database?
    • When you hover your mouse over "More" in the navigation, there should be options that say "submit anime" and "submit character".
  • I have a recommendation for a feature. Where do I submit it?
    • You can post your suggestions for new features, or ideas to add to current features in the recommendations thread.
  • How do I become a featured blogger?
    • Post a few high quality blog posts and than just ask! While we try to keep an eye out for high quality bloggers, we don't always catch every post. If you feel you created a few high quality blog post it's alright to contact WestNyorai to review the blog. A minimum of 5 high quality posts is required before you will be considered. Grammar is important and accuracy is very important!
  • What's the box underneath my "About Me" in my profile?
    • Below the about me section you can write a short microblog called a "gobi." This is just a quick mesage to let your friends know what you're up to. Eventually this will be tied into twitter and Facebook in a future update. Hopefully sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.
  • Can I change my username?
    • Yes. Go to "My settings", click on "Account" and you should be able to see the option to change your username.

  • I'm being bothered. How do I report abuse?
    • Contact WestNyorai. Depending on the type of abuse we may need to either remove the user or ban them. If you receive multiple spammed messages we can remove them all at once if needed.
  • How do I make a spoiler tag?
    • There is a yellow triangle with a !. When you click on the icon you'll see the spoiler box appear. Inside the box you can change the title as well. It is useful for both spoiler comments as well as hiding excess content on a lengthy post.

Posted 8/07/2013
Just try to make it a bit longer before I sticky it. Since the introduction thread includes many of the FAQ questions for new users.

Posted 1/28/2014
Uhm....May I ask what's the exact size for the profile banner? x(

Posted 1/29/2014
Uhm....May I ask what's the exact size for the profile banner? x(
 Okay it needs to be 962 pixels wide and between 100-175 pixels high. No more no less make sure it is exact!

By... "TheAwsome"

Posted 1/29/2014
You should be able to use images larger than 962 pixels but they will need to have an aspect ratio between 962:100 and 962:175. Which gets a little technical. lol

Posted 1/30/2014
Uhm....May I ask what's the exact size for the profile banner? x(
 Okay it needs to be 962 pixels wide and between 100-175 pixels high. No more no less make sure it is exact!

By... "TheAwsome"
 I do think it can be less.
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