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"The Programming of the Human Heart"
Hideki Motosuwa is a university prep school student who just recently moved to Tokyo. After arriving to Tokyo he runs into his first persocon, an advanced humanoid computer that everyone in Tokyo uses. Hideki would more than anything want to own a persocon, but he only has one slight problem. Hideki cannot come close to affording one. By a stroke of luck one day he is walking back from a local convenient store he accidentally finds a persocon laying around in the trash. After a hectic battle to find the on switch, being in a very peculiar spot, he finds out all she can say is Chii. Hideki soon learns that Chii is far more work than he could of ever of imagined, and a blessing in disguise. Hideki must now teach Chii new things and try discovering the secrets behind Chii's programming. 
The beginning episodes of this Anime are spent introducing the main characters as well as the main problem in the show. After the introduction of said problem it seems the plot slows down. Instead the first half of this Anime is spent with us watching Chii going around the city performing cute and funny actions as well as watching Hideki struggle with his new life in the city. During this time there was plenty of comedic moments that made it an enjoyable watch. The plot of the story saw little progression in this time frame of the Anime. While it is okay to have comedy in place there needs to be a limit on how long it persists. 
In the second half of the Anime to some people's content and others peoples discontent the main problem of the Anime has light placed on it. This could upset certain individuals who watched expecting a comedy fest until the end. Rather then comedy in the second half of the Anime the drama ensues itself. It is not that the comedy has stopped but it does take a back seat. It is here that we see the effects of humanoid machines or persocons on people's lives. It is also here that the problem of Chii's past gets some light. It is here when it get interesting.
What I can say about the plot development is that it's the main problem here because plot development should not be held off until the end as it rushes aspects of the story that should be slow in a romance. This Anime had 24 episodes to work with so half should not be spent on character comedy time. If anything the comedy should be mixed in when there is a serious side to the story. But I feel the transition into the second half of the Anime was well done and the drama kept me watching like the comedy did in the first half.
The main characters in this Anime are made from old molding. We have the main male protagonist who is the average idiot who is also a nice guy thrown into an unexpected situation. And then we have the air headed female protagonist. I have to say I couldn't be happier with this. Indeed they are overused or stereotypical as some would say but this does not mean they don't serve their purpose well. In this case the purpose is comedy. Due to the nature and interactions between characters we get some good laughs as the Anime plays through. Though when the Anime gets a more serious overtone their types don't mix well altogether, except perhaps Chii due to her already mysterious nature.
We do get to see some insight into some of the characters of the show. As you would imagine based on what I have been saying this development rears in around the second half of the Anime. Most of the development surrounds the side characters as they represent the effects of persocons on people's lives and society. Chi also gets attention as she is apart of the main situation of the whole Anime.
-Visuals: The art style in this Anime for me was unusual at first as I have never seen eyes like Hideki's drawn in that style before. The way the characters are drawn here may be a turn off for some people as it is not seen as often in today's Anime. One of my personally  favorite things about this style would have to be the facial expressions the characters show when exhibiting their emotions. It is a more classic style that is simple but nice to look at. The background scenery is rich in detail but may go unnoticed as we watch the character antics. 
-Animations: You know the animation is good when you have no complaints. In general the animation remains constant throughout giving it an evened it feeling. 
-Auditory: I will talk more about the music here. As for any music it falls under personal preference. The opening song is cheery and catchy suiting the Anime well. There are two outro songs for this Anime one in the first half and the other in the second half. The songs themselves aren't as memorable but serve their purpose well. The first outro song is more cheery while the second is more calm and intense, this works well as the Anime gets more serious in the second half.
Personal Perspective...
This Anime is considered by some as a classic. I put it under the same regards because it was one of the first ten Anime I have ever seen so it wasn't stereotypical to me as it would be to more experienced otaku. The show was funny, cute, and the characters were lovable. It had comedy, robots, love, and moments that made me pause to think. It was simply put a wonderful experience for me. The plot of the story shouldn't be taken so seriously as it only becomes relative in the last half of the Anime. This Anime is something you should look into if your in the mood to have a smile painted on your face.
After some calculations including my own overall enjoyment I have come up with this score.)
Score : 7.8/10
Hello my fans! *crickets*. I really need to get these bugs out of here. Anyways I made Blog or more properly said a review either way I haven't made one in a while. I have to thanks Ebel for putting me back in action with this February special. I'm sure you noticed a major change in the way I review. Over winter break I have decided this structure would better help promote what I'm trying to say about the Animes I review. I have to say it is much better then the rambling I was spouting before in old reviews but that is debatable. Also how I rate Anime is now much more mathematical rather then random (I did calculations). So this is only the first of my February Reviews that I'll be doing with Ebel so be sure to visit his Blog, he says he's lonely. But I can tell you one thing he is an Able guy. So as always remember remember my name is misspelled on purpose and click below is it helps me clear up those crickets.
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