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Reviews On To Love Ru Manga Series
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Hello my fans! *crickets*
Well this is not another one of my reviews that I usually do as you can see. This is like a news update on what I plan to do in the future. If you remember I did a review on the Anime "To Love Ru". As far as the Anime goes it is bad in comparison to it's Manga. But the Manga it's self is over 150 chapters. So rather then try to express my thoughts on all those chapters in one blow I plan to do it in sections.
I know a lot of people are not fond of this series due to it's fan-service. I understand this very well but having read it I know this Manga is a lot more then fan-service. It includes a great cast of characters that are all like able in their own way. And there is a good amount of development that takes place. While it is not the greatest it will  make you laugh. This Manga is a harem Anime as you will find out quickly enough. But don't let that bug as it sort of twists the idea you will commonly find in this genre if you read.
Do take note I will only be reviewing "To Love Ru Trouble" not "To Love Ru Darkness" at this time. If you want me to I will be happy to provide links for you guys just ask in the comments.
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