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For me I thought this was an good comedy, harem, ecchi Anime. I have noticed though that many shun this Anime because of it's lack of a story line. I find this to be a bit brutal. First of all this Anime was made to entertain people with delicious characters and comedy. It is easy to see that it did just that but people seemed to have expected more from it. The story of this Anime follows Rito a teenage boy who is in love with someone but is to afraid to say it. His life would soon be spun around when all of sudden Lala appears in his tub.

The character designs were great for 2008 and I still find to be appealing. Overall the designs were colorful, alive, and matched the character's personalities and complemented the environment. The designs themselves were truthfully based off the ones seen in the Manga.

The art in the Anime was bland. I would have to say they were but my point of interest wasn't there. The backdrops themselves didn't add to the show which is sad since it would have complmented the many place the characters went.

The characters personalities were generic but they all worked well together. None of them seemed forced into the Anime except around the end with the ghost girl, and Lala's sisters. But even then they worked them in and even gave reason to why they popped up. I feel that the personalities were were more intense then in real life but the decisions some of them made were realistic.

I actually liked the ecchi in this Anime because it was funny. Unlike other Anime the fan-service here will give you some good laughs. It can definitely be said that one of the things this Anime orbits around is ecchi but it does a good job at it. In order to attract a variety of people they made use of several elements to appeal to certain fetishes as can be seen. Some of this service is invested in small to big chests or pantsu.

Most of the time I would drop Anime like this but I feel this Anime actually gave good reasons for the females to fall in love. Most harems like Highschool DxD give stupid reasons for the characters to fall in love. But it can be seen that due to Rito's (Male heroine) personality and understanding that he made so many girls fall for him. Lala the main focus in the Anime marginally used Rito as a scape goat to aviod being forced into marriage. At first it is apparent that Lala doesn't like him but she seems to fall for him as they go through time together such as a natural relationship should.

Besides that we can also see the characters mature as people such Golden Darkness learning there is more to life then killing and Rito him self as he learns to go through hardships.

So all in all this Anime did well to to provide comedy and ecchi for it's time. And even provided a decent under story.

Judgement: 6/10 Decent piece of work...








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    I've seen To Love-Ru and have to agree it wasn't a bad series. It manages to hold close to a lot of the roots of harem genre by really focusing on comedy. Have to say it's worth a try if you have nothing else you want to see.
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    TheAwsome +1
    No I was planning to compare the two in one post so I will make two whole reviews so people can get the idea behind them first.
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    Thought you wanted to review the manga though. Change of heart?
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    Yes that is true that is the reason I looked at it in the first place then I found out I loved it for other reasons.
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    Seems like a weird anime, especially from those images. Still, it seems worthwhile for ecchi & harem fans to watch. I think watching anime made for fan service more than anything is worth giving a shot if you're just looking to unwind.
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