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Now as far as romance Anime this one was decent but it was far from perfect. There many aspects in this Anime that could have been better done and other elements that will simple fall under personal preference. 
The story of this Anime follows like any other comedy-romance Anime..... two young people find themselves tangled in each others lives and as they struggle they only find themselves coming closer as a result. Now while the story is not very original it was entertaining to watch the characters and their love journey. Some of the problems I faced while watching the Anime is how the plot pushed it's self along. Besides the first couple of episodes which were devoted to character introductions the rest of this Anime was pushed along by a series of convenient events. This is one of the problems in the Anime it can't move forward without it feeling forced.  
One of the things I liked about this Anime is that it took some time to allow us to get to know some of the side-characters. While I did like this others will despise it as it interrupts the main story. I think it was good to take some time to allow us to get to know the cast better but it may have wasted some time as the ending feels rushed.
One thing I noticed about this Anime is how it changes to a more serious tone during the end. I liked the fact that it did this as it increased the pressure on the characters. A lot of people who came to this Anime expecting a jolly comedy romance may not like the change in environment. But when you think about it was smart to apply drama in the end so that we could get a foot hold on the difficulties the characters were facing and that this applied drama made it seem more real. But like other plot elements in this Anime it felt forced as it was brought about. So in terms a literal "drama bomb". While the drama might have been intense for some it definality built a lot of character development moments in this Anime.
Now onward to the characters. The cast in this Anime are one of the aspects that fall under personal preference. An example being "Taiga" who could be a yandere if she had an ax. Due to her brutal no hold back nature she will either be hated or liked by most. So the characters in this Anime can really break or make this Anime sometimes. As far their personalities I feel they were well made and each one had their own little quirks. Like Takasu who is a clean freak this is rare to see in a male character.
The level of development for each character usually results from interactions with other characters. As I said before this Anime took time to develop side-characters as a result of doing this we could a deeper sense of why the characters interact the way the do. In the first part of this Anime we see all the characters interact and develop around each other. In the last part of the Anime as it intensifies we get deeper incite into why the characters are the way they are. Due to the development of both main and side characters we have an interesting set of interactions.
The comedy element in this Anime is good. I am bad at describing comedy but I can say from personal preference that this Anime made me laugh in each episode at least until the end when the Anime got serious. On that point I noticed that the Anime uses the comedy during the last part of the it as a comic relief system due to un-folding events.
Now as this Anime may not appeal to all I loved it. But have to watch it at least once for it is reall worth the watch if your okay with what it does.
Judgment: 6/10 Good but lacking
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    In terms of relationship development it wasn't bad but rushed. It's pacing was a bit choppy. One thing that annoys me about some romances is why they even fall in love, sometimes no good reasons are given to why they fell in love.
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    10fantageG +1
    Alot of animes were forceful like that, and when it comes to those kind of animes I drop them easily. I like animes that have relationships grow slowly. The ones that have slow growing relationships are the ones that are probably more interesting.
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    That is true about the main character. I should of talked about that aspect. There is one thing I did notice though it seems after a couple of episodes people are no longer afraid of him unless he does something.
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    Ebel +1
    I probably agree with you on the score but it is unique for having the main character being scary or looked scary. You do see that in anime but that is a unique aspect on the anime. On the other hand you hit the nail on the plot, it felt very forced. Good review.
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    Nyome +1
    I saw the first few episodes of this because it was highly recommended on forums. But as you mentioned while it's good it's not the best. With this plot line done so much I had difficulties saying interested in it and had to drop it.
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