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"Head in News" "Pokemon Mega Evolutions"
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"Head in News"
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...Can you feel it...
Now this as you can tell is a news update on the Pokemon game Franchise. Well I'm here to bring you news on up-coming games Pokemon X and Y. If you thought the introduction of new type was enough well let me slap you in the face because that is wrong! Not only do we have to deal with kick-butt fairies destroying dragons like nothing we have Pokemon going beyond their limits.
...Dragons beware...

Since Pokemon X and Y changed the battle field with new type fairy making dragons go extinct it has as it would seem battle techniques will be taking a turn as well.. Online battlers beware! 
It would appear the game has introduced the concept known as "Mega Evolutions". As of now a select few Pokemon can evolve in battle by holding a new type of stone no not a grass or fire stone a darn "Mega Stone"!
These stones will make Pokemon evolve in battle turning them into their Mega Form as it were! Now don't jump the horse fisher men will not have Mega Magikarp, even though I'm sure it would make a splash. Only a few Pokemon have been identified to evolve through a Mega Stone. Truly the only limit to these stones is that they only work for a specific Pokemon. So in order to get the right Mega Stone and right Pokemon to go with it for results.
Known as of now Mewtwo, Lucario, Blaziken, Absol, Ampharos, Mawile, and Kangaskhan. At this time these are the known Pokemon to have "Mega Forms".
Plus a "Mega Stone" equals... 
Plus a "Mega Stone" equals.... 
Plus a "Mega Stone" equals... 
Plus a "Mega Stone" equals...
 Plus a "Mega Stone" equals..  
Plus a "Mega Stone" equals... 
Plus a "Mega Stone" equals... 
Now as you can tell there are no restrictions on what the "Mega Stone" can evolve from Legendary to Starters. And as it would hold each one of these Pokemon receive more then just beautiful hair they also get better powers. Like Mega Mewtwo who now gets a boost in Special Attack and Mega Kangaskhan who now has the ability to attack twice a turn. These Mega Evoultions will definable change the way battles will work both on-line and in game. From the looks of it we can surely say that Pokemon X and Y are stringing up things in the Pokemon Universe!
Made and brought to you by none other than... "TheAwsome "
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