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Fall Anime List
Ah yes it is the season of tree hibernation a time where not only leaves fall but new Anime come to present themselves in 2013. So I'm here to bring you guys the up-coming list of new Anime for this fall to look out for, as well as impressions I got from ones I took time to look at a bit. If I decide to stick to any of these Anime you may see another one of my reviews in your future. Also it is important to say that I limited my scope to one episode on the Anime I did look at.
...Kyoukai no Kanata...
The designs and animations of this Anime are excellent. As for the story well at this time it has the potential to be something great. As for the characters they are nothing new but I like them even though they leave wondering about their motives. The outro song did sound very splendid as I feel I should mention. In general I hope this Anime can live past a moeblob standard and host a good story.
...Diabolik Lovers...
I looked at this Anime as it's story caught  my eye. And as it would stand I like it. I find what I enjoy in this Anime are the characters personalities and interactions with one another. There are dark elements in this Anime that I like such as crashing realities and lost hope that send chills through me. I know I myself enjoyed watching our main female heroin run from what she can't escape the poor thing. The Anime does seem to have to potential and I look forward to more of it.
I have always been a fan of apocalyptic Anime. So this one takes the cake for me. The story as of now is intriguing as it makes me wonder of what's to come. The characters are presented in circumstances so that there is more to them then what meets the eye as we will see. One aspect I want to mention is that the characters are more human and have their own positive and negative aspects of themselves. The Anime also seems to revolve around what humans are capable of. The only issue I have is the lack of hazmats suits I mean come on what's an apocalypse without them.
...Kill la Kill...
 The animation complements this high paced and energetic Anime well. The Anime relies on it's action rather then story making it more or less fun to watch if your not expecting to see a story. While the action is indefinably the main selling point of this Anime it also relies on screwball humor and some rather odd fan-service to say the least. I myself won't continue watching this Anime as it does not take it's self very seriously in the plot department.
...Pokemon XY...
Why am I planning for this well one word "Pokemon!".
...Galilei Donna...
From the list this is the only sci-fi Anime besides the second season of another Anime I have not even started. While the story does sound good it is still up for grabs on what it will be like. I love sci-fi so I hope this fills up my sci-fi needs if not I have Coppelion still.
This definitely something I'm looking forward to seeing. Only thing is we still have to wait before we can see it. In other words it won't be coming out this fall here's to hoping it does come out sooner rather then later.
Fall Anime Chart
Thanks to Zana from Neregate we have been provided this handy list for this fall's Anime of 2013. If you want a better look just click on the image for it to grow.
Hope this list helps out what your future Anime plans are. Tell in the comments below what you are planning to watch I find it interesting. Also due to Complex's computer problems she has asked me to make this in her place so please do check out her Blog for the Spring Anime List and some other amazing Blogs of hers. Also I wanted to re-mention that Pupa is not out yet and we are all forced to wait which sucks. Well that's it folks see ya all in my next post.
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    Ebel +1
    I agree with you, theawsome, about Kill La Kill.. The animation felt too weird to me but it also felt familiar for some reason. I think one of the reason, was that most of the animation in the anime doesn't seem to be as fluid as the fight scenes. Anyway, the only fault I found that really bug me the most was the Japanese characters bold when a new character shows up or something.
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    Eh I see so Diabolic Lovers loses it's charm I'll have to see for my self then. As for Kill la Kill I find I'm not use to such dynamic animation such as that. Also I hope Coppelion meets my expectations but I won't set it to high.
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    Nyome +1
    After the 3rd ep of Diabolik Lovers it started loosing charm. But what can you expect when it's based on a otome. As for Kill la Kill I'm on the same boat when it comes down to plot. I decided to give it a 2nd chance since I love the animation studio but will ultimately drop it if the story doesn't pick up.
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