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This is pretty cool!!
Hey! SO as you can tell I'm new so please help me out when you can!! Yup since i'm new i think im talking to myself...awkward...oh well but i hope if you're reading this that we can be friends in the future!!
 Thats me...sort of..Be back soon!!Goin to explore this website!! ^_^ –Rena
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    Ah a new fiend well I must ask what Anime interest you and why? Anyways nice to meet you!
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    And don't forget to subscribe to my blog. You won't regret it. ;3
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    And don't forget to let me know if there's any features you want added. Most features are the result of user feedback and requests. And love the avatar. lol
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    Hey Rena, your not just talking to yourself; I kinda just browse the website at least once a day and read what people are talking about. But enough of me, please feel free to post on the forums, dig around old blogs, and add new characters/anime. Make/join a group, tell your friends, tell your family, invite those robot butlers, but don't feel award here. Here, we are all family.
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